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Slow day!!!!
Posted:Dec 11, 2007 1:56 am
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2007 10:51 pm

It's been a slow, quiet, longggggggg day at work due to some protest or demonstration which will take place, d roads to my working place has been closed.

Customers have been complaining about getting into here. It's a massive JAM outside. Infact of thinking of leaving early frm work, due to tis

Complaint frm customer also complaint la Been a boring day

Well, m going for more christmas shopping today & more wrapping to do later

M so in d mood for christmas now I juz lurveeeee tis time of d year

Even putting on christmas songs in d shop wer i work

Can't wait to have d Christmas party in my house

M sure we'll have a good time.
Wat a weekend :D
Posted:Dec 10, 2007 8:30 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2007 10:16 pm

It's been a while since i updated my blog. Juz feeling lazy & not in d mood to write bt here's something for a update

Had a fabulous weekend was barhopping wit my 3 clubing "kakis". Was out on friday nite as planned. Was planning to go to this new palce we found out in D'sara heights as the band playing there is our fren bt than.... d blind leading d blind, we juz walked str8 into d pub.

As i walked in, i noticed sumtg different about d place, they had party streamers & it looks like they were having a priv function. Asked 1 of their waiters bt either he's dumb or can't hear. He kept saying, d place is open to public

Than we went in, was about to sit down when one of d managers came by & told us they r close to public dus to a private func. Well, basically, we were kicked outta place So, as we were about to leave, d band finished playing & 1 lead singer came by. Told him we were leaving as we r being kicked out

Might c them play tis saturday tho Than we went to d pub in hartamas bt cuz there weren't any parking there, we didn't gt down & decidede to check out another pub in PJ.. OH BOY!!! WAT A BIG MISTAKE WE DID!!!!! It was a most sleziest pub i've ever been too bt we still stayed on & had a jug of beer

Wer do we head to next? Texted another fren of mine & she was at laundry bar. Me & d other 2 gurls decided we ain't going there as it was alrdy like 1ish. Bt d time (if we got there) d place would b close....

So..... wer do we end up going back to my "HOME" hehehe. Finally, somewer wer it's comfortable & at least we enjoyed ourself Had a few drinks & played chor tai tee hehehe. D other fren came to meet us there.

On sat nite, we went to a pun in hartamas. OH BOY!!!! I really had fun tat nite. all paid back for fri nite

D usual band was there wit their additional artist. I would call him artist as he's such a versatile fella hehehe.

Btwn, me & mich (a fren), we finished 1 1/2 jugs of beer in less than 2 hours SO, i was tipsy when d other 2 came & join us. Danced d nite away silly Was even being picked up by tis guy. Nice & frenly guy Bt of cuz, i told him i ain't following him back We were both drunk & i had to work d next day & he stays like at d other end of KL (bt have beeen keeping in contact since)

My head was bursting on sun Suffered on sun while at work bt didn't feel sorry for partying on sat nite

Well, tis weekend another partying is happening one of our GF is getting engage. So, there will b a party for her & her fiance. C u there, gal. Invites haven't been sent out tho Will do it by t'row

Today spent d day at home. Wit my nephew & niece. A quiet off day. Wrapping up christmas gifts. & still more to wrap. Not finished yet. M suppose to b sleeping bt m still here. LOL

Another long week before d weekend is here

Have a good week all

Some jokes to lighten up ur day.....
Posted:Nov 27, 2007 11:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2007 1:33 am

After several bad experience with men, a woman puts up an advert in d papers which read...

"Looking for man who doesn't beat up woman or run away and is good in bed"

Finally her door bell rings & she opens to find a man in a wheelchair withour arms & legs at d doorstep

He says...

"Well, u can c tat i have no arms & legs, so i can't beat u up & run away"

The woman ask...

"R u good in bed?"

To which he says....

How do u think i rang d doorbell!!!

ps... well, to me.. long doesn't mean good. LOL it might b l ong bt still no good in bed hehehe


All MEN actually practise double standard.... Here r a few good examples

They hate cats bt love pussies

Don't want to b called a DONKEY bt love to ride a good ass

They eat Chicken bt prefer to feed the cocks to chicks

Hate being called a bt enjoy themselve maximum DOGGY STYLE!!!!

Sometimes we juz can't understand men!!!



Man : Can i buy u a drink??

Lady : No thank you. Alcohol is BAD for my legs

Man : Sorry to hear tat. Do they swell?

Lady : NO!!! They open my legs


A jewish woman says to her mum... I M DIVORCING MY HUSBAND!!! All he wants is anal sex & my arsehole is now d size of a 50 cents when it used to b the size of a 5 cent.

Mother says...

