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Request for a pay rise....
Posted:Feb 11, 2009 10:10 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2010 7:09 am

Something to laff about

I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in a salary for the following reasons:

I do physical labour.
I work in great depths.
I plunge head first into everything i do.
I do not get weekends or holidays off.
I work in a damp environment.
I work in a dark work place that has no ventilation.
I work in high temperatures.
My work exposes me to contagious diseases.

The Penis

& the reply to tat....

Dear Penis,
After considering the arguments you have raised, the admin rejects ur request for the following reasons:

You Do Not work 8 hours straight.
You fall asleep after brief work periods.
You DO NOT always follow the orders of the management team.
You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations (lol)
You do not take initiative.
You need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working.
You leave the work place rather messy at the end of your shift.
You dont always observe necessary safety regulations, such as wearing the correct protective clothing.
You will retire well before you are 60.
You are unable to work double shifts.
You sometimes leave ur designated work area before you have completed your assigned task.
You SPIT at your customers.

And if that is not enough, you are constantly seen entering and exiting the work place carrying 2 suspicious looking bags.

The management

Have fun

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Happy Chap goh Mei...
Posted:Feb 8, 2009 10:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2009 4:54 pm

Time really flies... It's alrdy d end of Chinese New Year (CNY)... It really felt like juz y'day when i went for my holiday trip. Tat was d beg of CNY. It's been 2 weeks since than... Tat's how long CNY is 15 days.

Today is d last day of CNY. 15 days juz went by like tat. Well, tis year, as i mentioned in my prev blog i was away for cny. Went away for 1 week. Din do much relative visiting tis year as when i came bcak it was tie for work yet again So, not much ang pow collected as well hehehe. Well, it's okies as i did have my FUN while i was away.

My sis had a open house y'day. Tat's wer i did my visiting tis year as she called most of my relatives over So, i killed 2 birds wit 1 stone Dun have to go to their homes hehehe. It was indeed a good gathering y'day wit family & frens

V stayed there till like about 1am wit of cuz gambling & yeah.... i did make some xtra pocket money there Saves me from asking my boss for advance salary

V started gambling from like 9ish till 1ish..which my bro & his frens continued at my sis's house till about 5am I left about 1 ish wit my other frens for mamak drinks

When i left, i suddenly din feel good felt really sick I was rather quiet d whole time they were having drinks.

Got home at about 2ish & crashed on my bed. Thank goodness i put my fone on silent as when i woke up i had sms's & calls which i din answer

2day jz resting at hime & will b gg for dinner wit my frens. last Cny 'lo sang' dinner

Well, happy chap goh mei & happy pre valentine


p.s.... who wants to b my valentine date tis year hehehe (still no date on valentine day) May juz o out for dinner wit my frens
Langkawi trip
Posted:Feb 7, 2009 8:15 am
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2009 9:29 pm

M back to work after a nice longggggggg break away from d city. I was in langkawi & had a blast over there. In fact was reluctant to come back when v had to leave. V were suppose to b there onli for four days but v extended our stay
(unintentionally) till sat eve as there was no ferry out on fri. So, good thing v did ass well hehehe Langkawi is really a MAFGICAL island There’s something about d place which makes u wanna stay longer there & NOT leave

Was trying to get myelf back in city mode before I start ….. which m still NOT

Me & another fren arrived on mon morn & after v checked into our hotel, v met up wit a few of my other frens who were there earlier. V went island hoping & boy it was lovely. Than v went back to shower & get ready for d nites rendevous. First nite there, d gurl took us to tis lil pub along d beach. Food there was GOOD. V had our dinner there & v adjourned to another beach bar which I went to d last time I was there. Dat place is where most ppl hang out or meet up before gg elsewer

V sat & drink & decided to go to another pub. Well, me & my fren juz followed as it was our first nite there V went to tis club which was happening & they played our kind of music. Even d musicians weren’t bad looking hehehe After v finished there, v went 2 another pub down or rather up d road & chilled out there. In fact, d place is called chill out. Than BO suggested tat I go meet tis guy which v met d last time & who juz works a couple of bars away. So, there v went again.

