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Men: Do you like to give oral sex?  

whitetigeres 48F
1260 posts
5/16/2016 6:00 am
Men: Do you like to give oral sex?

Men: Do you like to give oral sex?

John324864 71M  
958 posts
5/16/2016 6:09 am

Of course I luv to give oral to a woman. Have to lick and suck her pussy so long its about to drive her crazy them make them cum and cum again. Then its time to fuck them real good.

notsure1949 71M
9751 posts
5/16/2016 6:17 am

tit licker and sucker only

michael19452011 75M
5 posts
5/16/2016 6:32 am

MMMMMMMMMmmm yah for both male and female!

HornyGuy6073 51M

5/16/2016 10:20 am

I could it lick pussy until she is so swollen she makes me stop.

Skeemac 52M  
593 posts
5/16/2016 12:25 pm

Love to eat a smooth clean fresh pussy!

boatingisfun97 52M  
43 posts
5/16/2016 1:33 pm

Absolutely love it, sit on my face anytime

Fantasytime4609 65M
100 posts
5/16/2016 1:38 pm

LOVE IT!!!!! Almost to the point of obsession.

zeke53028 61M  
1104 posts
5/16/2016 3:39 pm

Rather give than receive.

RockCock1984 36M
73 posts
5/16/2016 5:44 pm

I absolutely love it! Doesn't matter if it's cock or pussy

d4oral 39M
38 posts
5/16/2016 9:06 pm

Luv to have both!

sphxdiver 70M  
21075 posts
5/16/2016 9:20 pm

Absolutely, one of my most favorite hobbies !!!!

Bdysnatcher 58M
1022 posts
5/16/2016 9:28 pm

Hell yes I love it best way to please a woman before giving her my hard cock!!

muffdiver624u 56M  
2 posts
5/16/2016 9:58 pm

I think my user name on this site says it all. While I think I have a little cock of 5.5 cut. I try to make up for what I lack in size by trying my very best to please the woman I'm with by giving her the best oral service I can. I always want the lady to get hers many times.... before I get mine.

Lonely16842 55M  
864 posts
5/16/2016 10:00 pm

Love the feeling of having my tongue buried in a hot wet pussy

rm_Thekid5472 45M
1 post
5/16/2016 10:07 pm

I love it when a woman squirts down my throat while I have my tongue in her CLIT and ass....I try not to miss a drop!!!

NWHubbi 62M  
285 posts
5/16/2016 11:16 pm

Absolutely!! My favorite thing to do with a lady!! Ummm Yummmmmm!!!

psucker20114 69M  
189 posts
5/17/2016 2:01 am

I always love to suck my partner's pussy and taste her juice.

wantpussy110 62M  
268 posts
5/17/2016 2:33 am

pussy licking is the best yum yum especially if it was you.

wickedone4more 58M
8 posts
5/17/2016 3:00 am

Love it!

starvingindubois 60M
11 posts
5/17/2016 3:36 am

It's like drinking at the Fountain of Youth !!!!

rodholder65 55M
67 posts
5/17/2016 3:40 am

Nothing like having a Woman cum on my tongue! I always ask 'em if they've ever had their belly button tickled.....from the inside..LOL

luvboth4u 70M  
76 posts
5/17/2016 4:25 am

... definitely. Even better if it is freshly fucked and creampied.

Inches2PleaseYou 35M
54 posts
5/17/2016 7:19 am

Of course, absolutely love it! Love pinning my partner down and tasting her wetness, feeling her thighs tremble in pleasure and listen to her moan as she orgasms into my mouth.

ab654987 53M
10 posts
5/17/2016 7:26 am

Quite simply - I love it!

HornyArmyVet4u 57M

5/17/2016 7:52 am

Love getting my playmate all wet & juicy. My tongue is long enough to hit her sweet spot, which makes her squirt uncontrollably. >>!

Reddodge2011 52M
1 post
5/17/2016 8:22 am

I love it...it's all about making her all the attention and have her enjoy it and have her get hers before me.....

FireB24SG40 51M
84 posts
5/17/2016 9:57 am

Hell yes I do and I mean I want to spend hours down south at the "Y"

fkmeallnitelong9 49F  
1947 posts
5/17/2016 10:06 am

I love to give oral as well as receive, gets my sex drive in over drive..

needsexinnc2 57M
22 posts
5/17/2016 11:26 am

Eat that pussy & suck that clit.....

mesuku4 73M
42 posts
5/17/2016 11:33 am

Love it , it's my favorite hobby , man or woman

firedup_19 58M
1684 posts
5/17/2016 12:14 pm

It's why I get out of bed every day...oral is my world...

edgeofmarshall 35M
1 post
5/17/2016 12:37 pm

I have to go down on here until she cums at least three times before I feel I've earned the right to get in there myself!

Discreet999 40M  
120 posts
5/17/2016 12:51 pm

Depends on hygiene

luvs2getsukdoff2 55M  
75 posts
5/17/2016 1:45 pm

I luv eat a lady till she begs me to stop, then fuck her deep and hard till she cums all over!!

