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New year, new group
Posted:Jan 6, 2015 8:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 7:34 am

Having previously enjoyed being part of a group on here, I have tentatively set up one of my own.

Here is the link: Malbec times

Maybe blog readers could drop by and then post on here (or there!) what they think.

Just be aware it is in very rough draft right now!

.......and so an old year ends and a new year begins.
Posted:Jan 4, 2015 3:54 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2019 4:26 am

Hello fellow bloggers,
I know I've been quiet for a while, but I have been reflecting on 2014 and thinking about the year I've had.

If you told me at the start of the year how it would turn out, I probably wouldn't have believed you.

In November 2013, I met the wonderful Geo for the first time. I don't think either of us expected the 13 months that lay ahead.

What can I say about this man that I haven't already said? A true mental and physical match.

I knew when we started out that he would only be 'on loan' to me for about a year and I could have said no. But when you start something you don't think a year ahead, you just live for the moment.

.......and what a year it was.

I have been on this site since 2005 (my user name is a clue!), and had my ups and downs (literally and metaphorically!), but I never expected to meet Geo.

I saw Geo for the last time on the weekend of the 13th December. I knew it would be difficult for both of us and it was happy and sad in equal measure.

We decided to visit the restaurant we met at for one last time. There seemed a certain symmetry to that.

We came home and drank champagne and toasted each other in celebration of all the great times we had spent together.

When he left late Sunday night, hand waving out of the car window, I had to accept that would be the last time I would see that. Parting is always difficult, but previously parting was always with the expectation of the next time we would meet.

On the 8th January, Geo flies to work in Australia for 3 years, the contract signed long ago. No one could get geographically further away if they tried!

We have agreed to keep in touch, but his visits to Europe (let alone the UK) are hard to predict. I have no idea if we will ever meet again.

So hears to 2014.......... a very special year and one I won't easily forget.

2015 will have to go some way to compete.

But here's wishing my fellow bloggers a Happy New Year and let's see what this year holds!
It's been a while....
Posted:Sep 5, 2014 11:40 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2019 4:27 am

Hello fellow bloggers.
I know I haven't posted for a while, so thought it was time I put that right.

The adventures with Geo continue and the weeks have simply flown by! I guess it's averaging out about every 2 weeks, as both our schedules have been pretty full on through the Summer months.

Our relationship has grown and grown and we have been spending quality time together when we do meet. We simply spend the whole weekend continuing to explore the culinary delights of my area, as well as each other!

Good food, good wine and head spinning times in bed! I never for one moment thought it would get this intense.

Sadly, we are on the downhill run until the delightful Geo moves around the other side of the world for 3 years.I suspect that mid December will be our swan song.

The last 8-9 months have been a whirlwind and I don't for one moment regret meeting this man and the wonderful times we've had.

Will it be hard to say goodbye?.................Yes

Will I be sad?..........................................Yes

Will he be a hard act to follow?...................Absolutely

Am I going to settle for anything less than this from now on?............No way!!

Thank you Geo for showing me that there are men on this site who are prepared to treat me how I deserve to be treated.
My birthday weekend with Geo - 13/6/14
Posted:Jun 21, 2014 1:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2014 1:09 pm

My adventure with Geo continues.

Again, a gap in time before we could meet, but we planned this weekend carefully.

I had taken a much needed week off work and celebrated my birthday on the 10th. As Geo and I couldn't meet on the actual day, we arranged to spend the following weekend together.

Geo arrived on Friday evening, complete with champagne and wine.......I could feel a bumper birthday celebration was on the cards.

I had cooked a meal (and I rarely cook, because I'm no Masterchef! haha). But Geo enjoyed his home cooked meal, I suspect because living out of a hotel means he rarely sits down at a home dining room table. We of course shared the obligatory bottle of Malbec.

Friday was a hot and sticky night.......in more ways than one

On Saturday we set off on our adventures. First driving into to Central London to sort out some shoes for Geo (in our hire car, nicknamed the Red Peril). The traffic wasn't too bad and despite some road closures due to Trooping of the Colour, we found our way to Pall Mall.

Shoes sorted, we set off for east London and a trip to see the Thames Barrier. I thought it might appeal to Geo's scientific brain and it's a sight I also wanted to see. An amazing feat of engineering and learning how it took 10 years to build, courtesy of the visitor centre was fascinating.

We then travelled on to Greenwich and drove up to the top off the hill by the Royal Observatory. Amazing views across London. I even straddled the meridian, wishing maybe time would stand still.......at least for a while!

