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My Tongue  

voyeur2017 56M
107 posts
10/8/2018 7:03 am
My Tongue

Like a tendril, my tongue
trails down from the
balcony of your breasts,
falling forward freely,
it hangs and drags
in the small pool
at your center which fills
slowly with the salty sweat
made by your upward thrusting.

Your body shifts, causing it
to sway further out,
its wet tip inclined
to tintillate any new
surface it finds.

It seeks
to bond, hold fast
to the tiny hard ledge
its come upon, so sure
of the rhythmic
thrill hidden there.

My tongue.

CuriousGirl1250 56F  
7 posts
7/27/2019 7:42 pm

There's more....need you help after orgasm getting to the next one....that's key. Anyone can cum once............

voyeur2017 replies on 7/27/2019 8:46 pm:
the key is the cascading orgasm.............

babygirl6506 54F  
234 posts
4/21/2019 8:58 am

omg *I didn't know I was starving until I tasted you*

voyeur2017 replies on 4/21/2019 11:14 am:
mmmm...taste you...taste me.. a buffet of the sensually erotic ~

Tmptrzz 57F  
75036 posts
10/8/2018 11:20 am

Happy Monday my friend what awesome words to start our week off, and I hope it's a great start to your week as well..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

voyeur2017 replies on 10/8/2018 5:06 pm:
the week is going well .... but my tongue is sore ~~

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