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Love.. is it tat simple...  

wet_pussy4ever 48F
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10/15/2008 6:36 am

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12/7/2008 8:34 pm

Love.. is it tat simple...

Wat is love? Is there such a thing as true love - for me tat is I m happy being singel. I dun need a man to come & say he loves or likes me than spoil d whole thing for me.

Y do guys like to sweet talk a person & when i start opening up myself to d person, there's a sudden change of interest M curious to know? bt wer do i get d answers from???

I m not searching for love esp in here bt if he comes than i m happy. I tot he was there. He confessed his love to me. how he wants us to b together. how he has fallen for me even onli meeting me for 1 time (less than 30 mins) mind u: He says he juz wants to take care of me... sigh!! all lies.. lies.. lies..

I was strong in not accepting him innitially bt after a few outings & lotsa calls & chatting & sms's, i was a fool to have slowly fallen for him & now he says tat he needs time to re consider things

M suppose to attend a function dinner wit him on friday nite which he innitially asked me to go as his gf. now i dun know if i want to go. My head says no bt my heart says yes. sigh!!!

I knew things were turning sour when i din hear from him for a day. Usually, he'll start sms-ing me first thing in d morn bt not anymore even when i sms him he hardly replies Than i confronted him on sms & he told me tat. He even asked me to intro some gurls to him. bloddy hell!!! wat does he think i m? Do u think i'd intro any of my frens to him??? LOL

He says he prefers bigger size gurls M i not big enuf to me, i think i m considered big even thinking of loosing weight which is happening He says he likes another gurl bt to me, tat gurl ain't any bigger size than me (yeah i know her.. bt dun ask me who she is)

All d things he said, i guess were all lies & juz words juz to play wit my feelings I still do like him bt i dun know if i should pursue this or not. he seems like a nice person bt m yet to know him more

Been really down lately thinking of these. Mayb i should go on fri to clear d air & to clarify things bt i really dun know wat will happen after tat I know i m not a lil gurl bt sometimes tis kinda things do make me really down.

HHmmm... mayb i should go & drown myself in drinks & forget tat asshole bt will tat help... i guess not

Thank goodness i'll b away tis weekend having a frens wedding to attend. Have fun all



wet_pussy4ever 48F
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10/19/2008 9:24 pm

    Quoting  :

Well dearie.. all i can say is... it's his loss, my gain hehehe. Yeah!! it's good tat i find out now than down d road U joining me to party as well hehehe


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