We finally made our way home and Geo treated me to the biggest and tastiest chinese takeaway I'd had for a long time. Cripsy duck pancakes ...... yum yum. We also opened the champagne he bought and raised a glass in toast. Sadly the England team performance sparkled alot less than the champagne.

Two bottles of champagne and a bottle of wine later, we retired to bed. I can only say we were satisfied in every way possible!

Sunday morning (I love my mornings with Geo), meant the obligatory breakfast in bed plus a marathon session, fully exploring each other's bodies.

The physical side of our relationship is sensational and augmented by the genuine intellectual connection we share.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and we said our farewells early evening.

Thank you Geo for making my birthday weekend a special one. Let's just say the champagne wasn't the only thing that popped, fizzed and went off with a bang!

As ever, circumstances dictate that we won't be able to get together again till early July. It doesn't help that he will be right around the other side of the world!

So until the next time, my lovely Geo man, I will miss you!
The big reunion
Posted:Jun 4, 2014 1:57 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2014 10:49 am

Hello fellow bloggers,
The reunion with Geo happened last weekend. It was fabulous.

I knew there would be a long gap in seeing him due to his work committments and I wondered how it would be.

We met on Saturday night, when he had just flown back from the USA. We visited the contemporary Indian restaurant close to me. Geo loves the food there and the meal was very good.

We ate early, so returned to my place at a reasonable hour and opened the obligatory bottle of Malbec. I could see he was fading fast, so we retired to the bedroom, wine bottle and glasses in hand.

We didn't sleep much at first, haha! But did rest eventually! But Sunday was the best of all. We stayed in bed most of the day and I only got out to feed and water us!

I have a very special relationship with this man. It's sensual, passionate, humourous, and intellectual, all rolled into one. The wait just made it all the more explosive.

He's off on his travels again this week, but we have plans for the weekend after this one. So until then the passsion just has to be virtual. That just heightens the anticipation for the next time.

Bon voyage Geo, I will see you in just over a week's time. xoxo
Yet another Friday night with Geo
Posted:Apr 27, 2014 2:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2019 4:22 am

Hello fellow bloggers,
Geo and I finally reconnected on Friday. It's been 3 weeks since we last met due to our schedules, but boy was it worth it.

We revisited the Turkish restaurant where we first met. The food is superb and the service brilliant. After being well fed and wined, we returned to my place and shared another bottle of Malbec while we caught up on 3 weeks news.

And so to bed........ we were both pretty exhausted, but managed to enjoy each others bodies before curling up and sleeping.

In the morning (always my favourite time with Geo), the passion just exploded. I can't describe the physical connection I have with this man. It's just intense, intimate and extremely satisfying.

Circumstances mean we won't be able to get together again now until early June. So I can only imagine how explosive that will be.

Geo is only 'on loan' to me until the end of the year, as he will then move around the other side of the world with his work. So I am just living for the moment and enjoying every minute of the time we spend together, because it's precious.

Since I met Geo 5 months ago, I would never have imagined it being like this. It just gets better and better. Sometimes you are lucky to connect with someone in this way and the fact that it is time bound makes it all the sweeter.

I could easily have said 'this is not for me', but fortunately I didn't!

Until next time then Geo........ xxxx
Another Friday night with Geo
Posted:Apr 6, 2014 2:37 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2014 4:48 am

Hello fellow bloggers.

After a 3 week break, Geo and I got together on Friday night. His busy schedule (which often takes him out of the UK) means there are often gaps in our meetings, but this goes with the territory.

We keep in touch daily between meetings, but arranging to get together always give us something to look forward to.

We usually go to local restaurants, but this time I suggested a carpet picnic at home. This would allow us to relax and catch up and generally just chill out.

We both have busy schedules, so this was a great idea. Some nice food, nice wine and just enjoying being curled up together.

We eventually retired to the bedroom and just enjoyed each other, before drifting off to sleep.

For me the exciting time is waking up with him next to me. And boy was it explosive! Well rested, we stayed in bed all morning and into the afternoon, having breakfast in bed between fully enjoying each others bodies (on several occassions! ).

I call this time rampant but relaxing. It is intense, passionate and extremely satisfying!

When we finally surfaced, we had a late lunch, then it was time for him to go.

It will probably be another 3 weeks before we get together again, but I know how it will be. I have no complaints on the satisfaction front. We are lucky to have what we have and just have to appreciate the time we do get together.

Thank you Geo for another lovely weekend xx
Geo, Viva & sunny London
Posted:Mar 20, 2014 1:43 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 7:34 am

Well fellow bloggers, I had a great weekend.

My long time friend (met through this site) came down to London for the day last Saturday. Hard to believe you could find a non sexual female friend through a site like this, but I did. I will always be grateful for that.