Went there, met him, had some chat while my travelling partner fell asleep while waiting for us: Dhehehe. Poor her!!!! She was really tired but I could have still go on hehehe. So, after sometime, v went back to chill out & met our other frens there who were waiting for us. V called it a nite than. Think by d time v got back to our hotel, it was like nearly 4am

In fact, in dat very first nite, i‘ve met uite a lot of ppl thans to BO & Waacha 

Woke up d next day, had our b’fast & checked out from there, as v were invited by BO to stay at her frens house to accompany her. V were there for 2 nites V went to d cable car & a few other places.

I decided to check my mails tat day & found tat there was tis guy in langkawi which v have kept in touch. Lucky for tat V met up for drinks at sub bar. Sat & talked but of cuz v were playing footsie under d table hehehe. Than BO decided to call it d nite & mich had to sent her back. So, I sat there talking wit tis guy. Got to know him better. & Decided when mich comes back, we’ll go for a walk along d beach

So, when she did come back….. I had to leave her there & went for a walk. Of cuz from a walk, there was other things V walked to d end of d beach & of cuz our hands juz couldn’t leave each other. V started wit kisses & ended up……I’ve neva done tat b4 & I say my heart was actually beating fat at tat time. Excited & scared… scared if v got caught, wat if others were watching us but than… after a while I was juz relaxed

So, after wat seems l ike forever, v decided to go back to d bar. Poor mich was still waiting for me Thnxs gurl

Our third day there, v decide to do more touring of d island during d day. So, tat’s wat v did & of cuz got back in d evening to get ready to party in d nite again Tis time, v juz sat & chilled at submarine bar. IT was a WONDERFULL nite. V sat there way beyond closing time. V had a guy (1 of my scandalous ) played on his quiter & v sang to some tunes. I was scandalous wit another guy at tat time. V sat, talked, laffed, sang all under d bright blue skies  There was tis guy who was really interested in me. Well, at tat time, I tot… oh well, might as well juz play along After all, it might juz b a holiday fling & he’s actually NOT my kind of guy but like they say, opposite attracts So, v became close tat nite. V even did a bit of making out in front of everyone Let’s call him A.

D next nite, of cuz d same v chilled out at sub bad & went to sun ba, d club but d music there wasn’t good tat nite ass they had a diff band playing there. But in sub bar, tat’s were I got closer to mr quitar as well until mr A came along V decided to call it quits early tat nite.

On Friday, which was out last nite there  v hung out at sub bar & went bad hoping. I actually stayed out till 7am wit another guy tat nite Mr A came along wit him to sun ba & I was too bz wit 2 guys than hahahaha. Din know how but I managed it It was closing time & I was happy high wit d amount of drinks I was having. I wanted more than juz holding hands, kissing & touching.. in short, I wanted a shag> hahaha

So, Mr B decided to leave a lil early & whispered tat he was gg to chill out & asked me to meet him there. HHmmmm I tot.. mayb I would get lucky, I tot So, I convinced a good fren of mine whiom I met there to to go chill out for awhile. Luckily Mr A decided not to go V were talking, chilling out & d gurls decided to leave. So, after a while, I was there alone wit Mr quitar who came over unexpectedly

After wat seems 4ever, Mr B decided to say his goodbye’s & v left. V went for a drive & of cuz tat’s when it happened I did things again which I dun think I’d do in KL & wouldn’t think I would do it hehehe In fact, he has asked me to go back there again.... hehehe Than v went for supper to his fav place which I say d food was damn GOOD!!!! Can’t believe I had rice at 5.30am hahahaha but than I was on holiday.. So, to hell wit all d diet at tat time.. hahaha

Went I got back to my hotel, my trav partner was fast asleep, lucky she din lock d door or I would have to wake her up… hahaha

Than it was d day to leave. It was a gloomy day although it was sunny outside

V went to have b’fast & chilled out at lil lylia’s & sub bar b4 leaving as sub bar was closing down tat nite. Sat nite was their last nite (sob…sob… Mr quitar came over to lil lylia’s to c us off. How sweet of him  than at sub bar I met Mr A. V were pretty silent & din know wat to say. I guess goodbye wasn’t in our head than well, after a drink there, it was time to go. Mr quitar decided to follow us to d jetty. There was another ackward moment in d car I was actually feeling really sad & reluctant to leave. Now & than he would touch me as he din want d other gurls to notice