Virgin_BI 69M  
24 posts
5/17/2016 2:32 pm

Best meal of the day and calorie free! Love to go down on my wife and having hips buck in the air when she cums.

asiaas 52M
748 posts
5/17/2016 2:53 pm

How can you ask such a question, love it so much

lookinghard6669 55M  
365 posts
5/17/2016 2:55 pm

Oh hell yes!!!

bamaman359 60M
1620 posts
5/17/2016 2:57 pm

I love to give oral to a lady for a long time n make her cum/squirt/ gush
many time

rm_blendbaby 67M
1 post
5/17/2016 3:05 pm

Really like eating pussy but don't get much oral in return!!

craven_nc 45M  
72 posts
5/17/2016 3:06 pm

my favorite because of the intimacy and normally how much better it feels for a woman

46fun9 62M
228 posts
5/17/2016 3:13 pm

absolutely love give a women oral sex........luv it when she cums on my face

karma2006 55M
178 posts
5/17/2016 3:48 pm

I love giving oral to a woman. At first my wife, before we were married, thought I was licking her just so I could get a BJ after. Now after 23 years she know that I just LOVE to eat pussy

rm12865 52M

5/17/2016 5:48 pm

most definitely!!!

hansome101354 65M  
20 posts
5/17/2016 6:07 pm

yes i love giving oral

BiJack55 71M  
215 posts
5/17/2016 7:02 pm

I love eating pussy especially while she is being fucked.

rm_gary4ddfun69 66M
170 posts
5/18/2016 12:16 am

It's the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and Snacks of champions!!! I always enjoy what's on the menu!

littletoy46 53M
4 posts
5/18/2016 1:54 am

Its not only required its our job to please with oral

cozzycouple 62M/62F  
528 posts
5/18/2016 2:09 am

Sit on my face and I will tongue you the answer to that question.....mmmmmm

Bawdy_Lee 71M

5/18/2016 4:31 am

I will loose myself in the warm, sweet, juices of her pussy.

charlio71 75M
596 posts
5/18/2016 5:36 am

I have a date on Thursday with a woman who only wants cunnilingus. I will eat her all night long!

I believe nothing until it has become history!

andifisayyes 59M
182 posts
5/18/2016 5:47 am

Love it, I think it is pretty much unanimous.

ilovethejuice69 47M
6 posts
5/18/2016 5:49 am

I can not get enough. I love the taste and having my face covered with a women's sweet juices. Some time's I prefer just to eat and drink her juices more the just having sex.

gcastle2_1 63M
37 posts
5/18/2016 6:15 am

Love eating a woman's pussy. I would rather eat a woman's pussy than receive a good cock sucking.

cockinhand4uNow 56M
1371 posts
5/18/2016 11:46 am

I enjoy it and I get off when my partner gets off from what I'm doing.

Nutmeg82 38M
38 posts
5/18/2016 12:05 pm

I love licking pussy, it's my favourite thing apart from anal

whitetigeres 48F

5/18/2016 1:14 pm

It's so hot to see so many men love to give oral.. {=} I love getting oral before sex It makes me hotter for the sex afterward..

needsexinnc2 57M
22 posts
5/18/2016 1:31 pm

nothing better than a clean fresh pussy with the clit swollen and the juice flowing

rm_dic4u21953 67M
1 post
5/18/2016 4:01 pm

I luv the taste of a hot wet pussy I luv to make a woman cum with my tongue

ElkHead99 51M  
26 posts
5/18/2016 4:18 pm

I love too. Not sure if get more from it than her. But I love getting so wet see gives me a mouthful....

dewitok 56M  
20 posts
5/18/2016 4:50 pm

Nothing finer, than my tongue in some females vagina

I_willoralu 46M
1543 posts
5/18/2016 5:26 pm

I love to give oral. I love to go down on a woman for hours. I get just as much pleasure from giving it as the woman does receiving it

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7835 posts
5/18/2016 5:53 pm

Abso-bloody-lutely! I love giving almost more than receiving! Always find it very hard to stop ... eventually ...

traveler1550 71M  
3 posts
5/18/2016 6:53 pm

after the pump has been primed a few times it doesn't take much to keep the juices flowing

Sinbadde 67M  
7 posts
5/18/2016 9:08 pm

Hell, yes! Every chance I get.

justthewon1973 46M
21 posts
5/18/2016 9:58 pm

It almost makes me cum making my partner cum. I find it so arousing. I would rather give than receive. It is just easier to get into for me.

