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Good and bad  

womennomen 47F
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9/17/2020 6:37 pm
Good and bad

Bad yesterday i did deliveries heavy and stressful. Why cant people answer fast when they say contact them for subs? Atleast they tipped. Had to quit early cuz needed car and wrecked it. Fuck me. The hits keep coming. Atleast truck driver was at fault so hopefully it will be fixed soon but damn over 5 days worth of work. 8000 in damage. Shit. Good is i got to see fb today. Needed that. He started w my small wand n charge died but that didnt stop him. He knows he has magic hands. Very shortly i was riding him. We didnt have much time. We discussed politics. Ugh. He says trump i say trumps a tard. He says im a libtard whatever. I never have been a follow the crowd type. I dont give a fuck what people think ever. Step dad came by with a piece of furniture a foot rest but it opens so i wanted it. I filled it w<b> books. </font></b>Dogs use it as a bed. Was gonna drive today n tomorrow but i aint driving it looking like that. Found a pet game i play contest photos.

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