Got to d jetty & time to leave. Sms were cumming in non stop. All saying their goodbyes & making sure tat I went back again Well, I’ve made up my mind tat I M GG BACK THERE AGAIN sometime in MAY hehehe

I got sms’s from all of those ppl there. Mr A asked me…I told mr quitar tat I loved him but y din I inform him. Well, honestly, I din tell him anytg. V din do much talking at all & was juz trying to njoy each other’s company’s. Than I asked Mr quitar did he mention anytg & he said NO.. hhmmmm…. Mayb he was trying to get me to say it… but I juz wouldn’t hehehe. Not at tis point tho but I was told by Mr quitar tat he actually had teary eyes when v left tat place  damn!!!! Scandals in langkawi

Got to penang, me & mich was so depress to leave langkawi tat v din do much there. V actually stayed in d hotel room & most of d time & even ordered MCd’d delivery… hahahaha. V really pigged out than

Well, v reached kl on Monday nite to thunderstorms & rain. Tat din make it better sighhhh!!!!! While I was in langkawi, there wasn’t even a drop of rain there all clear blue skies. U could see stars & moon so clearly

Tat was d end of my 1 week holiday  back to work on wed but motor wasn’t starting. Was still in langkawi mood & actually still M

My next holiday trip will b in MAY during labour day. Taking d w/end off again Hopefully, I get to finish off unfinish biz while I was there hehehe

So, it’s back to work & save money for my next trip

He still calles me & says he misses me & love me well, tat’s another story I will write. Duns know if there’ll b anytg btwn us but m happy to get to know tis ppl in langkawi. IT WAS MY BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!

I would recommend tat if u r looking for a stress free holiday & place, langkawi would b d place.

Have a nice day & a w/end all

Gong XI Fa Cai
Posted:Jan 23, 2009 10:03 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2009 8:28 pm

M so in d holiday mood bt i've still gotta work till t'row ( eve of CNY till 5pm) Tat's some of d cons of working wit family exp mine wer they du believe in closing early

Here's wishing all d chinese readers here in blogland....


May d year of d GOLDEN OX give u HUGE earnings, FAT SAVINGS & most of allgood health. A heart free from sadness, A mind free from worries, A life free from stress, A body free from illness, All these blessing b wit u alwis


Will b away for a week. Gg for a hliday to langkawi & penang & onli coming back on 2/2 to start work on d 3rd

Anyways, have a good wekend & happy holiday to all NON chinese frens

A painfull masage...
Posted:Jan 18, 2009 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2009 7:03 pm

On sat nite, my fren & i decided to go for a very simple massage at my work place. since v got nothing on, v tot okies, let's go get our body massage since we've been feeling tired wit all d late nites

It was a half hour shoulder & neck massage Well, it started out okie. light massage than when he started giving pressure on me, tat's wer d pain started especially on my left shoulder. Evey time he pressed at certain points, i would start cringing & telling him to stop saying it hurts. He told me tat my muscle was very tight. Need to relax. I m relaxing ( or tat's wat i tot)

After d massage, i felt a lil better & not so pain bt than i was wrong. V went to meet our other frens at d food court which is our reg hang out now. I felt d pain coming back lil by lil. I couldn't even put my strap bag on my soulder at one point. i was in pain bt hell... v sat there till like 4am

Than on sunday, i was feeling worst. I was in a blahhhhhhh mood & body was really pain. It felt tat i wa being bashed up & my shoulder felt like i juz got sun burned Every time i touch tat part, it hurts

Well, it's a good thing i din go out last nite & stayed home after work. Even today.. i was suppose to have apts bt i cancelled it Juz dun feel in d mood bt i will make it up to them when i meet them next hehehe

Well, i think i need another good & reasonable massage to ease off this pain

It's my offday & i woke up at 8am bt i m still in bed. still in my pj's & lying in bed juz dun feel like doing anytg. Mayb i'll b taking a nap again later hehehe

Have a good week ahead all.

