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Of the oral persuasion.............  

webcam_715 60M  
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3/27/2017 6:23 am
Of the oral persuasion.............

I was thinking about the women I have met that only seem to have orgasms(or more intense orgasms) with oral stimulation.
Do you have that particular particular fetish?
Then there is the opposite spectrum..... Some do not enjoy it.....
And there are many that think a man does it just to get to intercourse.
Myself.... I love the taste of a woman....
The more she moves, talks and seems to enjoy it, gets me all the more excited..... Hmmmmmmm.... Which category do you fit in?

Ladyvivamus 65F
31 posts
7/9/2019 9:33 am

I wouldn't call this a fetish but physiological. The clitoris tip is equivalent to the head of a penis, but there are 'legs' of the clitoris that lie under the inner lips that are equivalent to the shaft. These can be stimulated to some degree internally and connected to the G spot.
But imagine that you were only having the lower half of your shaft stroked or stimulated at all. The sensitive head, glans, groove basically ignored. How well would that work for you?
Whether many women admit it or not, this is quite common. Only about a third or less of women regularly or only orgasm from penetrative vaginal sex. Perhaps a third do at times but usually need more direct clitoral stimulation. and about a third only orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation. And oral is generally the most effective way for a many to stimulate her clitoris to orgasm. Some men do learn hand skills to do so.
Oral with the scent, taste, silky skin, swelling purple pink and the slickness of wetness from arousal is highly erotic. All that excitement right there, up close and personal. So many areas to pleasure in different ways from light licks, nibbles, strokes with fingernails from navel to thighs between cheeks and everything between. Handwork, sucking, stroking, a what a delightful combination of sensations to explore and the exciting feedback of moans, throbbing, pulsing, a contact high to take a man to the edge, pause, slow down and edge again until orgasm can not be denied.
Receiving oral, being explored and spoiled, I can't imagine any woman not enjoying it but apparently some do just as some men don't care for getting oral--yes there are some men who don't care for blowjobs.
Far more sensual and erotic than mindless pounding.

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