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Life goes on...  

wet_pussy4ever 48F
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10/17/2008 6:07 am

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10/19/2008 9:35 pm

Life goes on...

So, i din go on my date wit date piece of crap!!!! Decided i dun want to have anytg to do wit him. I juz dun u/stand??? Y couldn't he come clean about wat he wants. He still wouldn't tell me tat. LOL Guess i busted him there

He turned me dowm cuz i wasn't BIG enuf for him How big does he want me to b A hippo I told my frens tat & we all burst out laffing. V even said tat mayb he likes being suffocated while having sex

To me, it's a compliment, cuz it means tat i have lost my weight bt it still hurts d way he was all over me supposedly when v met Saying things like u r d one for me, i want u to b in my life, u have to change ur ways now tat u have me in ur life.. xcuse me!!!! I dun change for any1. I change for onli myself which i m happy at d way i m NO 1 will come into my lufe asking me to change for him. he can go FUCK OFF!!!!!

Well, told him he can take back his words of promises & go give it to another chick along d way. I dun need no promises frm him

M here at my usual hangouot having drinks by myself waiting for my frens to coms join me. Courtesy of him

I dun need such prick & such crap in my life

Life goes on. T'row is another day

Have a gr8 weekend all


p/s.... B'dae's coming up next month m having a b'dae bash organising by my frens Anyone wants to join in or b my dare hehehe


wet_pussy4ever 48F
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10/18/2008 7:40 pm

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Hey dearie, Well, i hafta b strong for mnyself.. NO asshole is goanna make me feel like shiate hehehe. Yeah!! i was innitially feeling down & hurt by d way he approcahed & than rejected me bt wat d heck!! at least i found out earlier wat kind of a person he is hehehe

I rellay dun know wat i need now THnxs for d offer tho.

Hope u had a gr8 w/end


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