Tarrot reading...
Posted:Jan 8, 2009 8:21 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2009 6:41 pm

Last nite was a good nite out. Not tat i went drinking or pubbing or anytg of tat sort. All i did was i went for dinner wit one of my good frens & a famous food court in pj & ended up having read my tarrot cards & had my numenerogy readings (which wasn't planned as well). Our main intentin was too onli go have dinner.

While having dinner, 1 of d promoter came over & send their flyers stating tat they have a booth there reading tarrot cards.Out of curiosity, v went to check out wat they had. I think it was quite reasonable as well. all v neede to pay was RM50 for a reading of half hour ( bt actually they din really count d time - tat's wat i noticed) cuz i realised dat d gurl before us took nearly 2 hours 2 get her readings done

While sitting & waiting 4 d gurl to finish, v actually got to sit & talk & got to know d organisets. Wat started out as a normal conversation turned out actually quite interesthing

One of d gurls (A) there actually started giving us a brief inside of their company & d other ppl there who does different kind of reading. There's things like energy & sould reading ( done by R ), their master (which is a lady) does a lot more & can actually tell about ppl.

A actually started telling us wat kind of a person me & my fren is juz by calculating our birthdates which was quite impressive V even asked them about some other frens of us & even tho they weren't there wast she said was actually thru When she calculated my number & told me about me, my fren & I couldn't believe our ears...

When it was my turn to read it was like almost 1am (Finally) hehehe

It says tat i m a person who seeks freedom. A person who likes to attract others & help others helping too much instead I m a provider & will give easily. I m also d kind of person who doesn't mind sharing I may look like i have no problem bt in actual fact, i have many2 problems in me which i dun talk out ( how very true tat is). I find it very hard to share my problems. alwiz keep it in me. I have too many things building in me. My own problems & other ppl's problems

In love life, i do have tat special 1 In order for me to get to him, i will hafta get pass his parents first Now tat's a another task i'll hafta consider I do have a chance wit him, i juz have to b soft to him & dun carry all my pasts hurt wit me or compare him to others. Juz b happy wit him Told her about my attraction my attraction to married or attached. She said, it's my aura which attracted them

I've been carrying too much of my pass & tat is wat also plays a part I'll have to learn & forget to let go. Hmmm.. tot i have alrdy done tat Guess i have not Juz accept watever will b coming my way & b happy wit watever there is

Career wise.. I have alwiz wanted to leave wat i m doing bt i can't & there's alwiz something holding me back ( which is so true). I would have a better future if i would have started working elsewer altho d first few months would b hardship.

I m a person who likes to try out a lot of things which in reult it's alwiz half done or not fully done. lol. I need to look for wat i really love doing & start working thru tat passion. She said 1 thing, i really like to work in d kitchen, which is so true

After i've done my reading, i continued to join d table again which they had more master's there I sat by 1 person (R) & she asked her master something which was related to me. all her master said was, i have to learn to speak up & not hide things. Cuz she felt a kind of heat when i sat beside her

I also found out who my guardian angel is. V all have our own individual angel My is angel "Z". All i have to do, if i m feeling weak, preassured, stress, down, i juz call out HIS name & he will b there

After tat, v were asked to pick a card, something which is like an angel card or something like tat. Mine says COUNSELOR & samn!!!! tat was so rite. I have alwiz been a counselor to my frens problems. D master was telling me tat, i listen & help too much. I must learn to say NO at times which will do me good as well

Time really flies while v r enjoying ourself. V din realise it bt it was 3am alrdy When 1 of d stall owners said her goodbyes & mentioned d time onli did v realised it was such late bt surprisingly, me & my fren din feel tired or restless at all. Infact, v were both very fresh & wide awake V even tot it was like 1ish 2 at tat time hehehe

So, v said out goodbye's & headed home. Even on d way home, v had a talk btwn us. V were surprise how d nite turned out to b & happy as well She said, tat mayb they were giving us positive energy tat's y v felt tat way which i think was kinda true.

There's still so much too learn from them & they r willing to teach or let us know wat they can. so, nice of them SO, v r gg back there again next week hehehe

Went home & slept like a baby hehehe.