Tyjizzy69 36M
1 post
5/18/2016 10:45 pm

One of the best things in the world to do.

psucker20114 69M  
189 posts
5/18/2016 11:35 pm

must lick and suck the pussy.

handsome42 32M
4 posts
5/19/2016 2:29 am

The idea of tongue on pussy is like a kid in a candy shop. everything tastes good. from a woman mourning to the sweetness of contractions and the beautiful beautiful juice that emarnates out of her is unresitable, every man should do this be it your wife or girlfriend is a good foreplay to start her engines
post 3826827

handsome42 32M
4 posts
5/19/2016 2:33 am

absolutely yes . very beautiful to see and taste the sweetness that emarnates from your lady. i love oral sex. all day long
post 3826827

Drinkmyhotspunk 48M
151 posts
5/19/2016 3:50 am

Love eating cunt and drinking pussy cum

Goodguy3871 67M  
6 posts
5/19/2016 5:01 am


Sailingshoes111 64M
100 posts
5/19/2016 6:15 am

I love it. Sometimes it bettter than fucking.

hrlyridr87 66M  
344 posts
5/19/2016 6:21 am

I love everything about it, taste, scent, texture and the feeling of giving my lover pleasure. When I get her off orally it fills me with a warm glow, almost orgasmic in intensity.

blackdude4white 60M
93 posts
5/19/2016 6:27 am

Love giving head to guys! It's my favorite thing to do.

lickinfishy2 65M
40 posts
5/19/2016 9:22 am


Mondolent 74M
28 posts
5/19/2016 10:37 am

Does a bear shit in the woods?

1 post
5/19/2016 12:04 pm


attentivegent2 69M
116 posts
5/19/2016 1:02 pm

OMG yes.

JerrysBest 60M
81 posts
5/19/2016 1:05 pm

I love it, can't get or give enough!

lookin4funinBC9 60M
1385 posts
5/19/2016 1:41 pm

Always nothing better than to make a woman cum by licking, sucking and nibbling on her!

licku2xtc6969 51M  
31 posts
5/19/2016 1:57 pm

It is my obsession ......... hence the username .

Thom3807 56M
14 posts
5/19/2016 2:51 pm

it a must I love to kiss my way down to get her nice and wet

greeneyedguy17 60M  
77 posts
5/19/2016 3:09 pm

Pussy Eating Yummy!

nice7694 63M
341 posts
5/19/2016 4:38 pm

YES!!! Ladies cum first!!!

sexydad1167 52M  
1361 posts
5/19/2016 4:42 pm

I have been called the pussy monster. I love to eat it for a long times, many many orgasms. I cant get enough pussy at my mouth.

letshavefun21013 61M
1 post
5/19/2016 5:09 pm

Nothing more of turn-on then to see a woman move and moan while orally pleasing her.

ibottomutop 65M
37 posts
5/19/2016 5:10 pm

    Quoting Mondolent:
    Does a bear shit in the woods?
not if its a Polar Bear

usnu1119 60M  
18 posts
5/19/2016 7:09 pm

Pussy Juice is the nectar of life! Love eating pussy and do it for hours!

diamondave1965 54M
4 posts
5/19/2016 9:32 pm

I love it more with females but that is mainly due to my lack of experiance with males but I am getting better every time and have never once left a male not satisfied but feeling a woman quiver and jerk and grind into my face is an absolute erotic fun time and it is 100% fat free

cuddlyboytoy 56M  
50 posts
5/20/2016 2:42 am

There nothing better than eating sweet hot juicy pussy

wetdiapers53 67M  
24 posts
5/20/2016 4:09 am

I love to give oral to both men and women, I love to have them cum in my mouth and on my face.

bert1330 66M  
72 posts
5/20/2016 4:37 am

Its awesome!!! both men and women, nothing better than oral!!

rich259264 60M  
19 posts
5/20/2016 6:49 am

Really nothing better than orally pleasuring a woman to many orgasms.

pokekitty01 49M  
457 posts
5/20/2016 7:28 am


Mrwong 43M
4 posts
5/20/2016 7:33 am

I've been accused of camping out at times. Didn't know there was such a thing as too much oral?

rm_TriGlider 74M
2 posts
5/20/2016 8:21 am

There is nothing more stimulating to the lady as well as myself then the taste of a pussy.

rm_HarpnMK 63M
18 posts
5/20/2016 11:15 am

I luv it,my gal is a squirter,and Iluv it when she cums all over me an then,of course I get to do the same! hell yeh

wantmilfs2014 59M
28 posts
5/20/2016 12:04 pm

love giving oral!!!

rm_Nuki2303 45M
1 post
5/20/2016 3:45 pm

ΕΎelim da ti lizem picku

asiaas 52M
748 posts
5/20/2016 6:09 pm

Pure pleasure to go down and lick

tyme2tryme 60M  
19 posts
5/20/2016 7:51 pm

Absolutely....is there a better way to start?

kallebus2 62M
1 post
5/20/2016 11:55 pm

i love it. makes me horny also

firefighter4u2c 49M
13 posts
5/21/2016 3:09 am

my favorite thing to do along with kiss

letmelickU66 54M
433 posts
5/21/2016 5:04 am

love eating a woman

Brenda_New_Gurl2 52T  
35 posts
5/21/2016 6:15 am

I simply love making my female friend cum more than once while licking, tonguing, fingering and toying her sweet pussy... just LOVE it! !!!

