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Married couples that include different men into play.  

wife83619 51M/38F
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3/23/2020 8:43 am
Married couples that include different men into play.

We have been married for 17 yrs, my hubby and I had a very sexual relationship when we first got to gether and still do to this day. four years into our relationship, we got the curiosity of the life style. We researched it and decided together to join a site and see where it would take us. Now it was slow at first, our nerves and anxities in the beginning got the best of us. but after a couple of times it got easier and easier as time went. Though the years I have enjoyed the excitement of playing with other men while my husband is present, he enjoys seeing the pleasure that is brought out of our play dates. Some have called him a cuckold, this is not the case, he is not the type that would<b> stroke </font></b>or suck some guy off or dive between my legs to clean me up, in all actuality, after I play with another man I respect my husband enough, that I get up and shower before we have our time together, this is by my rules. Now if him and I are in a threesome with another man or at a party this is clearly different as the two of us are engaging in play as a couple., but when we are done with an evening we both shower and then we enjoy each other in a sensual act of love before drifting off to sleep.
So now to get to my question How many Wives feel the same as I do when playing and after playing with other men?
please only us women respond

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3/23/2020 9:56 am

Hey, wife.

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idblueswoman 62F  
760 posts
3/23/2020 10:39 am

My husband and I have never used the term play to describe sex as it doesn't make sense to us, but we understand that's the term people use. We have never done the thing where he has watched me have sex with another man. It's never appealed to either of us and frankly I couldn't even enjoy myself. I have had couples want me to join them so the wife could watch, pass again.
After being with someone else, we don't normally have sex with each other as we are usually tired, for some it's important to do so afterwards.. but if it's important to you then do it.

1seeking1 55F
3221 posts
3/23/2020 11:03 am

Does he get to play with other women?

wife83619 replies on 3/23/2020 1:22 pm:
Thank you for your question, yes he does get to play with other women, when we can find someone for him to play with, I find it very exciting to see him pleasure another woman, as it excites him watching me.

Wonder167 53F

3/23/2020 12:11 pm

I've never had any of those experiences, but if I did, I'd think the way you describe it might be acceptable to me.

twood1600 55M
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3/23/2020 1:24 pm

as long as you found what works for you two...

Cumwithme6912345 44M
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3/24/2020 1:45 pm

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