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9/4/2019 8:11 pm
Tell me...

Tell me

"Come on, tell me", he said, sounding a bit whiney.

"No", she repeated for the fourth time, "get the fuck away from me!"

I heard the commotion from half a block away, him pressing, yelling, calling her a bitch, her telling him t.o leave her alone. I rounded the corner and saw him raising his hand, and saying something like, 'You better... ' and I cleared my throat, stopping him. I wasn't sure what I'd do, but hoped m.y presence would just make him leave, though a part of m.e wanted to pound him into the ground, make him a geological marker of where that shit wouldn't be tolerated. Gina was a friend of a couple years, but she'd been locked up in this 'situation', with this guy Bruce, who she thought she loved, but it turns out she'd mistaken a big, bossy cock f.or passion and then f.or love. She'd told me as much, with a lot of blushing and euphemisms hiding her shyness on the topic, but in the end I knew she had grown tired of his demands, drama, and uncaring attitude, and it was clear he had anger issues. He'd become a sniveling, and potentially abusive asshole, as I'd just witnessed. I was a foot taller, and though I'd never hit anyone in m.y life, he didn't know that, and was naturally cowed by m.y size. It wasn't that I was so tall as he was pretty short.

"I'm fukin' outta here" I heard him say with a grunt, and he shuffled off t.o his moped and started it, gunned it, stalling, then starting it again, gunned it again and swerved t.o nearly miss a car's rear bumper before finally riding away. I guessed Karma was fucking with him.

"You OK?" I asked Gina when close enough.

"Yeah" she sighed, "I told him it was over, shove off and leave me alone, but he thinks he owns me. Asshole." she says, standing up t.o give me a hug. I squeezed her tight, lifting her off the ground for a moment, popping her back, as I always did.

"Thanks" she huffed from my arms as I put her down. "That always helps" she said. "I'm so frustrated!- hate being embroiled in such a mess! The sex died month's ago t.oo!" She said exasperated, then blushed realizing what she'd said.

"Oh!" I said, a bit surprised, but also shy of the subject, as I thought that's what she was in it for. "Sorry".

"What are you sorry for?" she asked, "you're make m.y life bearable."

"Oh?" I mumbled, flattered. Gina is a completely unique woman. Her height makes her stand out, so short that she's often mistaken for a . She has very small breasts too, but if you really look at her, you can see wisdom in her eyes, on things other than boyfriends, it seems, and her thighs, and body in general are a woman's. She's beautiful in an imperfect way, a real person.

"Other than the asshole, how are you?" I asked.

"The truth?" she asked as if about t.o go on. "Never mind" she said thinking twice.

"Yeah, the truth" I said wanting her t.o continue, "We're friends, you can tell me anything. I mean it"

She thought a moment, and looked like she'd defer, so I took her hand and said with mock bossiness, "spit it o.ut."

We'd known each other only a little less than two years, and we grew close quickly. Our houses backed up t.o each other, and we started talking initially over the back fence while hanging clothes t.o dry. She was 28, I 26, an affinity by default. I'm not really sure what brings us together, but we talk easily, openly for the most part, but have always skirted getting closer.

She fiddled with her Converse for a bit longer, then said, "OK", and looked away another moment before talking. "I'm embarrassed to talk about it."

"I'm a listener, and I'll never judge you, think less of you, you know? - I mean, unless you come out with some egregious offense like being republican" I laughed.

She smiled, "I know. But we've never talked about this kind of thing" she said, hinting that it might be very personal, sex, or our bodies, or something, though we did know each other's bodies pretty well, and had never hesitated to be affectionate.

"Try me" I said. I truly am a good listener, and am interested and want to help.

"OK, it's about sex" she said looking away.

"OK, it's about sex" I said. "Deep breath then"

"I don't know what I'm doing" she said exhaling exasperation. "I feel like I try this and try that, and it isn't fun, and it bores the hell out of me. I never have orgasms, feel like I'm probably frigid or something, but I want t.o--I feel passion, I daydream about sex and passion and romance and all that stuff. What the fuck??" she finishes.