4u2lickon 44M
40 posts
5/21/2016 6:18 am

love to feel that juicy pussy when women cum

average62505 60M
17 posts
5/21/2016 7:15 am

burying my head between a pair of legs giving oral is my idea of heaven.

Imthetoolguy 59M  
25 posts
5/21/2016 8:32 am

Yes, I absolutely love going down on a woman

48jenny 67T
37 posts
5/21/2016 10:40 am

Loves Giving Women Oral So Yummy !!!

tryme6141 62M
1 post
5/21/2016 5:45 pm

Love to give oral to women and men enjoy it just being honest

nice2eatu2019 55M  
262 posts
5/21/2016 7:21 pm

I love eating pussy!

biwannabeRI 51M
4 posts
5/21/2016 8:52 pm

I enjoy pleasuring a woman with my tongue, also enjoy licking pussy while she is getting fucked, and enjoy creampies.

ghostriderinfla 58M  
126 posts
5/21/2016 9:16 pm

I love it when she sits on my face

xtita3 58M  
420 posts
5/22/2016 4:10 am

friendlysex4u2 68M
1 post
5/22/2016 4:36 am

Absolutely essential! Love it when a woman cums . I truly enjoy when the lady cums, and more the better. What better way to prolong her pleasure than by feasting on her sweet honey pot.

rusty20055 65M
566 posts
5/22/2016 7:38 am

You Bet! I love eating pussy ans sucking cock. Just does not happen enough.

slowrider8649 55M  
169 posts
5/22/2016 8:19 am

I just Love it when she pushes me on the bed and then slides her way to my awaiting tongue... oh and if she returns the favor Best feeling ever

blkbbwhoneyeater 51M
25 posts
5/22/2016 8:39 am

Lov feel of bbw cilt n lips n my mouth there nothing like the taste your juice runing down into my mouth I'm there to be ur pussy eating slave

startwithchat 53M
6 posts
5/22/2016 9:20 am

more then anything else

mastersquirt69 66M
17 posts
5/22/2016 9:30 am

Absolutely!. Trained my ex to be a massive squirter. I would go down on her and when she came, would suck up as much of her cum as I could, filling up my cheeks with it. Then I would move up and feed it back to her. We called it "recycling"

bb69d 65M

5/22/2016 11:54 am

My favorite, turns me on so much. Love to make her cum as many times as she wants.

Sabb1e 45T
4 posts
5/22/2016 1:38 pm

It's great especially when you partner nears orgasm and starts to buck her hips.

dr_kane6981 39M
88 posts
5/22/2016 2:23 pm

I love eating pussy so much I have to stop at times to keep from cumming without being touched

Tha Dr. Iz In

EOOkuro 26M
10 posts
5/22/2016 7:54 pm

I find pleasure in pleasing others. Service!

looknforfunone 49M
69 posts
5/23/2016 4:45 am

Love love love eating pussy!!!!

LostinOmaha 66M
80 posts
5/23/2016 7:42 am

There is nothing sexier or more erotic than bringing a woman to a hot climax with your tongue and lips.

Ne14_69wMe 52F
282 posts
5/23/2016 10:44 am

There's only one thing better than getting oral from an enthusiastic lover. Okay, I lied; no there isn't.

touchNtaste1 41M/105F  
14 posts
5/23/2016 1:21 pm

After I know that i"m attracted to a woman, and there is chemistry I wonder what she tastes like.....MMMMMMMMMM I love it!

redfisher03 69M  
3 posts
5/23/2016 6:07 pm

Nothing like having your mouth and tongue planted in and on a pussy and be able to watch your partner wrythe and see the waves of orgasm pass thru her body.

jackmelon20 51M/43F  
9 posts
5/23/2016 6:14 pm

Cant get enough of it

New2thiscene 72F
23 posts
5/24/2016 2:34 am

I love to receive such ministrations....just love....crave....need it!! And do reciprocate...
So HooRay for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

psucker20114 69M  
189 posts
5/24/2016 2:48 am

love sucking a pussy any time.

luv2lickpuss46 53M
1 post
5/24/2016 4:28 am

ABSOLUTELY, wouldn't be sex without it! Can't get enough of it to the point where I'm obsessed with having her cum on my face. FREAKING LOVE to see the look on her her face as she cums hard for me. Seeing her toes curl as the waves of Exxxtasy wash over her is undeniable, and something I can never get enough of.

Would love to experience a squirting pussy too!

beadsandbikes1 62M/61F  
55 posts
5/24/2016 7:31 am

A total must. A tasty pussy just gets you all wound up..!

gfmontana 60M
32 posts
5/24/2016 8:22 am

Ya gotta lick it before you stick!

