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Posted:Sep 28, 2007 3:20 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2007 10:35 pm

Here r some jokes to brighten yr weekend. Remember laughter is the BEST Medicines!.

1 A judge asked a woman on why she wanted a
divorce. She answered, "Your Honor, he knew
I'm a vegetarian n yet he still insists on
putting his meat in my mouth."

2. Woman: Dr, an ant entered my vagina, please
take it out.
Doctor removes her panties and start making love .
Woman: What are you doing?
Doctor: This is the only way to drown the bastard!

3.Q: What is the closest thing similar to a
woman's period?
Ans: YOUR SALARY. It comes once a month last 3 ‒
4 days & if it doesn't come you are in
deep trouble!

4.A lady visited her doctor again,
Dr. said: U look more sick & exhausted then b 4.
Are u having 3 meals a day as I advised?
Lady: WHAT? I thought u said 3 MALES a day!!!!

5.Women asked God to make The Penis Pretty. GOD Said" No way; Now As It Is,The Penis is so ugly & U still Suck It. If I make it Pretty You'll Eat It up!!

6. A nun went 4 a urine test. The sample got mixed up. When the doctor told her she waz pregnant,she cried n said," Shit,we can't even trust cucumber anymore .!

7. A boy pulls down his pants in front of a girl & asked" Do U have this? " The girl lifted up her skirt & said," My mom said with this I can have a lot of THAT!"

8. Schoolgirl: I do not want to take the SEX EDUCATION. Class Teacher: Why not? Schoolgirl: Someone told me the FINAL EXAM would be ORAL!"

9. Mother asks , how is married life? shyly says like BRITISH AIRWAYS. Mother reads the ad & is shocked " 7 DAYS A WEEK,TWICE A DAY,BOTH WAYS!

10. What is the STRONGEST muscle? TONGUE- It can raise a woman's hip with just one lick!. The lightest muscle? PENIS! It can be raised by a woman's tongue!

11. Lady Immigration officer asked a Korean tourist: Name? Park Yu.
The 0fficer become angry & shouted back: FUCK YOU! Now what's your full name? Korean replied: PARK YU TOO!!

12. Man to wife: Business is bad if u learn 2 cook we can remove servant. Wife:
ASSHOLE! If u learn how to fuck we can remove driver, gardener & watchman..

13. COCK say to his two BALLS: I am going to take you with me to a party. BALLS said: You big fucking liar. You always get INSIDE and leave us waiting OUTSIDE!

14. A baby asked mama how papa look like? Mama reply: How I know. Your papa came from behind & I didn't have chance to see his face" !

15.What's the difference between stress, tension & panic? Stress is when wife is pregnant, tension is when girlfriend is pregnant, PANIC is when both are pregnant

Enjoy & have a gr8 weekend

Friends with benefits.....
Posted:Sep 28, 2007 2:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2007 7:56 pm

Tis originally came frm mallisa. which i read it on
's blog. A interesthing game to play So, here goes....


Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled monkey food... There's at least 1 person on your Friends Network that wants to date you or sleep with you.

So..... lets play "Friends with Benefits"! The rules are simple...

if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message to their inbox saying "I'm yours".

If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it".


There is at least 1 person on your Firnds Network that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you.

SO... re-post as "Friends with Benefits", as it doesn't matter if you're married, in a relationship, single, gay or straight! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery

OH btw, replies on ym dun count (as i actually got a reply thru YM) u know who u r

Have fun playing this game
Bad habits
Posted:Sep 26, 2007 12:13 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2007 4:21 am

I actually got this idea frm intrepid195757 wehile reading some blogs Well, d title tells it all Bad habits which have been with us for a while

When i was young, i had several bad habits. D few which i could hardly get rid of was sucking my thumb & biting my nails. Once in a while i still twirl my hair if i have nothing to do

I onli managed to kick d habit offwhen i was in collge. My parents & family though tat i was over with tat habit untill they caught me several times. Than they tried numerous ways for me to get ris of tat habit.

