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Last Night  

winnipegjewel13 55F
4419 posts
4/6/2009 12:18 am
Last Night

What a wonderful time!
Went to the Ball with my roommate and a couple I know. We all get along wonderfully and have such a great time, no matter what we do but the Ball is extra fun, because we know so many people there and it is just a great time of seeing everyone. And people we don't know, they do, and vice versa. I got to meet many new people, and I love that.
Two girls we know were there and the three of danced so much that today my legs are killing me! LOL
Lots of great outfits and saw some new demonstration in the dungeon of a thing where a woman was wrapped all in plastic wrap, from shoulders to feet, tightly. I was wondering how that could be sexually fun, so I talked to the girl who was wrapped up. She said part of it is that you get so hot, so sweaty, and then an ice cube is rubbed over you, and that is sexually a turn on. Not something I would like for me, but hey, to each their own. Interesting to watch though.
We considered going to AQ after the Ball, but it is always so packed that night, we decided to just rent a hotel room. We got a very nice room at a nearby hotel with two king beds, and lots of extras. We had changed there before leaving and then headed back afterwards.
I went shopping this week with my extra windfall I had and bought a new camera. I really like it and it also takes some video in HD. And 12 mega pixels so the pictures are really clear.
The couple I know had wanted some photos as a keepsake so once we got back, they got undressed and got on their bed. They like to play with paddles and floggers and got out a small bit of their collection. They began to play and my camera was out and ready. I also took some videos for them. It was very interesting to watch, and sexy to see how much she enjoyed the playing. I started to feel like quite the amateur photographer! No expert, but it was fun. This went on for quite awhile and then things got a little hotter!
Finally, before I seemed to know what was happening, I was in bed with him and she was attacking my roommate! LOL
So the evening ended up better than I could have thought! He is quite the sexy guy and knew what he was doing, as he knew that I am not into any flogging or anything like that, so I was surprised how gentle yet sexual he was.
And she and my roommate were having quite a good time as well.
But before we knew it, it was 10am and we had to go home.
Can't wait for the next Ball. We plan to go together again!
Next time I hope they manage to get some photos or video of me!

rm_Quixy101 67M
9043 posts
4/6/2009 7:45 am

That sounds like a great time...good for you...Wish I could have been there, but maybe the next couple of weekends will make up for it...very very excited!!!

winnipegjewel13 replies on 4/7/2009 2:09 pm:
We can try!

MuchMusicMan1968 52M
2316 posts
4/6/2009 11:11 am

It was an awesome time!!

winnipegjewel13 replies on 4/7/2009 2:09 pm:
Wasn't it???

able202 70M
2953 posts
4/6/2009 2:58 pm

fantastic. It is so nice to read of happy fun times...


winnipegjewel13 replies on 4/7/2009 2:08 pm:
Can never have enough of them!

Eriond30 45M
122 posts
4/8/2009 10:03 pm

Nice to finally meet you! Sorry I didn't spend much time; I had a errr... real life friend showing up, and wanted to make sure I caught them coming in.

Saranwrap girl's a friend of mine, too

winnipegjewel13 replies on 4/9/2009 1:35 am:
No problem honey..... I knew so many people there that night I was running around talking to everyone! It was crazy!
But it was wonderful to finally meet you and your lady. And Saranwrap girl, was very patient explaining everything to me. She was very sweet.

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