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Birthday Calender!!!!! Cum let me know :)
Posted:Aug 27, 2007 9:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2015 6:29 am

I love birthdays :S wether it's my own or others hehehe Well, since i've been organizing b'dae partied & gatheirng for members in KL, I think it would b rite if i had a birthday calender here Well, u juz have to post ur b'day here & i'll do up a b'dae calender on my own as i think i did miss out sum b'dae's recently

I was asked how come our b'dae gatherings r mostly females well, i dun have most of d males b'dae & sum of d males would rather have their own party So, do let me know when's urs

to start off wit, mines on 8th NOVEMBER 1973

I know quite a few members b'dae alrdy bt juz in case, u might as well put in down here

Thank you.

Have a gud day all
Back again after 9 months...
Posted:Jun 16, 2010 9:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2011 12:10 am

M back again after a longgggggggggggg time away.. hhmm wer shall i start or wat shall i start wif hehehe

well, 9 nonths may b long or may b short bt too many things happening during tat time.

For one.. m jobless again so, looking for any jobs suitable for me hehehe...

I've also been thru many things ups & down of life. learnt a lot of things. good & bad. went to langkawi again & had a super fantastic time there wif my frens

Kinda in a r/ship now wif sum1 whom i used to have a scandal & than lost touch bt met up again too bad he's married bt than again.. hehehehe

wat else, huh hehehe...

Shall i start blogging again hehehe...

well, i shall write again if & when i feel like writting hehehe...till than...

cheers all

Greetings again...
Posted:Sep 11, 2009 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2010 9:21 pm

G'day to all!!!! It's been ages since i've updated my blog here.. I juz checked it out & it seems tat i've neglected tis since march hehehe I've been asked to actually start writting again. Juz pour out watever there is inside in me. bt i really duns know wer to start Too many t hings have been happening

Well, since than, many things have been happening to me, b it good or bad. I guess it's a balance of both. Bt i think some pl would say mostly bad things bt to me. i duns really care. it does hurt watever bad things have been happening bt those r history. forget d past ( i try to), look at d present & d future (if there's any)

I think besides here, i duns know wer else to really let out wat i feel.. Some may b too personal bt than... if u dun like it.. bugger off... hehehe...

I shall try to write again whenever i can. not too often as b4 tho. bt let's c wer i shall pick up again & start

Anyways, have a good w/end all & shall b updating again (hopefully)


yes!!!! i finally did it...
Posted:Mar 25, 2009 11:24 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2010 7:04 am

I finally did it.. Yes!!!! I finally stood up against my bro & dad & tendered my resignation to em. I know it's not a good time to do so bt due to d economy crunch & all bt i juz can't take it anymore too much stress & no more job satisfaction & motivation here anymore.

One has it's limit in everything & i feel tat they have juz overstepped & use it towards me. I m no more d quite gurl whom they think they can accused & used any more. I use to b like tat bt it has all bottled up inside of me. SO, y'day was d final straw. I did wat i had to do. I tendered in my resignation. Of cuz my dad was unhappy bt tat ass of my bro din even say anytg.

I felt like i m in a dump & for some reason i felt reliefed after saying tat i m quitting. Well, honestly... i was feeling a lil for my dad bt cuz of my bro's doing i can't no longer tolerate working here anymore.

Than i tried caling some of my frens for drinks last nite. I know it's onli a wed nite bt i juz needed to get a few glaases of beer Well, finally 1 of them replied & said she would also like to go out bt juz tat v r NOT in d situation to do so so, v started calling our bf's who would go wit us hehehe

Apparantly one of them replied her & asked us to join him as he was having drinks wit his colleague. So, after some disccusion v went there. In a spam of 1 1/2 hours, i had about 6 glaases of beer Than i started to let loose a lil & started pouring my troubles to her thnxs woman for ur ears

It was about 10 ish when v left there bt it was too early for us to leave so, they left & v continued our nite. V went to have supper & continued to drink at another spot wer one of my frens were playing there

While there, i got a call from a fren who wanted to meet up.Told him i was wit another gf bt he doesn't wanna go for drinks bt wouldn't mind meeting up. So, i met him at about 2am after my drinks wit her.

I was at tat time a lil sober alrdy. prolly it was after d food v had. well, he came pick me, v went for a ride & v chatted. I actually poured out everything to him. He was kind enuf to listen to my probs..Well at d end of it... of cuz v had our session hehehe

V have alwiz wanted to do each other bt alwiz not have d chance so last nite v did each other & v actually couldn't get enuf of each other

I actually texted a fren inlgk telling him my probs. well, i know it was late bt at least he replied my texts & he did call to see if i was ok thnxs dear

well, to everyone who has shown their concern towards me. thnxs a bunch

Now, i have another 2 months 2 work here before i leave i know my dad will try to persuade me to stay bt tis time i won't give him. enuf is enuf!!!!