You are married to a multi millionaire ; you live in a 10 bedroom mansion, you drive a ferrari,you have a $10,000 week allowance & you take 6 holidays a year.


you wanna throw all those away for 45 cents

Have a good week

Operation success...
Posted:Nov 22, 2007 5:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2007 7:39 pm

It's been really a hell of a week for me & my family lately.... Well, juz to update some GGOD FRIENDS in here.... my dad's operation was a success. He went thru a lot of changes lately. HE went thru a lot & so did we.

He came out of d OPO at about 4ish pm & now in d ICU. Now it's juz recruperating time. He will onli wake up in about 3-4 days.

Well, at least tat hurdle is passed now it's onli to b wit him during his recruperating time. We all didn't have any peacefull sleep lately.

I thank GOD tat hehas gone thru tis ordeal!!!! At least now, we can sleep in properly for a few days

Thanks to all who have given concern Appreciate it

Big day for me & my family........
Posted:Nov 20, 2007 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2007 11:16 pm

Another day before my dad is being wheeled into the operation teather!!!!!!! It's not a good thing to shout about. I haven't been feeling good lately too Been feeling like i m in d dumps lately

I would like to thank MCCbabes for donating her blood to my dad. we r in need of blood. we onli got about 5 ppl so far. he needs about 8 to 9 ppl bt i guess we will have to juz take watever we have.

I dun know bt i m juz feeling down lately. Too many things happenning all at once. Not in d mood to go out altho i've got invited to go listen to some music. Would love to bt it's wrong timing. So, mayb will see him another time.

All of us have been summoned by my dad to nite to b in d hospital. It's a nite before his op. I think he's nervous as we r. We dun know wat d outcome is bt we r all hoping for d BEST!!!!!

My bro has decided to stay in d hospital tonite bt m not sure yet. If there's place than i'll stay or else will have to b there very early t'row morning as he'll b pushed in by 7am. So, we''l have to c him 1st.

My feelings been like crappy lately i think it's due to this. Can't think str8. Well, hopefully all will end well.

T'row will b a longggggg day for me & my family. D wait is really agonizing. No partying for me lately. Too stressed out too go party or drinking bt would like to go drinking when all is over. juz drinking & letting losse

ps.... m missing sum1 very much.. sum1 who's not within my reach juz need a gr8 big HUG at ti moment
Wishing & hoipng....... A christmas wish!!!!
Posted:Nov 15, 2007 7:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2007 7:36 am

Who would l ike to b my father chritmas tis year hehehehe

All i want for christmas tis year is.......
(answer at d bottom)

My fone has been going bbonkers lately. Think it's a sign telling me i need to change it. hehehe. M actually saving up to get a good fone with d necessasy features. Plus m looking also into a fone wit good camera features so tat i dun have to invest in a camera. Tat fone can b used as a camera too

So, m wishing & hoping..... tat i will get it soon. hehehehe

I know i m a lil too old to have santa bag bt my santa bag is alwiz open to b filled (not witpots & pans tho) hehehehe...


A new mobile fone!!!!!

would also like to get to know a certain person better!!!! (tat's my own personal wish!!!!
2007.... ending soon!!!!
Posted:Nov 15, 2007 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2007 8:39 am

Recently, i have been talking about christmas & new year wit a few frens. Wat have we actually achieved this year??? It's about another 1 month plus before 2007 is over.

Looking back thru tis year. I think for me, So many things have happened this year. Not much of a achievement bt i feel tat i have had a lot this year. D passing of my g/ma.. my dad's sickness. tat's past of a big ordeal for me. I try not to think so much about it as d more i think, d more depress i get.

Than i met my ex & broke up within d same year....LOL looking back at tat, i dun feel lost or anytg. It's juz another part of life Than i met a few other new ppl. Who turned into good frens as well.

Plus, there was a tiff wit one of my frens bt m not letting tat affect my frenship bt i think tat we have sort of drfited apart. Well, i gues tat's the ups & down one would face.

Have also encountered some new places to hang out besides going to a place called'home' i think most of us r geting kinda fed up wit d place. not tat it's not a nice place bt we need new environment, new faces..... hehehehe

So, now & than we r going to new places. I used to hang out there practically every day bt now things have really slowed down. I still do go out bt to other places. Once in a hwile, i still go back there tho. Dun wanna abandon tat place

Went to a few holidays as well this year. Which was quite an achivement as well I dun usually get to travel much bt i think i deserve it. hehehe Next holidays... planning on CNY next year. My BBF might b getting married than & so, m planning to go to penang again...