They rub chilly on it, they put bitter ointment on it which is difficult to b removes. Than the final straw came when i had my 1st bf :F I was actually thinking, wat if he finds out tat about my habit. Would he still want me Wat would he say Would he laff at me

So, i decided to juz kick tat habit away & it's been lo ng gone out of the window bt i know how to differentiate a person who has been sucking on their thumb there is definately a different

Have also quit d nail biting habit as i find my nails were so darn ugly ompared to d rest Not that they r any better now Bt at least they r better than b4

bt my 2 bad habits which i still have which is nail biting & hair twirling. I onli do tat occasionally when i m bored or m figitive hehehehe

So, wat r ur bad habits?? Any of them still wit u until now


p.z... still thinking of wat to do this weekend would it b as fun as last weekend with all d spontanious act we did hehehe
Posted:Sep 25, 2007 11:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2007 12:18 am

Got tis by text tis morning So, would like to share wit u all

The Erecterius Trouserrius or the trouser snake is the worlds most dangerous snake!!!!! Colours varys frm pink to black & it is fangless... Average lenght is 3 to 9 inches depending on subspecies

Usually appears in bedroom bt can be found in unusual places at times

Attacks woman in d lower part of the abdominal area. It's highly venomous spit can cause prolonged swelling lasting 9 months


So, jua a note of pre cautious... BEWARE!!!

p.s... some of u might have got this messavge thru me as well. so, tis is a repeat hehehehe

If u dun want to beware of it.. juz ENJOY it

Weekend rendevous... part 2....
Posted:Sep 22, 2007 9:06 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2007 8:37 pm

Continuation of part 1....

Well, by the time i got to bed, it was like 4am. So, i was actually a lil sleppy at work thank goodness i was a lil bz during d morning. Onli felt it it d evening I So, took a short nap.

Than as i was told that the band which i enjoyed was playing at my 'home', i decided to sent out sum invites to sum people. well, at the end, i was onli joined by bohemianmuse klbunny & klwhiteguy. Well, d band tonite wasn't tat all good It was actually a turn down. So, we decided to go elsewer & me & BO had d same idea Let's go to our frens place in TTDI.

We got there, it was also a quiet nite there & we did feel comfy there. later GQ joined us as well. As the nite went along, we were in a singing mood as d music there was good, so, again we decided to venture to another place tis time we went karaoke-ing :F

So, back again we went to BSC Boy!!! did we have fun there Sang our hearts outs till we didn't wanna leave & was chased out

Again, we ended the nite at about 4ish Well, we decided that we'll have another round of karaoke. This time start early so, we'll have enuf time to sing hehehe

As a result, i woke up late tis morn About half hour later I think i need extra coffee to keep m e awake today or i might take a short nap again later hehehe

Well, thank goodness it's my offday t'row & i dun have any early morning appt, so i can sleep in Well i do have to meet my mum bt mayb later. Thinking of doing another round of cookie bt let's c if i m in d mood to make it or not

Tat was my weekend rendevous & m sure did enjoy it Thnxs people for d nite out

So, when will our next karaoke-ing session b mayb sumtime next week Ooohh nooooo!! eyes r feeling blury alrdy.

Well, hope ur weekend was superb as well

& hope u have a gr8 week ahead


p.s.... i have another place which will b called my home my 3rd home or may 4th home hehehe. I was so comfy there, that i decided to go barefooted while being there
Weekend rendevous...
Posted:Sep 22, 2007 8:35 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2007 7:09 am

Tis weekend me & a few frens had an unexpected weekend On both fri & sat nite, we went bar hoping Not those in one area bt in different areas I haven't done it in a long time bt it was sure fun

On fri nite i had numerous calls asking if i was doing anytg. Well, honestly, nothing was planned. I was in fact wit my mum. Than cummalot3 texted & asked if i was having drinkies. Well, told him i wouldn't mund bt it would have to b later as i waws with my mum than bohemianmuse called as well. Asking d same thing. Told her the same. So, at about 9, decided wat the heck, might as well go out. So, told cummalot3 that i will go drinking bt later & to meet me at my usual place

bohemianmuse came to pick me & we headed there. Of cuz, i think cummy was high alrdy as he started drinking earlier while waiting for us . The crowd there wasn't tat bad bt was a lil bored Cuz he was at d place by 9 while we onli got our arse there at about 11

So, after talking, both of them suggested tat we head to this place wer they played blues. They actually have. Well, i know they both enjoyed blues music so i went along.

