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5/18/2020 9:03 pm

I knock on your door and you answer wearing nothing and holding a vibrator, as I walk in you go to into the bedroom as I enter your room you are laying on th ebed, legs in the air and working your hot smooth pussy with your new toy as I watch I pull out my cock and start stroking it as I start touching your nipples, twisting ghtem and sucking them making them harder,, my hand wraps around your as you work your toy I help you as you wrap your hand around my cock teasing the tip squeezing it,, MMMMM I moan as you moan too as I press my thumb on your clit moving my thumb in small circles and pinching your clit as you arch upwards working your toy faster,, I move down paying attention to every detail of your pussy with my tongue OOO baby suck my pussy you say as I slip my fingers inside you teasing your G-spot,, sucking your clit and lips deeply into my mouth,, OOOOOH baby that feels so good you moan as you lips are swollen with excitement waiting for my cock to enter you, I move you to the edge of the bed, lifting you legs around my shoulders, you grab my cock tracing your clit with he tip of my cock as it twitches with hardness and you clit trembles with electric vibes,, waiting to feel my shaft slowly open your lips, you wrap your hand around my shaft and gently stroke at the base making me throb more and more,, ooooh hhhhh baby mmm your hand on my cock is making me harder I want to be so deep into the back of your pussy,, lifting your legs higher and more open, thats it baby MMM here comes daddy,, you're ready??? yes yes yes Chad I want you deep inside me please I need to feel your hardness penetrating me now please give me your cock,, as I slip deep and slow your legs high, your lips open for inviting my thickness to open you.
OOOOO gasping as I slip deeper inside you ,, the base of my cock grinding on your clit deep bucking on your clit as it hits the base of my cock,, ooooo god chad go fuck me deeper as you feel the tip of my cock nudging the back of your pussy making you wanting more as I pull out resting the head of my rigid cock on your clit moving slowly back and forth making my cock throw as it hits on your clit,,, feels good doesn't it,, yes yes ooo god it feels absolutely amazing,, as I push in deeper and faster until the tip of my cock is back to hitting the back of your pussy,,
Chad Chad Chad OMG fuck me please fuck my pussy like that don't stop please don't stop ,, MMMM fuck me fuck me please as grind inside you feeling your pussy muscles trying to milk my cock to fill you up with warm juice,, but I hold back as I feel your first orgasm,, your body tensing as you arch your body I feel your first wave of summing your pussy grasping at my shaft,, go baby let it go that is it baby let it let it go,, thats it your close let it go baby yes yes mmmm I want to feel you cum on my cock as you quiver,, I keep deep inside you then back out resting my tip on your clit as you start rubbing it and gently touching my shaft as it is inside you,, I push hard and deep as you gasp in shock OMG Chad OMG and you moan and scream with excitement not knowing I was going to drive into you deep and hard,, my cock pulsating inside you as I lift your hips and drive faster,,, OMG Im going to cum again please don't stop don't stop your cock is amazing, as I tell you I want to feel your pussy muscles sucking my shaft as you cum again, tensing and arching and screaming,, Chad Im summing again don't stop,, I want it I want it fuck me fuck me deeper and hard as I take my cock out then pushing back in deep ,, gasping as I move in out faster faster my cock working your pussy hard
looking down watching your lips swallowing my shaft my balls slapping against your lips
fuck me good please please fuck me aaaa god that cock fuck me my pussy needs it you say as you cum again this time more,, Im still not ready to fill you up but when I do it will be spilling out all over your sheets,, as I pump in and out your lips sucking my shaft, you can see it now right?? yes yes yes fuck me harder harder,, I tease you slowly then when you don't expect it I go deep again as you are gasping OMG OMG I want you to cum inside me Chad please I want to feel your hot cum being unloaded inside me please cum,, as I feel your hand reaching down gently touching my shaft and base as I stiffen up fucking your pussy making it want more,, your lips swollen,, your juices and cum flowing on my balls ,, your soft touch on my shaft makes me twitch,, oh baby keep doing that thats it OMG Im going to cum soon,, you want it?? yes yes give me your cum I want it all inside me please cum for me as I pump and pump the tip on your clit,, your hand gently pinching my shaft I arch and AAAAAAA FUUUUCCKK baby hold my cock just like that yes yes,, Im summing Im close let it go let it go cum inside my pussy please please I want it as I drive deep the over your clit your hand pinching my fat h
making me harder closer closer as I feel my cock getting ready to unload warm sperm inside you as I let go,, your lips swallowing my shaft,,, AAAAA shit shit baby I'm summing,, let it go let it go just like that bay don't stop let it go chad let it go baby,, your cock is so hard and I want your cum please please give it to me I want it now baby please please fuck me fuck my pussy thats it baby ooooo god fuuuuuuck me as I arch and drive my cock deep when I start summing your hand<b> strokes </font></b>my cock faster wanting every drop inside you
I am tensing up letting go as I squirt and twitch shooting all my cum inside you fuck my cock baby fuck that cock thats it suck my cum up inside you,,,, aaaaaa shiiiiittt load after load I unload filling you up as you look at me saying aaaa god I feel your cum filling my pussy don't hold back give it all to me please let go give me more as I unload another load off cum,, my cock stays hard as I pull out resting it between your lips,, twitching from the intense pleasure,, I feel my cum oozing out of your pussy as you slowly stroke my cock,, your pussy is over flowing with your and my cum ,, MMMMMMM of baby MMMM god that was good

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