11 posts
5/24/2016 10:47 am

I enjoy oral sex with my partner. For me the experience is as much for my pleasure as it is for him. That said, we both benefit from mutual oral sex. It almost always leads to even more fun.

DON1551 60M
1 post
5/24/2016 11:09 am

Love to be squirted in the mouth.

Hollywoodloui5 34M
1 post
5/24/2016 12:06 pm

the best!

nybbc1968 51M
26 posts
5/24/2016 1:19 pm

It's a must for me to do on a very sexy woman.

bibikerbadboy 55M
1 post
5/24/2016 2:41 pm

Love eating pussy as well as sucking cock.

love2playnude 65M  
1 post
5/24/2016 7:04 pm

Love long sessions licking a nice clean pussy,,or a nice stiff cock.That's right love giving oral!

Like2Bhappy4u 72M  
96 posts
5/24/2016 9:39 pm

Oral sex is a true way to appreciate a women ! The soft touches , wet kisses all over , the tongue on the clit all leads to passion , A women feels complete when a man worships her body ,

theboyce6981 38M
7 posts
5/25/2016 7:17 am

I enjoy foreplay more the sex. Im all about giving woman orgasms and its much easier to send a woman into multiple orgasm with fingers and tongue.

The12er 47M
277 posts
5/25/2016 1:31 pm

Well of course!

The whole seneation with taste,her reaction, her feedback give me great pleasure and turns me on even more too!!

onmyown14 67M
3 posts
5/25/2016 4:12 pm

Love it, when you finally come up for air after a good sucking and licking, with face covered in womens juices

hh_diab 41M
136 posts
5/25/2016 4:41 pm

nice pussy, love your gorgeous hot ass

nice pussy, love your gorgeous hot ass

psucker20114 69M  
189 posts
5/25/2016 10:43 pm

I love licking the pussy more than anything else.

rm_gayvid123 42M
1 post
5/26/2016 5:32 am


kamens2 32M
24 posts
5/26/2016 5:37 am

Of course, this is my favorite thing in sex, my dear

adirtyoleman15 63M
1 post
5/26/2016 8:51 am

Love to lick for hours, taste a woman's delicious nectar.

gcastle2_1 63M
37 posts
5/26/2016 8:55 am

Absolutely love love love oral sex with women, sometimes but rarely with men. For me, it is always better to give than receive.

OpenMindedG 55M
6 posts
5/26/2016 9:45 am

Yes, I absolutely LOVE it. And I like to add some excitement by adding whip cream, chocolate sauce, ect, to heighten the pleasure for both of us!!!

oldread69 71M
4 posts
5/26/2016 12:08 pm

very sexy i like

male4fun122 56M
1 post
5/26/2016 2:06 pm

nothing like it in the world mmmmm!

oraljim201 71M
5456 posts
5/26/2016 2:29 pm

love to very exciting listing to a woman moan and move those hips and legs around my head

lancasterman1977 42M
23 posts
5/26/2016 3:02 pm

who were the 11 who said no!?!?!?!?!?

MDbiBlkMale 52M  
4 posts
5/26/2016 5:44 pm

I love eating pussy and ass, serious pussy eater here.

rm_Damero57an 62M
3 posts
5/26/2016 6:11 pm

I love oralsex...\8

assfuckingonly 57M
55 posts
5/26/2016 7:15 pm

...even to this ass

MkUWetRRR 57M  
26 posts
5/26/2016 10:56 pm

If you can't give her hours of orgasms without dropping your pants, you're not the man she deserves ! /,

502 posts
5/26/2016 11:07 pm

I love the taste of a woman cum in my mouth

502 posts
5/26/2016 11:08 pm


drdarkchoco69 52M
79 posts
5/27/2016 12:16 am

I eat a pussy til it's squirting out of control

lvgoodxs 46M  
1 post
5/27/2016 2:11 am

I like it more now that Im older than I did when I was much younger...

tripod2063 57M
219 posts
5/27/2016 4:01 am

Love the taste of pussy!!

smallfour5 62M  
75 posts
5/27/2016 9:15 am

eating wet pussy is one of the most erotic things that i luv doing

rm_shaneperry2 48M
16 posts
5/27/2016 9:58 am

I love to eat pussy if its nice.I mean clean and shaved.It drives women crazy and I love it!!

esinstructor14 65M  
8 posts
5/27/2016 11:25 am

It is a huge turn on and I love feeling the rush I can give a woman doing it right

Winther103 49M
13 posts
5/27/2016 1:24 pm

Love to

cl60 60M
84 posts
5/27/2016 3:36 pm

Yes love doing it

nd2chew 57M
1 post
5/27/2016 7:33 pm

love eating a nice pussy that is why name is need2chew

xtremeblaz022 39M  
24 posts
5/27/2016 8:11 pm

Nothing better then having your face deep between a hot set of thighs. The more I do it the more excited I get and want to stay there forever.

wattswatts 47M
4 posts
5/27/2016 8:38 pm

#1 fav activity

TallDark052 56M
55 posts
5/27/2016 8:54 pm

Always willing!!!

