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need sex!!  

wickedcat2006 46F  
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11/25/2020 11:25 pm
need sex!!

8 months into this pandemic do you continue to date?

do you continue to have fun /sex with your (friends/fwb swinging.etc)
yes this virus is a hoax and whatever we will get it like the flu
no.. playing it safe

123uwantdick 42M  
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11/26/2020 10:59 am

We are not going to stop having sex so you have to play it safe we wear masks and take each other temperature anything above 100 is no go to me

iraduu 40M
3186 posts
11/27/2020 6:13 am

jogando seguro com uma vizinha muito boazinha

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11/27/2020 4:33 pm



Yours_4A_knight 56M
1458 posts
11/27/2020 8:07 pm

I would love to date but sadly the women that I am interested in just don't seem that interested in me.

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

sussi1028 60F

11/30/2020 12:02 pm

Having my live-in boyfriends, I manage it well but always require an STD and Corona test prior to a coffee meet.

Always make clear, an STD test does not mean I will have sex, as I don’t care for sex, but if we connect, I do enjoy LOVE MAKING and have done it with one guy beside my boyfriends last week

19funcouple86 38M/34F  
10 posts
11/30/2020 11:53 pm

yes we continue to still meet females and have sex. both my husband and I had covid like right at the begining back in march. we play it safe though, like if she is sick or if we are, we wont play

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