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Here again!  

whysaywhat1 40F
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4/15/2018 8:14 pm
Here again!

So here I am again...blindsided by someone I thought loved me. I love him very much and will always, but today I found out just how little he thought of me. So, I’m not “single” (I still have my husband), but I feel single. I feel like I was thrown out with yesterday’s trash because I wasn’t good enough. I know what I’m worth and it’s a hell of a lot more than he (my now ex boyfriend) deserves. I know I’ll find someone that compliments my personality again. Hopefully next time will be someone willing to have a grownup relationship and not hide it away. Yes, I’m married, but we’re poly and we are very open about it! It was never anyone’s secret except his. I can’t say I’m not upset, I’m very upset but mostly at myself for letting my guard down. He did the same thing 2 years ago (damn near to the day) and between them even moved a girl into his small apartment and I found out recently, shared his bed with her.

I’m not surprised, I’m angry with myself for letting myself think everything was fine. I’m sure it was going on for a while and I’m just that clueless. Or maybe I just loved him enough not to see the blatant lies when he was telling me everything was great only a few days ago.

Moving on is all right can do, for everyone coming behind him...good luck, I’ve added several feet to my already high walls.

whysaywhat1 40F
36 posts
6/12/2019 2:26 pm

This was over a year ago and we’ve all healed and moved on. But, thank you for the comment.

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