"Hmmm" I said scratching my goatee and playing at very serious. She laughed and smiled brightly, relieved by my humor, and my heart warmed.

"What do you mean, 'you try stuff?'" I asked, being more normal and concerned, and curious too.

"Well, like blowjobs, riding him, doggie style" she said blushing.

"So you don't enjoy them?" I asked

"I do, sort of. I just feel like I'm being something for him, and it's exciting for a few seconds, then my mind kicks in and I realize I'm playing a role, one that's not me" she clarified. "Anyway, doesn't matter much because he's an asshole and we're not together anymore, but it's really bummed me out. I've never really had the magical experiences people talk about" she finished.

"What people?" I asked winking. This inside joke was how we reminded each other of generalizations. "Well..., maybe you simply don't know what you want, and therefore don't let go. You're very kind, helpful to others... maybe you're trying too hard for others, but not doing for yourself?" I asked.

"Maybe" she admitted. "But it's like this limiter kicks in once I get started, and it keeps me from ever getting going, you know?"

"I get that" I said. "Do you, um, do yourself? Masturbate?" I asked sheepishly.

"Yes, of course!" she said laughing awkwardly.

"Do you enjoy it? I mean, does it feel good, you have orgasms, get wet, all that?" I ask, feeling kind of like a sex therapist now.

"Hell yeah!" she said enthusiastically.

"Well, you're not frigid" I said with a snort, "but when alone, you do for yourself. So it's not about you, it's about you and the boyfriend."

"I guess, makes sense. But why? You'd think I would just take for myself from that asshat!" she concluded.

"Good question to ask yourself" I said feeling wise.

"Have you ever had a feeling, like you just wanted to shed your clothes and be... I don't know, free, liberated, just do what feels right and good, rather than existing under the blankets of propriety, morals, dignity, all that? Like hopping in a car and going wherever you want - we never do that!" she exclaimed.

"All the time, " I said, "and I've been lucky to be able to do so a number of times. You know I went to Burning Man a couple times? That atmosphere is freeing, and raw, with the constraints of the heat and dryness and dust and sand and all, but you can walk out of your tent with nothing on, and nobody will look twice. Well, not 'nobody', but most people there don't even notice."

"I'd love to go" she said thinking, "but we shouldn't have to go be with others who think similarly just to be free." She said determinedly.

I had a thought, based on an experience I had with some friends on a cross country trip a few years back. "Let's go" I said taking her hand and pulling her to my car.

"Where?" she asked surprised.

"Don't worry about it" I said, "It won't be far or weird, I promise" I said, going out on a limb, because it could be weird, for her.

We jumped in the car and I headed for 212, to a spot I knew and loved on the Monacacy river. When we arrived, I thought maybe I should have blindfolded her or something to be more mysterious, but she recognized we were going to the river pretty soon. We got out and I grabbed my backpack, and led her to a crook in the river about 1/4 mile up stream where it was a long distance from the road, not near any homes, and the best part, it took some bushwacking to get to. I knew of one hard to find path to get in there and showed her the way. The river bed was made up of a fine gravel, not muck like much of the river, and the banks were large boulders and grass, a perfect hidden spot.

She made to sit down, and I stopped her. "No, don't sit yet." I pulled ou.t the blanket I had grabbed from the car and spread it in the grass. "Now, this is why I brought you here" and I took my shirt off saying, "now your turn" and turned to her to wait.

"What?" she said surprised.

"Take your shirt off" I said, "Nobody is around but me, and you can be free, and feel safe. Take your shirt off." I thought she might do it, and was trusting instinct that she felt comfortable enough to do so.

She reached for the lower hem crossing her arms and pulled it up over her head. It was a halter bra type sports top, so she was completely free now. I touched her shoulder then, "There, how's it feel?"

Looking down at herself, she said, "It feels fucking great!"

I undid my belt then, and slipped my pants and boxers off, t.o her surprise, and there I was completely naked in front of her.