Funtxcplefun 56M/52F  
14 posts
5/27/2016 8:56 pm

I love to its a must for me

coyotefun2000 66M
27 posts
5/28/2016 2:11 am

Wine is fine, but I love 69!!!

onmyown14 67M
3 posts
5/28/2016 3:15 am

giving and receiving

4u2lickon 44M
40 posts
5/28/2016 4:00 am

love to eat pussy n feel the sweetnss in my mouth

reagent33 60M  
65 posts
5/28/2016 4:48 am


Mightydick76 46M  
13 posts
5/28/2016 4:58 am

fuck yeah... good pussy tastes GREAT!!!!

JB52644 56M
70 posts
5/28/2016 5:39 am

I'll eat her pussy until my jaws hurt or she begs me to stop, whichever comes first. Then it's onto fucking!!!!!!!!

oralmagician4 61M
11 posts
5/28/2016 6:13 am

love to give oral to both men and women. it's my favorite thing to do!

NubianDC 52M
224 posts
5/28/2016 6:34 am

Love it and just gets me even harder as she wiggles and squirms.

Sooner or later I'll figure this thing out...

lookin2havealil 65M/57F
10 posts
5/28/2016 7:36 am

love to with who ever needs it .. love sex ...

yoursub66 54M
1 post
5/28/2016 8:14 am

I could bury my face in pussy for days on end and be blissfully happy

6oscar69 74M
9 posts
5/28/2016 1:31 pm

I love oral with women or men

Irish81KevTrlk 57M
8 posts
5/28/2016 6:47 pm

I could eat pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner not to mention a midnight snack

Lonely16842 55M  
864 posts
5/28/2016 8:46 pm

Without a doubt ....

cuddlyboytoy 56M  
50 posts
5/28/2016 9:34 pm

Love to eat pussy. Making her cum all over my face. The love to eat pussy full of hot cum aftrewards.nothing taste better than mixed juice

Dlyon22 46M
1 post
5/29/2016 12:17 am

ppussy lickers unite

buster19595 61M
44 posts
5/29/2016 6:18 am

I love eating pussy, like to see how many times, I can make her cummmmm.

MadMaxlovessex 39M
5 posts
5/29/2016 6:55 am

Of course I love eating pussy. nothing more tasty and delicious than a wet pussy. I would love also if she squirts in my mouth, that will be great.

snarky709 73M
1 post
5/29/2016 9:19 am

I've been performing oral sex for many years with several partners but the best ones are the squirters......absolutely love to get my face dripping wet and my mouth full of the lady's sweet nectar.

SolanoClimaxer 63M  
69 posts
5/29/2016 9:56 am

Yes indeed. You don't have to ask me twice!

georgecrete 38M
42 posts
5/29/2016 10:07 am

pussy juices are sweeter than honey

tandlwidgeon2015 56M/52F

5/29/2016 1:37 pm

Are there men that don't like eating pussy..... really?

ILDuce 66M  
2 posts
5/29/2016 2:19 pm

I LOVE licking pussy and ass for hours-esp love a squirter when she fills my wet mouth with her cum. I enjoy a hot bi 3some as well I love sharing a cock with the gal and mmmm the sweet JIzzzz

rm_nowories72 47M
1 post
5/29/2016 4:24 pm

I love licking on sum tasty pussy

SexyBlackIowa 56M  
23 posts
5/29/2016 5:08 pm

Yes, I love to give oral and it's not just for a hot minute,

anjaan58 59M
1347 posts
5/30/2016 12:23 am

Absolutely ... relish the scent ...taste & raw unbridled response to tongue

blknbama23 59M  
3 posts
5/30/2016 5:40 am

I luv giving oral very much. Nothing is better.

ddtitlover 60M  
20 posts
5/30/2016 6:38 am

I live giving oral sex might be my favorite thing to do.

Thorton609 50M
5 posts
5/30/2016 6:48 am

many times, i prefer 69 to intercourse. must more intense orgasm esp. when i have a sweet wet pussy on my face.

franksrt8 39M
7 posts
5/30/2016 10:10 am

its the thing I love the most

hardjohn4u 36M
8 posts
5/30/2016 10:13 am

I love to eat pussy almost as much as i love to fuck lol

psucker1951 69M
89 posts
5/30/2016 11:17 pm

Absolutely ,no sex without oral satisfaction.

gooman4 47M  
73 posts
5/31/2016 1:55 am

love it...love making her hot..my gf will usually stop me before she cums, and then climbs on and rides me silly for her first very explosive orgasm of the session..

