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What is inside a old sofa  

winsie_sex 36F
858 posts
8/27/2018 4:35 am
What is inside a old sofa

Sugar daddy asked me to replace a very old sofa in his house. However, he is not in town, so I have to prepare porters to come in his house.

There were three men and asked me to open the door for them with new sofa. They tried to move the old sofa and dissaemble it part from part. They talk each other loudly during their work with the sound of screw driver.

After 10 minutes, they stopped everything and kept silent.

Porter A: oh...
Porter B: oh... what the ....
Porter A: You tell her la... hehe
Porter B: oh... I give you a chance to tell her .....
Porter B: Ok, let me ask her.... ah... Miss... I found this ... under the sofa ...
Winsie: Excuse me, what is it? (I am in the kitchen and drinking water)
Porter B: ah.. let me show you, please come...
Winsie: Yes ... show me....
What! They found my pant!
Winsie: oh, .... .... ... give it to me, sorry.
Porter A: Miss, wait, and this one....
What! They found a toy remote control!
Winsie: ok, give it to me.....
I felt that my face was turning red and red at this moment.
I believe sex on sofa is very common, but there are so many gaps on a sofa. It is easy to make something down inside a sofa.
So if you are going to replace your sofa, please check it fully before do it.

LQQK7979 M
444 posts
8/28/2018 9:37 pm

Thanks for the advice. It's so nice to imagine Sugar Daddy giving it to you on the sofa. Which you had some photos of it to post here

yulon2 65M
11996 posts
9/3/2018 1:28 am

What an embarrassing experience!

allkindsoffunhk 33M

11/9/2018 8:17 pm

miss your updates... when will you post more?

guarawolf 54M
42 posts
11/19/2019 7:12 am

very true, better check the sofa gaps before disposal...

winsie_sex 36F
330 posts
11/30/2019 4:22 am

Haha, yes i must do complete checking next time

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