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Love in the time of COVID-19  

wincardium 57F  
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3/29/2020 12:48 pm
Love in the time of COVID-19

With all respect all our healthcare workers and professionals, and “stay at home” protocols established by our governor, what’s a girl to do when she wants to get laid during the midst of a pandemic?

Very, very carefully.

I love AdultFriendFinder. I love the men – and a few women – that I’ve met on this site. Nearly five years and no complaints. None. It was on this site several years ago that I met, let’s call him Vanilla. Because his lily white ass is as pale as vanilla. I told him this morning that he needs to find a clothing-optional beach and get that lily-white ass the same color as his face. He smiled.

I have known Vanilla for probably close to years. I remember the first time we met: at a bar/restaurant near his work/home. Wasn’t a far drive, as I recall. He was very cordial, very respectful. Funny. He bought me a beer. I remember us sitting at this bar, laughing our asses off. I had already made my mind up about him before we met. On my way meeting him, I had bought my little “hotel/motel” bag: lingerie, something shower with, toothbrush, toothpaste and condoms. I left it in the trunk of my car. He didn’t know. As we were leaving, I told him. The opportunity hadn’t presented itself; it might have been too soon. We made plans to meet again and have been seeing it each other since.

How do I describe Vanilla? Slim. Tattoos from his military days. A few years older than me. Unbelievably virile, for someone his age. We try and sneak away when his schedule allows. While I describe him as Vanilla, he is nothing but. He has shared some stories of his “sexscapades” that have curled the hair on my nec Still waters run deep, I swear.

He’s waiting for at the hotel. I park next his vehicle and make my way the room. Afraid touch anything, he has left the hotel door partially open. And there he is, lying on the bed, wearing just his underpants. And socks. The world we live in these days requires a near religious obsession with wiping everything down; washing your hands for 20 seconds. Before I take my clothes off, I go to the bathroom, wash my hands. I pull out my baggie of wipes and start wiping doorknobs, light fixtures, the remote control. He’s got MTV on but I ask him to turn it off; it’s a distraction. We get in bed. White bra and white panties for . Socks, which I rarely wear. His skin is smooth. His hair always smells so clean and fresh. We embrace and kiss. I have not seen this man in months. I run my nails across this skin; his body spasms with each touch. The bra comes off. I take his massive cock in my mouth. He barely fits. I remember that he likes for me to lick his balls so I happily oblige. He’s groaning. We call each other “baby”. He’s in my mouth, hard as stone, his lily white ass in the air, groaning with pleasure. I can’t wait; I want him inside me. Just as an appetizer, I’m thinking. I know he wants to lick me to that special place that even the folks in Oklahoma can hear as I scream through my orgasm.

I mount his slim frame, kissing his body until his cock, standing straight like a light pole, is poised right under my already wet pussy. I slowly glide it in, slowly sit down on it. It’s tight at first, but my pussy has been stretched out by the lovely men I’ve met on here. Within a minute or , he is completely inside .

How do you describe the pleasure? That is the thing about sex: it is nearly indescribable. That first moment, when my willing and eager pussy stretches accommodate his massive cock, and when he is balls deep inside , is exquisite. Beyond words. He starts thrust upward inside , stretching further. My eyes are closed, my mouth is open. I grunt like an animal as he pulses faster. I want cum, I can feel it teetering on the edge, shimmering, I ride him like a , and begin fingering my greasy clit. Indescribable pleasure rolls across me and I cum hard and fast all over his coc But we’re just beginning.

cum sessions later – yes, Vanilla came an amazing times -- his cum running out of me, overflowing, down my leg and into my ass. His face is in my massive breasts, while I kiss his forehead, tickle his ear which drives him crazy. He has Pandora on and we have grooved all morning to amazing rock and roll, singing to each other under the white sheets to Prince’s “Kiss”, Journey’s “Separate Ways”. Queen, “Another One Bites the Dust.” Def Leppard not once but twice: Photograph and Pour Some on , which seemed particularly timely.

I am happy, I am content. Vanilla is a sweet man. It’s more than just the cock, gentlemen. Be sweet. Be funny. Vanilla wants my pleasure as much as I want his; the reciprocity is real. As is the love. And the socks in bed. In the time of COVID-19.

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3/29/2020 2:15 pm

nice post. hot too !

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