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How to Lose Any Chance of Ever Getting a Gal’s Number...  

whysaywhat1 40F
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7/10/2019 12:50 pm
How to Lose Any Chance of Ever Getting a Gal’s Number...

So, I’ve posted an email exchange I had this morning. Up until he gave his (edited along with his name), he seemed fairly normal.

I use “it” as a “stepping stone” of sorts to the super crazy/stalker types. It’s a system, just like 😊 or the others used to be. It’s free to use and you aren’t giving your personal information to strangers on the internet. Once I feel comfortable with people, I’ll happily move on to if that’s the preferred platform.

But something I noticed, other than the fact that he firmly planted himself in the “crazy/stalker type” category, was that he believed that they use women to “lure” men into paying for it. It’s a FREE system! Some people are using it to then lead you to their sites, but I have no control over everyone else. My husband finds them online too. Do you know what he does? He deletes that person and moves on!

No skin off my back, he quickly went from the interesting to not gonna go near that and I move on. I’m picky, I know it...the few people I choose to be around usually appreciate it...the rest, well...have a good day!

BiggLala 48F  
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7/10/2019 8:31 pm

Wait, so...he wanted you to prove that you're not a scammer by texting him...BUT...he expected you to just take him at face value that he's not 'stalker-ish' cuz he said so?!?!? Cuz he said he works for the police department???

Uhhh...if you didn't know, dude, police can be stalkers too.
Lawdhammercy!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Playtoday208 38M
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7/10/2019 10:22 pm

That's crazy, what's up with dudes freaking out when they don't get what they want.

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