Hope all have a good day...

Wat colour is ur personality...
Posted:Mar 20, 2009 11:52 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2009 1:03 am

Another quiz I took from tat site

Shich colour is your personality...

You are a very shy person. But you are also very compassionate and kind. You love to help other people, and you are very selfless. If someone is hurt, you are always the first one to help even if you don't know them. However, you are very timid, so you don't have many friends. If you want to be someone's friend, tell them. Trust me, they want to be your friend too. Your motto: "Others before me."

Some r so true!!!! bt some r not. bt more yes than no hehehe

In lust or in love...
Posted:Mar 20, 2009 11:03 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2013 9:19 pm

I've been told to say away from tis guy. He doesn't have good & rite intentions... bt..bt.. I think i m a fool to b falling in love or mayb in lust wit him

I've onli met him twiceon my 2 trips there. V started being close to each other onli on my last nite there & i told him I'll b back for sure & true enuf i was back within 1 month He was d 1st I told when i was gg back. he sounded happy for my return When i was there, of all my scandals there, he was 1 one who called & texted me so very often. V oli met up again on my 2nd last day there as he was bz working & he was staying rather far from wer i was staying.

He is of an elderly age, gg to turn 56 in 2 months bt age is juz a number v seem to get along well wit each other well. He seems to b a good listener. He ain't very well to do bt tat's okie V did talk quite a bit when v were alone. He seems to b a good lover as well hehehe. I kinda opened to him about wat was happening to me & he kind u/stand. I dun know bt i find his words quite assuring. Even when v were sleeping instead of me hugging d guy ( which i usually do), he was cuddling me instead.

Prolly, he hasn't had any1 for a long time which he told me & he's very choosy about his lovers. He can have any gurl bt y choose me???Mayb i was inviting him in a way ( i duns know).

He even asked me y was i attracted to him??? well, honestly he seems to b d man of my type. He is teddy bear like tat's d outer appearance tat i go for & than i'll slowly learn or get to know d person more

He told me tat he has many many gf's :S which i alrdy know & i dun care ( i think at the moment) cuz he is actually quite well known on tat island plus he's friendly & kinda str8 forward as well hehehe

Well on d day i was leaving it was actually nice of him to call me. DIn expect him to. I duns know if it's juz me. I mean v haven't really talked about being toether or anytg. he did mention he's NOT looking for anytg more as he's alrdy ageing bt i did tell him age is juz a number. V wouldn't know wat will happen even d very next minute.

He has also said tat he'll look out for job opp there for me bt i m also loking arnd for myself.

Rite now, i dun know bt my other scandals r not so important to me. I dun text them as often as i used to. Even 1 of them asked me y m i being so distance towards him sighhhhhhh!!!! how can i tell him tat i m in love/luct wit 1 of his fren hehehe

Well, for now it's a feeling of lust, i think..... not sure wat will happen. He has also told me tat he'll do wat he can in order for us to spend time together when i go there next Told him... i told him i dun care even if it's a cheap room as long as m wit him bt he assured me tat he's NOT paying for any cheap room. If he's getting a room he'll make sure tat at least it's a comfortable room hehehe

I do think of him so very often now!!!!I know when i go there next i will onli get to see him d 1st 2 days when i get there as he's gg somewer else on 1st - 3rd may... SO, hopefully v get 2 meet b4 he leaves hehehe

It's a saturday bt i won't b gg out tonite. Need to b home when my mum gets back from her holidays from phuket So, m housebound

anyways, have a good saturday nite out all!!!!!! & a good weekend

A Sweet gurly...Tat's wat i m bt....
Posted:Mar 19, 2009 2:02 am
Last Updated:May 3, 2012 5:59 pm

I was taking some quizzes on another website & 1 of d quiz i took was... Which type of a woman r u? & the answer is..... (quite surprisingly bt some parts r so true)

Which type of woman r u???..... Sweet gurly

You are the extreme opposite to an action woman: (wonder wat kind of action they r talking about) hehehe

you are sweet, you love pink and glitter.(hhmmm.. not so true bt i like pink tho)

Everyone who sees you sees a totally and perfect styled little girl - daddy's little girl maybe.

Boys are drawn to you automatically. But they have no respect. They play with you. It's hard for you to find a boy who is willing to risk a serious relationship.

You have a lot of friends, but most of them are girls just like you. (some of them r true)

You also have a lot of shallow contacts.