Along d way, i was actually texting wit the DJ which i used to have a crush on He actually opened a restaurant & cafe in TTDI not long ago Well, he actually asked me to go & to bring my frens along

Told him i might physco them to go over hehehe Well, we stayed thru 1 set of d blues band before to call it quits there Than we sent cummy back to get his car & headed to my frens place

When we got there, i dun know about BO bt i had good vibes about tat place It sure does feel cosy, comfy & truly a lepak place Met wit the DJ & he intro-ed me to d ppl there even to his other partner

D place was suppose to close at 2am bt cuz we were there, i think they actually closed at about 3am After sum talks, laughter, huggies.. we decided to call it a nite. Got home at about 3 ish.

Cont of sat nites rendevous.. part 2.. coming up

Legal & Logistic...
Posted:Sep 20, 2007 10:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2007 8:18 pm

After he got a 'C' in his exam in "Logistics and Organization", a junior executive on the MBA programme goes and confronts his professor about it .

Student: "Sir, do you really understand anything about the subject?"

Professor: "Surely I must. Otherwise I would not be a professor!"

Student: "Great, well then I would like to ask you a question. If you can give me the correct answer, I will accept my marks as they are and go. If you don't, I want you give me an "A" for the exam. "

Professor: "Okay, sounds reasonable. So, what is the question"

Student: "What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal"

Even after some long and hard thought, the professor cannot figure out the answer and, therefore, changes his exam marks to an "A", as agreed.

Afterwards, the professor calls on his best student and asks him the same question.

He immediately answers: "It's quite simple, Sir.

You are 63 years old and married to a 35 year old woman, which is legal but not logical.

Your wife has a 25 year old lover which is logical but not legal.

That you have given your wife's lover an "A" when he really should have failed, is neither legal nor logical!"
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Stoopid question bt smart answers.... (i think)
Posted:Sep 19, 2007 10:08 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2007 10:29 pm

BOY : May I hold your hand?
GIRL : No thanks, it isn't heavy.

GIRL : Say you love me! Say you love me!
BOY : You love me...

GIRL : If we become engaged will you give me a ring??
BOY : Sure, what's your phone number??

GIRL : I think the poorest people are the happiest.
BOY : Then marry me and we'll be the happiest couple

GIRL : Darling, I want to dance like this forever.
BOY : Don't you ever want to improve??

BOY : I love you and I could die for you!
GIRL : How soon??

BOY : I would go to the end of the world for you!
GIRL : Yes, but would you stay there??

SHARON : Have you ever had a hot passionate, burning kiss??
TRACY : I did once. He'd forgotten to take the cigarette out of his mouth.

MAN : You remind me of the sea.
WOMAN : Because I'm wild, romantic and exciting?
MAN : NO, because you make me sick

WIFE : You tell a man something, it goes in one ear and comes out of the other.
HUSBAND : You tell a woman something: It goes in both ears and comes out of the mouth.

MARY : John says I'm pretty. Andy says I'm ugly.What do u think, Peter?
PETER : A bit of both. I think you're pretty ugly.

GIRL : "...And are you sure you love me and no one else ?"
BOY : "Dead Sure! I checked the whole list again yesterday".

Teacher : "Which is more important to us, the sun or the moon?"
Pupil : "The moon".
Teacher : "Why?"
Pupil : "The moon gives us light at night when we need it but the sun
gives us light only in the day time when we don't need it".

Teacher : "What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people
are no longer interested?"
Pupil : "A teacher".