Christmas tis year will b a quiet one in my home. My siblings actually have a disagreement wit my mum, so it will b juz me, my mum, my lil monkeys might b going to my uncles place for celebration tis time. Than dunno wat i'll b doing later after dinner. Tat nite is still not planned yet bt have alrdy planned for my new years eve... Reservation have been done as well at d place after giving my "sad" voice while speaking to the staff there hehehehe Even d pages for tat day is not up yet & there's their menu is still pending there..hehehe bt cuz we want to hear d guy who sang on my b'dae (who's playing there).... i had to do my part as an 'event manager' hehehehe

So, basically tat's wat's been happening tis year I even cracked my head as to wat we did lasst christmas. Memory lasped. Juz as tat point of time, i couldn't figure wat we did bt looking back thru my blog, i figured we went to bangsar bt can't remember was exactly we did

I m looking forward to this time of the year. It's such an enjoyable celebration..wit of cuz loads of pressie's to open hehehehe

Had a good time at home (altho at my mum's). Stayed a nite over there. Was online for a bit till my eyes were watery. than decided to call it a nite or rather morning

D weekend is here again. Ain't planning to go anywer bt juz relax. Had a hectic week & now need to sboer down a lil

Have a happy weekend all

Tired week
Posted:Nov 14, 2007 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2007 6:30 pm

Its been a real longggggggg week... have been out practically every nite since my b'dae last week Onli had a day or 2 rest in btwn. Well, wit all these nites out, i actually had a good time. lotsa time to talk & chat & to get to know a person even better

Altho i dun meet up wit him tat often m glad tat he's okie mixing arnd wit me & my frens. Was out sat nite than went to listen to sum music bt ended up sitting outside d pub & having a good conversation till weeee hours in d morning.

Than on sun had lunch wit MCCbabe & another fren. Our lunch dragged on to dinner. Than went out & continue having teh tarik & ms BO joined us...

On monday, i had to go settle my internet connection. Have settles it bt i m in need to get a new batt for my fone & also a new fone.

On monday, went for tea wit bunny, bo, mcc & mich.... than after tea me, mcc & mich went for coffee... LOL & of cuz it dragged on till dinner

Met u p wit my ex classmate on tues nite for yum cha session as he was back here for a 2 day hols. Altho it was juz 3 of us (one of them was my childhood fren), it was good. Talked abut our silly things in school & other stuff which ended up being ghost story & fact of life. Was informed by my childhood fren tat he's aunt has passed away unexpectedly. She was perfectly fine, even talked on d fone wit her bt by d time d got back, she was gone
Life is so u npredictable. U r here tis minute & gone next minute. We wouldn't know wat will happen within the next few minutes....

Had a early nite bt onli went to bed at about 2 ish. Last nite was also a good nite. Went out & listen to music. I think tat will b my regular band now. Met up wit another old fren which haven't since for a while. Was informed tat he's playing in a reset & pub arnd d same area SO, gurlsssssss.... we will b heading there soon hehehehe

I was told tat i m d gurls event/organizing manager. So, i'll have to organize for tis one as well

As we were talking last nite, we realized tat it's nearing d end of the year. in a blink od an eye (a month or so more) it's year end!!!!! Wat have u achieved tis year. Have ur resolution been achieved. I think mine have halfed achieved bt still more to go.. so, tat'll b my next years resolution. To continue wat i haven't achieve tis year..

I didn't realyl have a good year tis year. There were lotsa ups & downs. Had death in my family. Had break up in my relationship. Has squabbles in m y family ( bt tat's been settled)...

My good part was...... i m happy tat me & my sibblings r now communicating more than b4. I used not to talk tat much wit my bro bt nowadays i find tat he is a more civilise person hehehe. M glad for tat

As for my dad's health. he's still in d hospital. Operation is due next week. All praying tat his condition will b better It hasn't been going very smooth wit family problems bt m glad tat at least wit circumstances like tat, we r communicating

There was a slight stiff wit my frens bt m sure tat will b settled as well Dun wanna get involve bt......was slightly being pulled in. Well, if we r adults, m sure we can solve it amicably

Well, i dun know y & i know i m crazeeeee bt i m kinda missing sum1 altho i think & i know tat i will not hear frm him bt than again.... m looking forward to getting to know tis other person

Oh btw.... i got my event planned for new years eve hehehehe. it's sort of confirmed wer will b going partying.. now, all i need is to juz book d plave which i heard it's quite difficult & if i can't get a place it's quite difficult as i know there'll b a big bunch of my frens who will join in

Tat detail will b given out later hehehe

Anyways... i think i need my rest as i have been out too much lately & i haven't been spending time much wit my family which i feel bad will do so tis weekend (i hope)

Well, tat was my journey for last week. Hope it won't b so pack again tis week hehehe

Finally back online again.....
Posted:Nov 11, 2007 10:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2007 11:06 pm

FINALLY!!!!! i got my internet back after being inter-less since last week Well, i changed my mobile # & than i had problems connecting to my notebook. Damn!!!! onli got to do it today since it's my off day

