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A Friend helped out  

wife83619 51M/38F  
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5/20/2020 12:28 pm
A Friend helped out

Well I thought I would share a little experience from last weekend. The hubby had work, and I needed my garden spot roto tilled, so my hubby asked one of his friends if he would mind coming over and doing that for us. Well his friend (Ben) said yes, so through out the day, Ben worked his butt off, and while doing so he was talking a good game about playing with me for his time tilling the garden. Well that got me thinking, and my excitement started well deep inside of . Ben got the garden tilled , and I had him help out with a couple of more things around the yard, with the roto tiller (tilling up some flower beds) During this time Ben and I continued with the flirty talk, and I could tell he wanted something. Well towards the end of the day, my hubby had come home from work and I pulled him aside and told him that Ben has been flirting pretty good with me, my hubby looked at me and gave a little chuckle and asked what I was going to do, I told him that I would take care of it.
and I asked my hubby if he would go out and hook the power our camper and put the slides out. a little later I started get some stuff ready for the Barbeque, so I could get everyone fed. my hubby and Ben talked like they usually do. Ben wife(Ann) and showed and everyone was sitting back and giving each other shit and just having a great time, my hubby came over by me and rub my ass and told me in my ear the camper was set like I had asked and that he talked with Ben's wife telling her that I had plans with Ben and that she was good with it but my hubby would owe her a good fucking some other time down the road, I could really feel myself tingle now. After everyone ate I got everything cleaned . My hubby told that he would keep the preoccupied and hang out with Ben's wife if I was going through with it.
Ben's wife (Ann) had brought Ben a change of cloths so he could shower from working day. After Ben showered I snuck off and showered and played with my pussy a little, I couldn't believe how juicy I was. I went into my bedroom and slipped my hand back down to my eager pussy, I rubbed my clit and caused my self have a small orgasm, I recaptured my composer and got myself ready. I came out where everyone was talking on the patio, I looked at Ben, and I could feel the excitement between my legs and my juice drip down my thighs, when I asked Ben if he could help me real quick, he got and followed out where our camper was. I reached and opened the door and went inside as Ben came inside with me I turned towards him and looked at him, I told him that he earned what ever he want from me. with a surprised look in his face I moved closer and slip my hand down his pants, where I rubbed his cock, I could feel it growing and getting hard, I reached with my free hand and undid his pants releasing his cock from his pants, his cock was about 8" and just a little thicker than average, but the head of his cock was a beautiful large mushroom head, the biggest I had ever seen or had before, I got down my knees and I stroked his cock, and pulled the head my lips, I ran my tongue around him, I could he him moan, and his body jerk from my attention to the underside of his huge cock head. I kept with his cock in my mouth and could taste his precum and knew he was enjoying his reward, when he pulled his cock from my grasp and slipped it out of my mouth, he then guided the bed and laid out my back, he got and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the outside of my soaked pussy, the feeling when his cock slides across my clit sends shudders through out my body. I could feel him line with the entrance as he slowly slides inside of , the feeling of that huge mushroom head spread my pussy open and inch it self inside of , the feeling as his cock head rubbing the insides walls as he buried his cock deep inside of , I could feel my juices leak out from around his cock and drip down my ass, he started pull out slowly and slide back in and back out, my body reacting his actions as I moan in pure pleasure, my walls close in around his cock enjoying the pressure from his cock, as he picks his pace my body starts convulse with the first orgasm as he starts fuck harder and harder, my body loosing control I orgasm again this time a lot stronger, I beg him fuck , as he slides in and out of , I can feel his huge mushroom head rub my G spot, my body tenses and I again start convulse and enjoy the feeling of his cock as he pounds my insides, I can hear the slurping sounds of my soaked pussy, and hear his moans, I can feel him start swell even larger, and his pace speed even more and his cock is hitting the end of my pussy, I start cumming again, Ben pulled his cock out of my dripping pussy with a popping sound from my pussy's grip around his cock, He grabs and pulls back down the floor and points his cock towards my mouth, I lean in and suck his cock into my mouth and I lightly wrap two fingers around his shaft just under the head of his cock, I twist in a circular movement around the bottom of his large cock head, as I suck and tongue his cock head, I can feel him shaking and he is moaning is a lot more and I can feel his big mushroom head swell as he pulls away from me, I wrap my fingers around his cock and I<b> stroke </font></b>him faster and faster when I see the first jet of his hot cum shoot from his cock onto my tit's, jet after jet of his cum shoots out and onto my tit's, I can feel his cum run down my stomach and to my pussy, I reach down and start to finger my self again, dipping to fingers inside of rubbing his cum over my pussy and deep inside of my soaked pussy as I start cum, he reaches down pinching my nipples with one hand and reaches with the other hand he inserts two fingers inside of with my fingers and helps with my orgasm as I cum our fingers. He stands back and I reach over taking his cock back into my mouth and tease out the last bit of cum from his cock. I stood and thanked him for his hard work today. we got dressed and went back out with everyone.
That was a good way to get my garden tilled and also a way to break the borigness of this covid 19 stuff.

moremilfyplz 34M
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5/20/2020 2:49 pm

Well if you need more help with your garden let me know!! great story im hard now

k1katyro2001 44M
19 posts
5/20/2020 6:15 pm

Very sexy! Enjoyed

idaho208guy 50M
1 post
5/22/2020 1:11 am

Very hot. O bet he enjoyed the reward for his hard work. Say hi on (kik/ywhoo)..Same (idaho208guy) name on those two. Woild love to chat sometime and keep in touch about when you'll be playing in the Boise area.

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