My father is so old that when he was in school, history was called current affairs.

Teacher : "Sam, you talk a lot !"
Sam : "It's a family tradition".
Teacher : "What do you mean?"
Sam : "Sir, my grandpa was a street hawker, my father is a teacher".
Teacher : "What about your mother?"
Sam : "She's a woman".

Tom : "How should I convey the news to my father that I've failed?"
David: "You just send a telegram: Result declared, past year's performance repeated".

Teacher : "Now, , if I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped
him, what virtue would I be showing?"
Student : "Brotherly love".

Teacher : "Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?"
Sam : "No sir, I don't have to, my mom is a good chef".

Patient : "What are the chances of my recovering doctor?"
Doctor : "One hundred percent. Medical records show that nine out of ten
people die of the disease you have. Yours is the tenth case I've treated.
The others all died".

Teacher : " Can anybody give an example of COINCIDENCE? "
One Student : "Sir, my Mother and Father got married on the same day and at the same time."

Teacher : " George Washington not only chopped down his father's
Cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Now do you know why his father didn't punish him ?"
One Student: " Because George still had the axe in is hand."


Cheers & good nite
Buka Puasa Gathering... Need ur Suggestions!!!!:)
Posted:Sep 16, 2007 9:28 am
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2007 9:33 pm

M actually planning to have a BUKA PUASA GATHERING this week on FRIDAY M having a headache of thinking wer to go

Would any of u have any suggestions wer to go Once we've decided wer to go, i'll than send out d invites. SO, need ur help in giving suggestion. Need to know place & price range

M off to bed now Nitez all

Spending time wit a GF ofrm SG!!!!
Posted:Sep 16, 2007 9:07 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2007 9:41 am

I juz got back from a beautifull outing wit a guest from SG. Altho we haven't chatted much in d chatroom, i decided to meet her today as she's leaving tonite. Infact, she's otw back to SG aldry. Was suppose to have dinner wit her & others bt sum of them pulled out last minute & sum couldn't make it. So, it was juz both of us

Had a nice dinner wit her & she wanted to go shopping. Last minute shopping. So, took her to d shops along bangsar street. Gosh!!! she went crazeeeee Bt as we running short of time we juz did a quickie in shopping. She's definately c o ming back again for more shopping hehehe Of cuz, i also took d opportunity to do a lil shopping as well

Got back to d hotel, packed her stuff.. D poor gurl is goanna have trouble carrying all her stuff Looked as tho 2 person was travelling bt it was onli her alone. Than she checked out & sent her to d bus station She was 1 hour early bt it's better to b there early than to miss d bus

Wat a coincedent!!!! D cab which we took to drop her off was one of my regular cabbies. He remembers me & my partner in crime Use to send us back while we were working together

So, i think it will b bed time for me soon as i got an early start t'row. Told my mum i would b at her place by 9am so have to wakey wakey early on my of day

So, tat was my nite out Happy working t'row all

Have a good weekend


p.s.... i would like to thank a certain sum1 for my recent shopping which i've been doing
thank you again
Another wonderfull nite out....
Posted:Sep 16, 2007 2:29 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2007 6:12 am

I had a wonderfull time last nite. Well, there was a lot of options as to wer i should go last nite hehehe well, finally decided to go over to my 'home' after going out wit my mum was suppose to meet up wit sumone bt i dun think i thin khe was too bz to meet up wit me. M fine wit tat

while out wit my mum, i texted d DJ there asking which band was playing. He told me bt at tat time tey sounded familiar bt not too sure of them. When i got there, i was kinda surprise. The band was actually EXCELLENT. They were SUPERB compared to their regular bands there They r very versatile. They played all kinda music. I htink d ppl there really enjoyed their music They have played in sum popular clubs in KL area

I actually fotgot tat i had made arrangements to meet another fella at my 'home' last nite When i got there, d p lace was unusually packed to d brim so, i had no seats as i didn't make any resv Had to wait by d bar for a while before we got our table. When i got there, tis guy approached me. I was actually not expecting to meet him bt m glad we met up. He's a very nice local chinese gentleman