Well, wat have happened during my absence here. As for me, plenty of things have been happening wit family & also frens & even some so called frends who claims to b frens bt than pick on petty thing & make it a big issue. I really dun c d point of ppl doing tat

As for my b'dae gatheing... i did have a blast Thnxs to all those who showed up & made my nite. Also thnxs to d band who played there. Really enjoyed it. Well, my frens managed to get me drunk wit 6 flamings

Woke up wit a massive hangover as onli had 4 hours of sleep due to d renovation going on in my house. Thab went to 3 deepavali open house on my b'dae curtesy of my uncle Was really brain dead by d end of d day.

p.s...... i think i m in lust wit a certain sum1 ain't revealing who bt time will tell & show to those who wants to know who

p.s.s.... alrry know wat i m doing on new years eve's. got my nite booked wit d happening band detailws will b out nearing tat time
wat's new....
Posted:Nov 2, 2007 8:34 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2007 9:29 pm

As some of u have noticed, i haven't been much online lately due to sum problems which is very stressfull to me & my family

Haven't had d mood to chat, be online or anything. Mind is blank most of the time. Even when i m free, would rather juz b by myself, mind wondering off... m going nuts...

It's not a nice thing to tell d whole world bt i guess i'll juz get some of it off my chess.My dad was recently admitted to d hospital. He had a heart attack. Boy!!! were we in a state of shock His condition was quiet bad. He was actually semi concious at 1 stage. I know it's a BIG BLOW for us as we juz lost my g/ma not long. Dun want to b loosing another.

He was transfered to d normal ward y'day bt was transfered again to d CCU last nite due to sum difficulty in breathing. Me & my sis was like..... no words could describe how we felt

All we can do now is b there for him. Get him wat he wants bt of cuz also controll & onli get wat he can eat.

can't bear to c him in pain. plus i think he's not use to b in controll like tis as he is alwiz a free man bt well, he has to start getting use frm now on. My sis has actually volunteered to take care of him when he's discharged as if he gets home, he'll b back to his normal self & no one can controll him. SIGH!!!!!

Well, tat's my latest update.

Need to go de-stress next week. Dun know if i will have d mood to party on my b'dae bt as i have made arrangement wit others, think i'll juz go free my mind on tat nite plus my regular hangout has alrdy engaged a band for me So, can't cancell on tat

Posted:Oct 28, 2007 12:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2007 5:46 am

It has been a good week for me... I k now i have been quiet lately on here. Nothing much to write & say. Think i m more interested in another site which i juz joined. I managed to locate frens whom we've lost touch for about more than 10 years Looking back at those years, i had such joyous time... all d laughter tat we shared. No headaches of any sort

Time do fly.... Even managed to get in touch again wit all my college mates. How technology can get us together Wat's even more shocking in there is tat frens which i know frm here actually know sum of my other frens. Some of us have frens in common bt we dun know it Wat a small world.....

Well, have decided alrdy wat & when to do my b'dae bt i hope i will survive thru d nite wit all those drunkens frens i have & all trying to get me drunk

Looking forward to d good rest day t'row I k now will b book by my mum in d afternoon bt other than tat spending time wit my 2 lil rascals which is alwiz enjoyable

Well, hope u had a good week & have a good week

Need help in making up my mind:(
Posted:Oct 23, 2007 3:06 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2007 12:59 pm

To those concern....

If u read my previous blog, u'll know wat i m referring to When should u think i should do my b'dae
Wed(7/11)...Eve of PH & my eve of my b'dae...(when i could get drunk w/o worrying to get up d next day for work).hehehe
W;end either before or after my b'dae which i have to work d next day.....
Elsewer wer d band i request s playing on a w'end
8 Comments , 12 votes
Posted:Oct 23, 2007 2:42 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2007 10:45 pm

In a dilemma now.. I know it's still a while before my birthday bt i m having a headache here Dun know when to do it.. Have a few decisions bt still can't make up my mind

Decision 1..... do it on d even of my actual b'dae (which is also d eve of a Pub Hols).. I think tat would b better than i get to rest d next day Might have a band playing there bt will have to arrange tat on y own (of cuz wit d help of d manager of d pub bt i know on tat day, sum of my fav ppl won't b able to come along

Decision 2.... To do it on a weekend (either d weekend before or after my actual day) bt than.. my fav won't b able to play on those days & i'll have to work d next day. So it won't b tat much of fun too

(I know i'll b doing one day at another place for dinner & drinks bt tat would b a smaller group) & allso a fren frm penang will b down than... So, it's another small gathering there

I need to decide so tat i can get back to d band member if i want them to play on d 7/11 Wat should i do

I can't juz up & do it at another place as d most of d staff at my regular place knows m going to do it there.... Dun feel good backing out on them


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