We spent Saturday morning and the early afternoon mooching around Covent Garden & Soho. It was lovely in the sunshine and when it's a day like that London is so special.

We met up with the Geo man late afternoon and headed for Chinatown where we shared a good meal.

Geo and I took Viva back to her train, then headed down to the river by London Bridge for a couple of drinks. We had booked a hotel nearby and spent a delicious night there in 4 star comfort. Fun and games in a Queen size bed comes highly recommended!

When we checked out on Sunday, we strolled along the river bank in the sunshine and stopped off for lunch. The good weather meant it was busy, but who would want to be anywhere else on a glorious day like that?

We continued our walk up to Waterloo and went our separate ways.

Geo's generosity gave me a fabulous weekend and I was able to catch up with my good friend too.

I really couldn't have asked for more. Happy me!
Post holiday evening
Posted:Mar 9, 2014 10:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2014 11:17 am

Hello fellow bloggers,
So I had my week away in the sun and had a fabulous break. Just what I needed.

I hadn't seen the delightful Geo for 3 weeks as we were both away at the same time, but we met up on Friday.

It was so good to see him again after our time apart. We went to a delightful little french restaurant not far from where I live and had a lovely meal.

Good food, good wine, good company. There isn't much more to say.......except for when we finally get nekkid! Passion just exploded, no doubt brought on by our time apart.

I love the time I spend with this man. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I know I'm a lucky girl and boy is he a lucky guy!

I just hope I'm not wearing him out too much!

Thank you Geo...... one happy smiling lady here
Geo...... the story continues
Posted:Feb 14, 2014 4:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2014 4:26 am

Well, what can I say? Spent another great evening/morning with Geo on the evening of the 7th and morning of the 8th Feb.

We finally got a booking at the contemporary Indian restaurant that we'd missed out on 2 weeks before. A super place, decorated just to my taste. I loved it. Good food, good wine and great service.

Then it was back to my place, for more wine and passionate encounters!

How do I describe what being with this man is like? Sometimes tender and loving, sometimes wild and abandoned. He has an uncanny knack of bringing out the best in me and the satisfaction is beyond belief. We rarely get much sleep, because we can't keep our hands off each other.

Whilst I love the evening session, what is different for me is waking up with him beside me and him reaching out and starting where we left off the night before! It's incredibly horny!

Then there are the little things, like a bed picnic. Eating & drinking with him beside me.

This is what has been missing for me for so long. It's intimate. He treats me as I know I deserve to be treated.

We text constantly and make each other smile He knows I haven't been well for a few days and has text me every day to check I am ok.

He is off on his travels for 2 weeks today, but we have just been texting right until he boarded the plane.

I will be away too shortly, so we won't meet up again until early March.

But boy, this is one glorious ride that I am enjoying to the full. Thank you Geo........ until we meet again and put all those plans into action!
Friday night with Geo
Posted:Jan 26, 2014 10:15 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 7:34 am

So, after a couple of pretty rubbish days, I was looking forward to Friday night.

After a few hiccups on the reservation front, Geo and I finally went for a meal at the restaurant we first met in. Great meal, great wine, great conversation, it certainly blew the dust off the week. I'm also developing a liking for Argentinian red!

We then retired and spent another fabulous night enjoying each other and discussing 'Glastonbury' amongst other things! I know he reads my blog so will know exactly what this is about! After a fabulous night, an equally fabulous morning!

We're hoping to meet up again in a couple of weeks, then both us will be away, so it may be 3 or so weeks before we can meet up again. Still, it's all about making the best of the time we have.

Who would have thought it turn out like this, after the first time we arranged to meet I very nearly didn't make it (London transport & not me to blame)! I'm glad I did....
Wined, dined and satisfied
Posted:Jan 12, 2014 7:41 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 7:34 am

Well fellow bloggers, it was time to see the New Year in with a bang!

I reconnected with the aforementioned Geo on Friday night. I wasn't sure how it would be, as due to his travel committments we hadn't seen each other for about a month.

We went out to dinner and I was able to show him one of my favourite places in my local area. We had a lovely meal and good wine, which was a relief as I picked the restaurant. You really don't want to go out and have bad food, do you? We even had a stroll in the rain, checking out all the fabulous properties in the area....... well out of reach unless I win the lottery!

We then spent the night together, although I don't think either of us got much sleep! This was followed by a fairly 'active' morning as well.

He hopefully won't be travelling for the next 2 or 3 weeks, so we just have to arrange an encore!

This could help with the diet and the insomnia all in one go!

I'm always thrilled when I find a 'diamond in the rough' on this site! Let the games commence!

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