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A Dry Spell  

wincardium 57F  
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6/18/2020 12:03 pm
A Dry Spell

It has been months since I last had sex. During this five-year stretch of what I call “responsible promiscuity”, these past months have been the proverbial dry spell.

I live in NYC, what was the epicenter of COVID-19. One of the largest, busiest cities on earth, brought its knees. From my window, I heard birds. Not the usual rush of vehicles below but….birds. Deathly quiet, as a pallor fell across the city.

It seems serendipitous that the last men I had sex with – Jazzman and Vanilla – were the I’ve known the longest in this time of responsible promiscuity. I adore them both. I adore being with them, feeling the warmth of their bodies on mine, their amazing kisses, and the love that happens when people care about each other and share it through sex.

Now, here in mid-June, I have been thinking about what I miss about and love most about sex. I miss sitting across from someone for the first time and wondering if this is someone I want fuc

I miss that very Catherine Deneuve feeling of walking into a hotel, finding the elevator, and ascending to the floor where I have made arrangements to meet someone. The soft-carpeting, the usually narrow hallways. The knock on the door and then it opens, and the smile of the man as he stands on the other side, waiting for me.

The sex during this time has been all different shades and flavors. I remember the 30-ish year from Ukraine. Tall, blonde. Handsome. The first time we met for a coffee, I would have done him right there and then he was so handsome. We met a few days later at a hotel. I opened the door and couldn’t understand why the room was so warm and realized that he had brought about 50 tea candles and they were lit in the room. He had soft music playing. Had brought wine, fruit. A urkranian cake. It was the first time I had ever had dragon fruit.

It was also the first – and only time, as it would turn out – that I would fuck and be fucked seven grand times in 3 ½ hours. We devoured each other. It was stupendous and amazing.

I miss the flirting. I miss the twinkle in the eye. All pretense is gone. We know why we’re here. I miss when the clothes fall off. I miss the power of it – I get choose, I get decide. I miss the sweet, furtive kisses, long and deep, filled with passion. Even a longing. I miss the times when it has been crazily carnal. No furtive kisses. It’s a straight fuc I am being pounded by a beast, legs spread open take him all in, or he’s behind , grunting and panting like a dying animal. Each<b> stroke </font></b>of his cock nearly lifts off the bed. My head is buried in pillows. All I can hear is the blood rushing in my ears as he pounds , long, deep thrusts of his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. My pussy is expanding take him all in. I have lost the ability spea Sometimes with Jazzman, I have been known call out Jesus, lol.

There truly is no other feeling similar sex. The amazing, glorifying pleasure of it. I miss being with men who have given themselves over the pleasure. Like Vanilla. Like Jazzman. No hangups, no guilt, no shame. When they cross that threshold, there is no turning bac And when that happens, its other-worldly.

NYC, as I write this, is entering into Phase 2. While we will all have to continue to be careful in this “new normal”, I look forward to seeing Vanilla and Jazzman. And other friends I have met here and new ones as well.

Paulxx001 63M
16750 posts
6/18/2020 6:42 pm

I felt THAT one !!!
Yep... Phew...

H4ndymann993 40M
3 posts
6/19/2020 8:23 am

The world is healing in so many different ways, here’s to hoping we all come out of this a little better!

Owatalife 63M
1561 posts
6/21/2020 12:51 am

I understand your frustrations. There was a time when for myself a long dry spell was the new normal although that was mostly due to not really trying to change anything. Now with so much uncertainty out there best to go with what you know one hundred percent.Well said about all the little things that add up any encounter being so much more enjoyable. Hope all goes well for you on your next one.

GeorgesBataille1 59M  
1 post
8/14/2020 10:47 am

You have kept me waiting two weeks, left only with the memory of your pretty smiling face as we ate fish tacos and I drank in the voluptuous glory of your figure in black. Now, it will be very soon when I get to unclad you and feel your magnificent breasts and ass. We will talk and have wine and let the erotic tension mount to where I will not be able to restrain myself. And I will have you at last.

Mmmm....but perhaps you deserve a small punishment for allowing my ardor to simmer for so long. Yes, I will oil your plump backside and and you will feel a few spanks, a prelude to passion.


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