Now, onli to work out watever negative points i have & to work towards my mission

Now to see if 2009 will really b a good year for me


Have a good w/end all
It's poruing....
Posted:Jan 6, 2009 7:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2009 11:10 pm

When they say,

IT DOESN'T RAIN BT IT POURS.... How true can tat b???

A few days back actually on 1/1/2009, I was asked to b a gf of this guy whom i've met. I was rather sceptical cuz i hardly know him & basically he's onli my 'driver'. I neva tot tat it go tis far. In fact he's been very nice. Picking me up in d middle of nites after my clubing & sending me home bt v din do anytg even juz with him in d car. No touching, no pecking, no making out. So, when he asked me to b his, I was actually really taken aback after a few sms, he asked me wat i want frm him which i replied...

At the moment, i onli want us to b good frens & maintain our f/ship. nothing more bt mayb get to know each other more before v move a step further. Which i think is fair enuf & i din hear from him again

Than last nite he sms-ed me again asking if i have considered wat he asked me Told him i m actually NOT ready to commit myself to any1 yet. Yes it is nice to have a companion & sum1 there when v need him bt than v need to take things slow. Cuz when i asked him at d earlier stage he told me tat he wasn't ready to have a gf & would like to introduce me to his frens ok i tot. y not

He wanted to meet me last nite & take me for a ride onhis bike bt hell!!!! i ain't going to ride on any bike. Think i've got phobia riding on bikes

So, i m ask to give it a tot & answer him when v meet

Sigh!!!!When v dunhave any, v complaint.. V even complaint when it comes our way... LOL V humans r NEVA satisfied wit anytg

HHmmm...another decision to make & hope i make d rite decision


A joke to share
Posted:Jan 6, 2009 4:31 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2009 2:18 am

A little boy and a little girl attended the same school and became friends

Every day they would sit together to eat their lunch. They discovered that they both brought chicken sandwiches every day! This went on all through the fourth and fifth Grades, until one day he noticed that her sandwich wasn't a chicken sandwich

He said, 'Hey, how come you're not eating chicken, don't you like it anymore?'

She said 'I love it but I have to stop eating it.'

'Why?' he asked.

She pointed to her lap and said 'Cause I'm starting to grow little feathers down there!'

'Let me see' he said.

'Okay' and she pulled up her skirt. ?

He looked and said, 'That's right. You are! Better not eat any more chicken.'

He kept eating his chicken sandwiches until one day he brought peanut butter. He said to the little girl, 'I have to stop eating chicken sandwiches, I'm starting to get feathers down there too!'

She asked if she could look, so he pulled down his pants for her!

She said 'Oh, my God, it's too late for you! You've already got the NECK and GiBBLETS!!!

My,my... & i love chicken sandwich muz r'ber to check myself now & than when i have my s/wich


A start of 2009
Posted:Jan 5, 2009 8:09 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2009 12:52 am

After a marathon of drinking & partying suddenly uz dun feel like gg out tat much... hehehe. All those partying made me really close to some ppl whom i neva think i would b close to which in a way is good as well

My rendevous started a week before Christmas. V went to this place which is a nice place to chill & relax & to listen to some good music. In fact, it was there tat i was close to some of d artist / singers which i din think i would b close wit bt d place took a change after new year wit new mgmt taking over & they were so proud of themselve saying tat they can hire foreign singers wit less pay than wat they r paying now...SO, my frens decided to quit from there.

Than also was pubbing at my regular friday joint which also by tis month d regular band playing is taking a 2 weeks break bt they r playing elsewer so, gotta keep updated wit them

I think d start of 2009 has so far been good to me bt i dun know if it's me or wat or do i have a sign on my forehaed which says.... MARRIED OR ATTACHED MEN PLEASE CUMMMM TO ME

Atm, i dun if i should b happy or worried or wat....... i met both guys at d place of my regular hangout. I of d guy is a regular there as well & d other guy is a residen band member there I notice d reg there a while back ago bt oli recently he decided to approach me. Tat was when v started getting close.