Maybe you are very dependent on your parents. (no wonder i m stuck to my job & tis place...: )

You are always so squeaky and happy and lovely when others are near - but that's only a mask.A mask that covers all your sadness, desperation and self-doubt.

One day you will make someone very happy, but untill then you have to learn to love yourself and be the person you are supposed to be.

How very true... s ome of tis was also told by r tarrot card reader whom i went & c a couple months back...

juz wonder.....when will tat 1 day b

life suxxxxxxx :-(
Posted:Mar 17, 2009 9:26 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2009 9:24 pm

Life's a BITCH!!!! it really SUCCCCCCCCSSSSSSSs BIG time M having a F**ked up. I dun know how to p ut tis. I know it's personal problems bt i juz HATE my BRO!!!! he's such a good for nothing basterd. i dun use alwiz use harsh words bt i juz can't help it tis time. I have no respect watsoever for him alrdy.

I sort of lost my job upon returning from my holidays bt i ain't complaining about tat part. Have alwiz wanted to leave tis shitty place anyways hehehe bt wat i din like about d way he handled things, behind my back he went to look for some1 to replace me & asked d gurl who was helping me out to train him. Well, of cuz i got d news from d gurl.

I told them if it's NOT for my dad i would have long gone from tis place. No appreciation at all.... Still complaining tat sales has dropped blah blah blah... I have picked up sales for them since i started joining bt couldn't c tat. sigh!!!! watever la!!! It's juz best tat i leave tis dumped. i ain't goanna give a shit anymore.

Sometimes i'd rather b jobless than having grief working here. wat's d point working here when u dun feel unhappy & no satisfaction & motivation at all even now, when he needs to pass message to me, he'll go thru 3rd party... hhmmm.. it's a SIGN tat i've got to leave...

Hpefully i get a job in langkawi or anywer else soon than i'll b absle to juz tell them... THANK YOU VERY MUCH u can have ur place back & do watever u want!!! hehehe

Back bt missing it there :-(
Posted:Mar 15, 2009 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2009 8:46 pm

My holidays r over bt NOT for long hehehe. Got back home from langkawi last nite. Had a FANTASTIC time there as usual... Was there for 5 days 4 nitez.A fren of mine who went together really got burnt BAD on d first day of arrival. When v arrived, v juz dumped our luggage & started walking along d streets. D weather was HOT!!!

A few of my local frens there k new i was coming over bt i onli could meet them in d evening as they were working there. So, i entertained myself there. I than texted some guys there & juz casually asked if they wanted to meet up. One of them din believe me when i said i was at a place i went b4 not knowing he was actually working there tis time.

Tis time i got my shagsssssssss wit d person i m intersted in hehehe.bt of cuz wit NSA... v did talk about things & situaiton. so, v r juz taking things slow bt i onli saw him once as he was bz wit work & he stayed quite far from wer i was bt nonetheless v did communicate over d fone

Well, i would say my trip tis time there was a lil more furitfull than d last & now i m missing d place again my heart was heavy on d day i was leaving bt had to leave... anyways, will b back again in 1 1/2 months hehehe

back to d real world now.... bt can't wait for my next hols hehehe

have a good wekk all.

Langkawi again.... hehehe
Posted:Mar 5, 2009 9:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2009 6:27 pm

M off on another hols again next week wer to none other than langkawi hehehe. well, tis wasn't a planned trip. it was a last min thing which i decided overnite

A good fren of mine have moved over to langkawi for greener pastures & she seems to b very happy over there. M so happy for her can't wait to see her next week. When i told her tat i'll b gg over next week, she was so excited

Well, my 2 good frens was planning on tis trip there. As i had been there before they were asking on my advice about things there. I felt as if i really wanted to follow them there, couldn't wait for end April to go there hehe

So, d very next day, i called my fren who usuall ysits in for me at work if she could replace me while i was gone. She said sure no prob. She added.. Y not take tues off as well cuz i was gg from wed - sun hehehe. I was actually thinking about it bt decided not to

Than i called my fren over there if i could bung in at her place if i do follow my other frens as i dun wanna incure more expenses as this trip wasn't actually planned for. She said.... sure, no probs. U r welcum to stay wit me GREAT!!!! i tot. It's A SIGN!!!! LANGKAWI WANTS ME TO GO BACK THERE FASTER.... LOL

Even when i did my bookings for end of april, din realise tat i actualy booked d time earlier w/out realising it. Onli after i printed it out than i noticed d blunder. bt can't do anytg to it. cua can't change date & time once purchased. So, my travelling buddy than told me tat langkawi is really calling us back hehehe

I know i haven't been blogginh much lately. Juz NOT in d mood to blog ....