Acouplelookin4fu 60M/47F  
159 posts
5/31/2016 7:28 am

we both love eating pussy. the more the better

SensualOne128 65M
5 posts
5/31/2016 8:25 am

I love to give Oral Refreshments to my Lover. I do like a my lover to practice good hygiene . I had a lover once that douched and kept her pussy so sweet and clean I loved giving her Oral Pleasures. She would reward me with screaming squirting Orgasms, she loved the attention, and I learned a lot about the female genitalia.

southhills 40M
7 posts
5/31/2016 1:59 pm

I don't think the poll should be "yes" or "no". The question should be more like "Like" or "love" or "slurp" (b/c I"m still down there LOL

beadsandbikes1 62M/61F  
55 posts
5/31/2016 2:21 pm

Personally I find it one of the best of all things. I'm super oral and love the taste as long as clean.. Nothing better than a good squirter either.

Boatmate1 36M
1 post
5/31/2016 4:30 pm

I love it!!! I love eating a woman's ass as well!

Ltsfcuk34 38M
1 post
5/31/2016 4:33 pm

ONE OF,IF NOT MY MOST FAVORITE THING TO DO...I will be honest,i prefer shaved or just a little bit of "fuzz" lol...but i have a very long tongue and am good at it!!! Cant get enough of the feeling of a womans legs quivering as shes orgasming over and over.every position,anytime,anywhere...love to please women with my face between their legs
..nothing hotter than a woman who takes care of herself and does not hold back,whatsoever!! The louder the moans and grinding on my face the more turned on i get..i dont expect "a favor" in return,but wont stop you! πŸ˜»πŸ‘…πŸ‘„πŸ’¦ and have to admit (hope its not too much saying so) i love squirters...OMG.ok ill stop there lol...

like2pleaseu247 70M
126 posts
5/31/2016 4:53 pm

Yes I love it HOT,WET "N" CREAMY. TGIF.... Tongue goes in first.!!!!!!

aclik2 56M
43 posts
5/31/2016 8:41 pm

more than I could ever express, I luv my face being soaked

Jaynevin4 40M
4 posts
5/31/2016 9:21 pm

to me, making the partner have utmost pleasure matters, oral is the best to start with,, eventually it would be reciprocated well enough towards a steamy end, ,, else what's the fun..

mikeysasexyguy 63M   
11 posts
5/31/2016 11:58 pm

oral is the spice of sex I love to make a woman squirt .

lovetotaste78 42M
13 posts
6/1/2016 12:23 am

........ Just Read My Profile Idea ...Maybe i'm Obsessed with it

theducer62 58M
44 posts
6/1/2016 2:18 am

Hugh turn on having a woman tremble with pleasure on my tongue. Love it!

tbird1055 64M
133 posts
6/1/2016 2:57 am

that is totally the best way to start.a couple cummings with the tounge makes is so much better.

mygirlshelby 57M/54F  
22 posts
6/1/2016 5:04 am

I love to do it,until the point where a lady can't take it any more!!

attrBiMale 60M  
122 posts
6/1/2016 7:24 am

There's nothing like some hot sensual oral stimulation to set the mood for your playtime whether it's tonguing and eating a beautiful pussy until she's moaning, shaking, and ssoooo wet and puffy it feels like your fucking a teenager or sucking your guys cock and balls and gently part his ass and tongue his ass while softly caressing his nut sack and inner thighs. Some soft strokes of his hard cock will not go un noticed either and I'm sure you'll have him moaning in appreciation talents.

southerncharmerr 51M
32 posts
6/1/2016 9:29 am

yes indeed I get sooooooo into it and love to look up at my partner and see the pleasure it's giving her such a turn on for me

Qaz1369 46M
16 posts
6/1/2016 10:27 am

Love it. Its one of my favorites.

thelovebelow20 46M
4 posts
6/1/2016 3:20 pm

I love eating pussy. Love the taste and definitely love how it makes her feel

justfunintheboro 56M
29 posts
6/1/2016 4:40 pm

I love giving Oral, both licking & eating Pussy & sucking & licking Cock & balls

smoggy5959 61M
39 posts
6/1/2016 9:31 pm

Too me there is nothing better than oral sex! Yes fucking is great but I prefer licking and sucking cum from my partners of of both sexes!

travelin_man_stc 50M

6/1/2016 9:41 pm

Love it completely. I think it is literally my favorite thing to do in or out of the bedroom.

d4oral 39M
38 posts
6/2/2016 5:38 am

lickin and sukin are sooooo good!

redrail 63M
131 posts
6/2/2016 7:17 am


hungindiana88 42M
1 post
6/2/2016 10:15 am

for sure!

bigmattie8791 52M  
3 posts
6/2/2016 10:20 am

its always a good thing. BUT its gotta be clean.