Usually when i go on friday nite, d reg would b there bt not d other guy, he performs elsewer,....so, m kinda safe, i think Onli thing is... d band who's playing there on friday is a good fren wit A ( d singer )... & v kinda also had a lil pecking on 1 of d outings me & C....I think he's a lil confuse & so m i. So, v juz let things hang on there while A had alrdy made his move on me danggggggg!!!!!

Bt if i m too choose btwn L, A & C.... I would surely choose C as most iportantly, he's single & mayb juz mayb theremight b things happening btwn us. He needs to sort his life out wit his ex first before moving on & i need to sort myself out as well

Looks & sounds complicated & confusing... bt all i can say now is tat... I M a VERY HAPPY GURL!!!!! waiting for my date wit L which he said he would call & arrange for an outing

So, how's 2009 been for u all, so far? anytg good happened?

A happy ending to 2008...
Posted:Dec 30, 2008 12:50 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2008 6:54 pm

Time really flies.. By d time u know it, it's coming to d end of 2008. Wat have i achiece in 2008??? Well, honestly.. i've encountered lotsa ups & down. bt i learn from my mistakes & hope tat i dun get into all d BAD things again.

D good part is... i've met many2 frens along d way Some have even became my regular clubing frens & we've been good frens ever since

Have been travelling quite a bit tis year as well, locally tho which i m happy cuz for d past 4 years i've been working here i hardly travel. now tat i've fight for my rites & my offdays, m more flexible as i've got someone to replace me when i m away which i m happy as well. Next to fight for is.... well, i've got a list for tat hehehe

I've also realize ppl can b really sensitive at d slightest matters which sometimes can afffect frenship which is real sad bt than if d frenship is worth to savour, m sure they realise their mistake & things will b back to normal

Wat have i been doing lately? well, for d past week, i've been like partying till wee hours in d morning since tues ( b4 christmas) ass i've got a few good frens who r entertainers & i go to support them

a change of environment for me as i haven't been gg to my usual "home" as th[ey call it. Haven't been there for while. bt i've been to another place called "home" which has frenlier customers there Have met a lot of new ppl there as well

Well, i'll b partying t'row nite wit some ggod frens @ entertainers. If u do wish do join me, do give me a buzz...

Here's wishing all of u ...


SIZE 4]Have a fantastic 2009...

Resolutions... i've decided NOT to have any & juz go wit d flow tis time

A mind blasting nite out...
Posted:Dec 19, 2008 7:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2008 11:09 pm

Ouchhhhhhhhh!!!! My head hurts due to too much drinking last nite

Last nite really reminds me of d time i ws clubing wit my BFF @ Partner In Crime back in those days. Onli missing tis time was she wasn't arnd Bt she will soon hear my story M sure she'll b like... u bloddy woman, here u go again

Last nite was d BEST nite ever in a longgggggg while Had so much fun wit d gurls & of cuz d guys v met thereMe & my fren started our nite very early at about 8.30. V had to b at d p lace b4 9pm as i made resv & our table would b given away if v r not there by 9 So, by hook or by crook, v made it there. Made arrangements wit another fren to meet us there.She was suppose to come early bt had some errands to run so, she onli came by later. When she got there I was alrdy happy high

Chrstmas spirit was in d air. Before d band started playing & during their break, they played christmas songs all d way which was really nice

I tot it would b juz any other nite when i party there bt last nite was juz crazeeeeeeeee.... Out of d blue, tis guy ( who was a reg cust there approached me & v started chatting & dancing away. He has neva approcahed me bt last nite he did.

I was having fun wit him. He is a good dancer. Of cuz v did make out & all there after more than a few drinks hehehe. Than 1 of my frens also met some frens there. V started out having normal casual talks than our hands couldn't keep to ourselves I was like...... on heavan alrdy hehe One guy here (S) & d other guy opp my table.

