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whoishorny64 52M  
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5/19/2020 9:22 pm

I am laying on my bed watching porn, my cock is hard and throbbing, I starting teasing the tip, rolling my finger over it as I squeeze the head rolling it in my hand I reach over and get the lotion as I drip some on the tip making it slippery, as I start stroking half of my shaft I our more lotion all over my throbbing cock, pinching my<b> nipples. </font></b>playing with my balls and touching my ass my cock grows harder, I slowly stroke slowly rolling my finger and thumb over the tip pulling my cock down rubbing the base, grabbing my balls stroking fast then pouring more lotion on my cock, I close my eyes and imagine you stroking it ,,, turning me on more I stroke fast then slow twisting my handoff my shaft as my hand works up and down, my other hand pulling at the base and rubbing there as I think of you sitting on top of me grinding your clit at the base,, more lotion,, squeezing twisting my nipples, OMG it feels soooo good, I imagine your pussy lips swallowing my shaft,, I grab my pocket pussy as I slowly slip it onto my shaft slowly sinking it to the base feeling hot and lost like your tight pussy I work that pocket pussy like it is you fucking that hard cock.
AS I am really getting into it you walk in and watch, I look up and see you watching me as I keep going not stopping any stroking, that pocket pussy feels good,, as you walk over to the bed laying down beside me I feel your hand grab my shaft and help me MMMMM OMG baby MMMMMM yes you know how I like your hands making me want to cum harder as I remove my hands letting you take over,,, I reach over to cup your tits and twist your nipples, your breast fit perfect in my hands, as I push them together gently, your hands work that pocket pussy like its your pussy riding me, jerking my shaft stroking me up down pulling my cock downwards, your hand on my balls and teasing my ass, making me want to cum MMMMM don't stop baby thats it aaaa keep doing that yes you know how don't you as you say yes I do,, your stroking becomes faster as I keep rubbing your tits and making your<b> nipples </font></b>harder,,, aaaaa baby aaaa god thats sooo hot MMMM< you know how it feels don't you, I know you do because you have done this before with me,,,, OOOOO MMMMM baby Im getting ready to cum oh don't stop baby thats it Im going to let it go don't stop don't stop,, as you slowly keep working my cock you want to watch my load shoot sooo much cum watching the tip waiting for my cum to shoot you take your fingers teasing the tip rolling over it as you use that pocket pussy,, cum for me Chad come on MMMM Yes I want to watch you cum let it go I know you're close yes yes baby your cock needs to let loose you want to watch my cum shoot and then ooze out unto your hands,, as you position your self over me to let me shoot my load on your tits,, you put my shaft between your tits pushing your tits together with the pocket pussy still on my shaft,,, AAAAAA shiiiit aaa shiiiit IM CUMMMING IM CUMMING, DONT STOP BABY THATS IT,,, DONT STOP AAAAAAAAAAA FUUUUCK AAAA SHIT
HOLY SHIT MY LOAD COVERS YOUR TITS AND ON YOUR FACE,,, MMMMM thanks babe thanks for making me cum like that as we both start laughing as I try to catch my breath.

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