So, i mentioned to one of my scandals there tat i wasn't cumming over earlier than expected.. He was rather sex-cited about it cuz we've got unfinished biz to attend to

I haven't told anyone else there whom i know except a another gf of mine tat i was gg there bt m sure i'll b meeting d rest there when i get there. Langkawi ain't a big island to hide hehehe

Well...... sun, sea, sex (hopefully).. here i cummmmmmmmm hehehehe

4 days & counting.....
back on line...
Posted:Feb 19, 2009 11:37 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2009 4:57 am

Finally i got my internet connection back @ work after 3 weeks I dun know how bt i survived tat 2 weeks wit no internet D last week, I decided to go borrow some chinese series dvd & watched it on my laptop since i m internet-less

I was overdue on my mobile fone for 2 months. I onli got my balance outstanding pay today & paid off d balance due hehehe bt rite now, m feeling sleepy & bored. I tot i'd b bz & at wit something to when i got my connection back hehehehe.

My social life has changed since tis year. Haven't been going out much lately. No more clubings & pubbings. I still do go out bt tat's prolly once a week & onli on special occasions NOT every day or every other day like it used to b.

I find it more moneny saving & not so tiring bt still feel sleepy tho cuz have been sitting at mamak stall till like 3am bt d money saving part is definately GOOD!!!!! as m planning for another holidays in may & june

Have purchased tickets for both holidays alrdy

Will b going to langkawi (again) frm 29/4 - 4/5 & to london from 1/6 - 19/6

Will b in uk wit mum & family. Altho will b there wit family, m sure i'll find my own time to partayyyyyy as well hehehehe...

anyways, hope u all have a good w/end

Dun they know how to tell d truth???
Posted:Feb 17, 2009 9:14 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2009 8:30 pm

Sometimes I juz dun u/stand MEN at all!!! Which I dun intend to u/stand them at all

One m moment, they say tat u r HOT… I like u.. u turn me on.. I wanna meet u & after meeting u, I wanna meet u again….bt than pooffff like tat I dun hear or c them anymore. Wat have I done wrong, I wonder?

I’ve met tis guy after a few communications thru email. By chance he was at d same place I was holidaying at he left his contact & I contacted him.V met at a bar & v got a long quite well ( or so I tot). V met up a couple of times after tat. V wanted to of cuz venture further but due to some unforeseen circumstances, v couldn’t. fine I tot as he said he was coming over to kl & v should meet up than

Well, I din c him again after tat. V were suppose to meet up again b4 I left & even when he was here but NO he din even contact me. I had to send a text to actually ask him if he was coming by here as planned. He said yes & he will contact me but I think after some exchanging of sms’s b4 he met, he might have tot tat he din wanna meet me… Well, he could have told me tat. Not juz b quiet about it. Which I would NOT do tat. If I m NOT interested to meet sum1, I would at least have d decency to say tat I m not interested.

Wat got me angry was while I was texting him, he had d check to ask if I would have any1 who would b interested to sleep wit him. Well, he hasn’t even slept wit me yet, wat make him think tat I would actually have any1 else to sleep wit him. In actual fact, I dun mind if he sleeps arnd or go have ex wit others. It’s his choise but dun come asking me to introduce my frens to him. He was lsaying tat.. yes!!! He will b coming to kl & wat do I have instore for him. Told him tat I would b interested to spend d nite wit him if he wants to & up to it. He said of cuz & I actually asked if he was interested to meet my frens for dinner b4 having our rendevous as I m meeting them. He had d cheek to ask if my frens would b interested to have sex wit him. How d hell would I know. I m NOT them. If they r interested after I introduce them…. By all means, go ahead. I have NO rite in stopping them to do so

Honestly speaking, I have NO intention of meeting him again after he juz went silent like tat ( if he ever contacts me). He seemed to b a NICe person when v first met but like they say.. neva judge a book by it’s cover.

But I would like to thank him cuz wit him, I did something which I wouldn’t have done in KL > hehehe…Thnxs for d experience

Anyways…. M going back to langkawi again in May & to London in JUNE. Tickets have been purchased alrdy hehehe Can’t wait for my holidays now

Have a good day all

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!
Posted:Feb 13, 2009 4:31 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2009 5:10 pm

Happy Valentine's day ALL!!!! hope u have a good celeb wit ur partner As for me, m gg out for dinner wit a group of frens as per every year on valentineIt 's too expensive to go to any restaurants as usually d prices usually double up on tis occasion

M juz happy to have dinner wit my frens Juz another reason get-together

To me, it's juz another ordinaray day. U dun hafta express ur love or feelings to ur love ones juz on tis day. U can do tat every day which i think it's appreaciated even more

So, to those who r celebrating day, have a fab day!!!!


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