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So now what...  

wantins0me 42M
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10/1/2021 8:51 am
So now what...

My wife is about 46 5'4 around 175lbs and has lost all interest in sex with me it seem like. We have had sex twice this year. I am not sure if physical, mental or health related anymore because 4 or 5 years ago she told me she was diagnosed with fibroids and it was painful to have sex. And the last time we did this year she did mention it was painful. So I am not sure what to do. I dont push for sex cause I dont to be that husband that doesnt care about how she feels but its doesnt seem to be an important enough issue to her to to fix. When she mentions them I ask her what she is doing about them and she always says she needs to schedule surgery but never does. I dont think he isnt very scared of surgery because she talks about getting lipo all the time on her stomach. and has even had a consultation. I've brought toys (vibrator, glass dildo, anal plug training set, remote vibrator) that she wont let me use on her, doesnt me to watch her use her vibrator. To be totally transparent a I have cheated in the past and she found out, but even after that our sex life was never this bad. We use to have sex once a week then went once over two than after that was not even on a regular schedule. I feel like Im still in my prime years how ever many I have left and by time this gets worked out I'll have wasted much time.

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