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Ideas for happier posts...?  

whysaywhat1 40F
54 posts
3/14/2018 10:02 am
Ideas for happier posts...?

I realized the other day that I only post here when I have something to gripe bout. That’s not really fair to either of my guys, there’s plenty of good things that go on between the things I complain about. So, give me some topic ideas! Keep in mind, I don’t generally kiss and tell or give specifics...but I’m open to ideas!

DM482 55M
90 posts
3/17/2018 12:44 pm

Maybe you could kiss and tell to some extent. Reading about what you liked, what the guys do right....well, that's not just hot, it's helpful for us all.

You could also write about the things you wish for, any fantasies you may have.

tuckerme69 59M
2 posts
3/17/2018 3:55 pm

Hit the nail on the head... What's bringing you joy in your life these days?

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