Well, had another 3 frens join us after their dinner bt 2 of them left early as one of them ain't feeling well So, left 3 of us there. Well, d nite went on smoothly & one of d gurls decided to buy drinks for a group of kwai-lo's there. Mind u, they were good looking

After some time, they came up & thank her. By tat time.. Ms truly here was alrdy a lil high hehehehe. well, we chatted for a while. Found out one of them actually own a golf shop in bangsar i know wer is it Actually been to tat area not long ago hehehehe.

well, they needed to go off (heading to another bar) as there were frens waiting for them bt they did invite us to go there as well Well, we were still waiting for mccbabe to arrive from her family gathering. When she arrived, we were contemplating whether of not to go hehehehe

Well, we hung around in bangsar for awhile before decididing to go there. It was my 1st time there last nite hhmmmm.. D band there was actually rather bad A bit dissapointed wit them bt d music was good. When we got there, d group of guys which we saw was there bt unfortunately they were alrdy surrounded by other gurls So, we juz hang around by ourself Which is good enuf for me

Surprisingly, I met other friends there as well Met up wit another member frm tis site. She was there wit her other frens & also a colleaque of mine

Than we decided to leave not long after. Well, we snet our guest back to d hotel & d 3 of us headed for supper. By d time we left to go home it was like after 3am & i gor home close to 4am My guy fren was kinda worried as if i was able to wake up for work. TOld him, it's okie. i'm kinda used to it alrdy he sent me home safe & sound

all in all had a wonderfull time last nite No regret meeting him as a fren.

T'row will b another full day for me altho it's my offday Starting of wit baking cookies for RAYA than going out wit my mum It's neva a dull moment wit her..hehehe....

So, have a good week ahead all & hope ur weekend was good as well

Tagged..... U R IT!!!!!
Posted:Sep 15, 2007 4:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2007 12:08 am

There's a new game going around town or rather in blog-land It's called d TAG game. Well, the person will b going around tagging other bloggers & d person who has been tagged will have to reveal 10 things about themself bt a few of us has chnged d policy a li Wat we r doing is, we won't go arnd tagging people. bt in fact once u've read our blogged U'VE considered TAG & u'll have to re-post it in ur blog

SO, here goes d 10 things of myself.. i think some of my rather close frens may have known a lil more of me bt anyways for those who don't know me yet, her it is .....

1) I come from a broken family. My parents divorced when i was 7 years old & i was basicaly shuffled from mum to dad & vise versa as i was a softie & tend to agree on anytg

2) I had my 1st puff of ciggie when i was 13 yo when my sis broke up wit her 1st bf. She was so stressed she needed to smoke & i was in d room too. So, she offered me one bt after a puff & i coughed I decided not to have it on... bt untill later bt tat's another story

3) I lost my virginity only 5 years back i know i know..... i was good & naive when i was younger untill i met my partner in crime & we went wild than

4) Onli had my 1st boyfren 5 years ago

5) m a very sensitive person

6) When m alone.. i prefer to listen to music to ease my mind

7) Like chilling alone

onli had 2 caucasions so far

9) Dun like making decisions M very fickle minded

10) Alwiz hope tat others do know me 1st before judging me

Well, tat's 10 things about me Hope it doesn't bore u

Now, once u've read tat... U R TAGGED!!! Go post something or mayb 10 things about urself in ur own blog anytg

Happy weekend:)
Posted:Sep 14, 2007 11:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2007 12:01 am

How's ur weekend going so far Gud!!!! As i alwiz tell others, my weekends onli startson sunday eve as my offdays r on monday bt i still go out drinking & chilling wit my frens on weekend nitez

Should b having a couple of dates tonitebt lets c.. i might end up enjoying d nite alone Had a couple of invitation to go out bt ain't too sure yet. Plus i might go for drinks wit d visitor frm SG

well, hope ur weekend is good as well Another before u all get back to work while i have my off day



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