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My dark fantasy to realize in the next years ...  

vixentjstag 43M/40F
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5/2/2021 4:12 am
My dark fantasy to realize in the next years ...

I must confess, I love sharing my wife in bed with other people, it is not a simple hedonistic and voyeuristic matter of seeing the woman I love have pleasant sex with our guests, it is a something that goes beyond what a<b> monogamous </font></b>couple could understand (I say there is nothing wrong with monogamy, we were<b> monogamous </font></b>for many years and maybe we will be<b> monogamous </font></b>one day in the future), And ir course, it is not that it is not enough satisfy my beloved wife or that I have homosexual tendencies (Even if my sexual preference was bi, I would not be embarrassed say it, clear things from the beginning save you a lot of problems) as some of the uninitiated in the swinger environment might think.

And I noticed this because even some of our guests did not know how react properly at the Menage a Trois, and fuck correctly a hotwife between males, but as the saying goes, there is no fifth bad (well, in our case it was the sixth) we finally found a "friend" who have the characteristics we were looking for in a third in bed. Later, in another post I will comment how we found him. And that we were very selective with them!.
What I want tell today is a fantasy, and it is related to the fact that my lady - despite how sensual and erotic she is, is not very given to commenting her forbidden desires or fantasies and since we include our friend , she has already told about two that she has (and that I will comment them later) but today it is my turn-
As with many of the fantasies, it is likely that it will stay in that, but one never knows, it is also a long-term fantasy, that is, to be carried out in a few years and explained why: My beautiful wife is a very sensual lady who draws attention, she is not a model magazine beauty, but she has an overwhelming presence, she is natural sensual (she is not pretending at , much less vulgar) and very exciting, both in her form be like in hers dress, because she is a lady with a general knowledge of culture, intelligent, a good conversationalist and pleasant in conversation, always respectful, but with clear opinions and ideas. And as for her dress, well, in her work she is very formal, but go out our nightlife she dresses very erotic, a mix between goth girl and punk, something like a sucide girl (although she still lacks tattoos, she has not decided one yet, but yes, she plans put some ink the body later).

Her joviality and way of dressing make her look much younger, even our have been asked by their schoolmates some occasions if she is their older sister. Of course she was delighted by that and the friends of our have not been the only people say how young and attractive my beautiful lady is.
For , my wife is the most beautiful woman there can be and with whom I am deeply in love, she is a real MILF and a hotwife. Hence my fantasy is that in a few years (about 5 or 6) She will fuck with a friend of our (obviously since they are of legal age) that is, when my wife is about 46 years old, I would like her have some adventure with a young man of 18 or 19 years. (If possible, it will take away someone's virginity - if there are young people of 18 or 19 virgins - personally I had my first sexual relationship until I was 18, but that was a long time ago)

So far our youngest guest was a guy in his 30s, (my wife was older than 8 or 9 years him), but our best bulls have been gentlemen who have been some years older than us, one of them a year older than me and the other 5 (this one I repeat has been our favorite guest until today) both with stamina and experience, the last of them not only good in bed, also with a kinky side and attentive as well as being accommodating to my lady.
But I imagine my beautiful wife with a young man, teaching the art of love and the secrets of seduction to a younger man, as one knew "Senpai" taking her ward "kōhai" between her legs, someone without sexual experience, but with much vigor in bed, that he recovers quickly to fornicate again with my wife, and she as a teacher, making him learn to delay his ejaculation and above that it is not only about putting in and taking out the cock, but about the pleasure that can be toasted with the mind, tongue, hands and other parts of the body.
I imagine her seducing him in sexy underwear, with her colored hair, maybe in the living room of our house, with a glass of wine in her hands, spilling a little of it on her MILF body for the lover's apprentice to clean it with his tongue and mouth.

I visualize her spread her legs, shamelessly teaching her crotch, explaining to her young lover the secrets of knowing how to stimulate the cunt and clitoris correctly, how to caress, touch and kiss it to make a woman feel physically aroused and teach the lesson that if this area have lips, these are for kissing.

Then riding on him, rhythmically on his erect and hard cock, getting out of him every time he is about to cum, to teach him to extend sexual enjoyment, and of course she receiving the gallons of warm milk of sperm that one throws at that age. Then, shedoing a felatio to him, with his mouth full of young and hard cock, or teaching his apprentice to know how to perform an anilingus or the so-called black kiss, in short, so many and so many things in the art of have great sex

But, un these moments my wife does not share my fantasy, but who knows? the twists and turns of fate in a few years, what if I know is that I will not force her to do something that she does not want and that she and I have a lot of fun. two alone or when we bring a correct guest.

I the next story, I will now comment on some of the fantasies of my seductive partner, (you are if they are 99% that we carry them out in the immediate future). Either way feel free to comment.


Leegs2012 48M
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5/7/2021 2:01 pm

Hopefully someday your fantast will come true. Great read!

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