Every now & than i was being pulled by d other guy to join him. There was at 1 stage wer i was holding both guys hands & i could feel d other guy juz trying to hold both my hands. I juz played along wit him

Well, he managed to get me to himself bt he was a playboy i would say bt tat din bother me at tat time Was too happy to even bother wit such things. D nite was coming to d end. My head was really heavey alrdy. Couldn't take anymore drinks. Feet was hurting. Had to sit. So, here i was sitting m inding my own biz. S was hodling on to my hand ( mayb he's afraid tat i would fall or something) Than L had to leave. He came over. Said his good bye & v made out behind S's back. Wat a slut i was hehehe bt it was fun. I did manage to xchange ctc's wit both guys. Let's c who will b d 1 calling now hehehe

Once in d my frens car, I told my fren to drive as fast as she could to send me as i couldn't take it anymore. Need to go home & puke & put my head down

All in all it was a MIND BLASTING nite.

My head now is still spinning & my eyes r heavy as i m writting tis at work, i juz feel like closing my eyes & take a nap. Think i should do tat soom.

Hope u all have a good w/end... & a very


to all

Accident approach...
Posted:Dec 17, 2008 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2008 7:08 pm

I met him a few months back or was it sometime last year (can't really r'ber when) while clubing in one of my fav place How v met? I noticed him wit some of his frens & i was wit my gf's. V made eye contacts a few times. Than as he was walking back to his place a visit to d loo he accidentally ( dun know if it was true) bumped into me. V said our apologieis & v started talking. V even had a few dance. I was alrdy seeing stars by than hehehe

Well, it was coming to d end of d nite He had to follow his frens home & i had to follow mine home bt v did exchange numbers & kept in touch. Wanted to alwiz meet back bt due to work timing,v alwiz couldn't he works night shift & onli have d w/ends off while i work my usual work shift

Than he made arrangement to meet up on a sunday after my work bt due to some reasons he couldn't make it. Fine, at least he told me earlier. We still kept in touch & made a few arrangements to meet up bt everytime after making d arrngements recently, he doesn't call to re-confirm or he doesn't even apologies for NOT showing bt i still take it as he's still interested to meet up.

I think there was about 5 times tat he did tis to me. D last straw i juz couldn't take it & I agreed to meet up as i wanted to give him a piece of my mind bt lo behold he did it again. NO calinng to reconfirm, no shoe & no apology. wat kind of a person is tat.

Than he sends me a ym, tried to chat wit me bt i was very cold towards him & he asked me NOT to b so mean. HHmmm.. i wonder, m i tat mean to him after wat he did to me i dun think so I could b even meaner if i want to

I dun know wat it is in him tat i still entertain his CRAPS I juz gave hima piece of my mine bt i dun know if he's tat dumb NOT to u/stand it as he still thinks i wanna meet up wit him M not d type of person who uses harsh words to get rid of sum1 unless needed Think i may have to use it on him

Anyhows, i had a good nite out last nite. Wat was suppose to b chill out nite turned out to b a drinking nite wit my buddies hehehe. Infact, nearly got laid bt due to red light alert, i had to deny him well, next time mayb Had FUN wit 2 of my singer frens who really rocked d place down & i think it was also more a jamming nite for d musicians who came in after tat

Well, there's another drinking session at another of my fav reg place in hartaas Any1 care to join me to have some pure fun drinking & dancing Give me a buzz here

Need to go rest my head now

updates.. here & there
Posted:Dec 15, 2008 8:32 am
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It's been awhile since i last updated my blog...1000 apologies. well, juz to let my readers know tat i m still alive & kicking hehehe. wat's been happening Plenty things been happening. good & bad

I've found out tat some ppl r really sensitive over d slightless reasons.... haven't been hanging arnd much wit my regular click. Guess things ain't d way it used to b bt i still do hangout wit other's once a while

i guess i've found out who my true frens r & who claims to b "frens". such things do happen, so m used to it i know.. i know.... i've been missing for than a month here i do have my good times as well

I even did some things which i haven't done b4 which is being bold enuf to make d first move bt i was turned down & i think i lost a fren as well bt oh well, at least i know wat kind of person tat person is before gg further which is fine to me

Christmas is here... M so in d mood for christmas even my house has been really done up & been told it has a christmas feeling to it

New year's almost here as well.. NY resolutions dun think i'll make any this year let it come naturally

So, wat's been happening wit u all who reads my blog anytg good along d way

Time for me to hit d sack. Will try to keep my blog updated when i can

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