Probably why do many guys don't do it, smells like chicken leave it in the kitchen. gotta keep it trimmed and looking fresh. Who wants a face covered in pee smelly hair. i'll pass.

iluvassplay492 52M
25 posts
6/2/2016 1:39 pm

i love giving oral Im completely into eating pussy but also into tonguing ass i can cum from giving oral

TallDark052 56M
55 posts
6/2/2016 5:01 pm


azza1397 46M
65 posts
6/2/2016 6:13 pm

I absolutely love it! the delicious sweet taste of a wet pussy mmmm
I love making a woman cum multiple times during oral .. or have a long 69 session

-- Carpe Diem --

jay1446 64M
40 posts
6/3/2016 4:33 am

theres nothing like eating pussy when you have those thighs squeezing around your head mmm so good

junkdrawer4444 33M
233 posts
6/4/2016 10:20 am

It's great. I love the senses it engages. Anyone that doesn't like it I think is being lazy above any other excuse they can give.

gentilehand 75M
6 posts
6/4/2016 2:08 pm

love to eat pussy beater than penutbutter hmmmmm

iwltsyls 55M
82 posts
6/4/2016 9:32 pm

Of Course

MNfunguy53 67M
35 posts
6/5/2016 6:10 am

yes i do just sit on my face and i will do the rest

SoulShadow76 43M  
6 posts
6/5/2016 10:12 am

If the woman is clean and sexy.. There is little in the world better than a sweet delicious pussy. I feel so stimulated and confident when I can get a girl off several times before I ever penetrate. Not to mention how much better it will first slide in after she is wet wet wet . Damn .. I am getting rock hard just talking about it.. A beautiful pussy is God's gift to mankind. We are soooooo blessed

SlickDickster69 53M
45 posts
6/5/2016 2:08 pm

I love licking a hot lady to orgasm!

rm_CtMuffDiver 51M
89 posts
6/6/2016 10:40 am

Absolutely love to! Many times I have climaxed just from orally satisfying a pussy.

Vistathorn 50M
38 posts
6/7/2016 9:43 am

A definite yes. So erotic to have her cum multiple times as she rides your lips.

67burak67 49M
69 posts
6/8/2016 3:46 am

yes... love it..

I'm readyfor you..


Whatching_doing1 50M
30 posts
6/8/2016 8:17 am

Absolutely love it.

knkycpl_2play2 36M/28F
27 posts
6/8/2016 11:45 pm

I honestly love giving more than receiving

ttom2212 57M  
5 posts
6/9/2016 9:49 am

HELL yes I never pass it up if I get the chance

Splfret 69M/63F
5 posts
6/10/2016 7:31 am

I love eating pussy and tasting her juices....

rnd11 68M
1 post
6/12/2016 6:49 am

My wife and I both prefer oral sex. I get so horny licking her sweet pussy until she cums.

blzcpl 57M/59F  
177 posts
6/13/2016 11:00 am

Love making her cum and watching her enjoyment


Bigsxxxy64WV 55M

6/13/2016 1:54 pm

love, love, LOVE to eat pussy....... πŸ‘…πŸ‘Ώ

bestfriend2156 64M
840 posts
6/14/2016 8:26 am

I love the taste the wetness the moans and the orgasms she has.

Homage46 72M
48 posts
6/15/2016 1:25 pm

I love sucking men and women equally well

Ryodo123 43M
5 posts
6/15/2016 4:04 pm

love to give oral best of all when I'm cuffed and teased left frustrated while I please ...love to lick ass as well

EricSubmits 36M  
28 posts
6/17/2016 1:19 pm

Yep, if you're not eating Vagina, your love making is half assed.

yourplzrfirst 48M
17 posts
6/17/2016 6:09 pm

love giving her with oral sex

subman803 54M
89 posts
6/18/2016 3:35 am

Yes i love to give oral sex. The taste of a pussy mmmmm.

NFlaCockSucker 70M
10 posts
6/19/2016 6:12 pm

Oral sex is totally fun and it is more pleasurable to the one being sucked and licked because you can control more the actions and placement of the tongue.

edibi2 59M/59F
34 posts
6/23/2016 10:08 am

love doing it

HamburgDave2 76M
16567 posts
6/25/2016 2:13 am

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rm_krazytj 55M
15 posts
7/2/2016 5:51 pm


mayilickyou69 43M
15 posts
7/5/2016 1:06 pm

There's nothing better. To have a wet juicy pussy on your face just dripping onto your tongue. The sweet taste of love honey

jatin_991 49M
18 posts
7/8/2016 3:49 am

eating pussy is so sweet act that i enjoy particularly ehen getting sucked in 69 position. it is awesum to lick pussy and ass when ur cock is sucked wildly by the lady. nobody thinks more than licking then.

Hothot7886 57M
26 posts
7/14/2016 11:52 pm


oceano971 49M
21 posts
7/24/2016 1:14 pm

mmmmm it is my favorite sex. i love to give oral sex

bowtiepower123 49M  
37 posts
8/8/2016 2:24 pm

I love giving oral to woman to the point I am considered a compulsive over eater!

wjb1958 62M
3691 posts
8/12/2016 2:24 am

I love it

wvguyforfun 45M
6 posts
8/13/2016 11:22 am

Oh yes!

AFFlookn4fun00 54M
19 posts
8/13/2016 4:18 pm

Without a doubt!!!
I love to give my partner a good licking!!!

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