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Langkawi again.... hehehe  

wet_pussy4ever 48F
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3/5/2009 9:22 am

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3/15/2009 6:27 pm

Langkawi again.... hehehe

M off on another hols again next week wer to none other than langkawi hehehe. well, tis wasn't a planned trip. it was a last min thing which i decided overnite

A good fren of mine have moved over to langkawi for greener pastures & she seems to b very happy over there. M so happy for her can't wait to see her next week. When i told her tat i'll b gg over next week, she was so excited

Well, my 2 good frens was planning on tis trip there. As i had been there before they were asking on my advice about things there. I felt as if i really wanted to follow them there, couldn't wait for end April to go there hehe

So, d very next day, i called my fren who usuall ysits in for me at work if she could replace me while i was gone. She said sure no prob. She added.. Y not take tues off as well cuz i was gg from wed - sun hehehe. I was actually thinking about it bt decided not to

Than i called my fren over there if i could bung in at her place if i do follow my other frens as i dun wanna incure more expenses as this trip wasn't actually planned for. She said.... sure, no probs. U r welcum to stay wit me GREAT!!!! i tot. It's A SIGN!!!! LANGKAWI WANTS ME TO GO BACK THERE FASTER.... LOL

Even when i did my bookings for end of april, din realise tat i actualy booked d time earlier w/out realising it. Onli after i printed it out than i noticed d blunder. bt can't do anytg to it. cua can't change date & time once purchased. So, my travelling buddy than told me tat langkawi is really calling us back hehehe

I know i haven't been blogginh much lately. Juz NOT in d mood to blog ....

So, i mentioned to one of my scandals there tat i wasn't cumming over earlier than expected.. He was rather sex-cited about it cuz we've got unfinished biz to attend to

I haven't told anyone else there whom i know except a another gf of mine tat i was gg there bt m sure i'll b meeting d rest there when i get there. Langkawi ain't a big island to hide hehehe

Well...... sun, sea, sex (hopefully).. here i cummmmmmmmm hehehehe

4 days & counting.....


wet_pussy4ever 48F
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3/5/2009 7:25 pm

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thnxs dear. I definately will njoy it even if it means no shag there it's all about fun,fun,fun.... have a gr8 w/end


AlienGlef 45M
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3/8/2009 8:57 am



Alien Glef

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fwolfc 48M
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3/13/2009 5:19 pm

hahahaha langkawi..... niiiceeeee...

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