Gawking, she said, "And I suppose I'm to follow suit, so to speak?"

"Yes" I said, "It won't hurt, and you'll feel great"

She followed suit, hooking her thumbs in her waistband and pushing both her shorts and panties down and off over her high-tops. "OK, we're both naked" she said, "in the woods next t.o a river. Are there drones here?" she asked laughing.

"No" I said, "Now you can sit down." We sat next t.o each other, and I couldn't help but look at her, again, her perfectly imperfect body. I saw a wonderful birthmark to the right of her right breast, just off to the side, and said, "Kentucky". She looked at me funny.

"What? Kentucky?"

"You're birthmark" I said, "looks like Kentucky."

"Oh, shit" she said in wonder, "You're right! I'd never seen it from another's perspective, just looking down, upside down, and in a mirror, backwards. I'll be damned!"

I smiled, both because we were having fun, and because she already found something out about herself from me. I liked that. "Ask me anything, about my body, sex, anything" I said.

Warming to the adventure, she smiled and said, "OK. Hmmmm" mock thinking, hesitant.

"Does anything just pop into your mind?" I asked prompting her. "That you stop yourself from asking?"

"Ok, yes" she said, "Something does pop into my mind. Since you started this, it'll be a question for you." I waited. "How long is your cock when hard?" she asked.

Taken a little aback, I realized she was participating fully in the exercise, and that now I had to as well. "Honestly, never measured it" I said sheepishly. "I'm average length though" I affirmed. My cock grew a little just from the attention it had just gotten.

"Let's measure then" she said flashing a devilish smile.

"How?" I said dumbly, but my cock grew some more even as I said it.

"My fingers are 5 1/2" when fully splayed" she said, "we can use them to measure."

I was mostly hard now, but also curious how she knew how wide her fingers were. "How do you know how wide your fingers are?" I asked.

"I use them to measure when I make clothes, for a rough measure" she explained, reaching over and touching my cock, cupping it in her palm, as it quickly grew to full attention. Spreading her fingers wide she placed the pinky in my pubes at the base and the thumb as far as she could spread, which was the base of the head. "Hmmm" she said, "looks like six and a half inches, about an inch longer than my hand. That's above average" she said, correcting me.

I figured it was my turn to embarrass her, maybe. "How big was Bruce's?" I asked.

"About the same, a bit thicker I think, but it never mattered. I hated his." she concluded. My cock was coming down now that the attention was no longer on it. It was hot in the sun, so we went to the water's edge and sat on a rock with our feet in the water. "Have you had 'great sex'?" she asked using her fingers to quote.

"Oh, I don't know" I said.

"Don't give me that" she said, "talk!" again with that glint in her eye.

"Yes, I have" I said, paying now for my creative invention of this therapy. She had me answering questions too.

She waited for me to proceed, and I didn't. "Come on, tell me" she prompted.

"I've had some very thoughtful girlfriends" I said, "who liked what I did for them, and so in return, they did for me." I said it cagily, because I didn't know if I wanted to talk about my great experiences against her bad ones.

"How's that different from what I got myself into?" she asked, appearing truly curious.

"Well, it's about one's heart, I think. When you dedicate yourself selflessly, I mean - you hope you'll get something in return, but if you don't, it's not like a debt is owed or something, so when you do something for someone and it is meaningful, pleasing, moving, sometimes the person WANTS to do something for you, sometimes something unique, special." I explained, still hesitating, unsure.

"Like you bringing me here" she said matter of factly. "Thank you, I really feel better, and appreciate the gesture. It's not weird at all, because you're such a good friend." she said leaning over and kissing my shoulder. "Tell me more, like what you would do, specifically."

"Uh, well, I. Uh"

"HEY!" She said with mock sternness, "You tell me and stop NOT playing your own game!" again the wicked glint in her eye.

"Ok, you asked for it" I warned. "I basically took my time" I said.

"Doing what?" she prompted again.

"Uh, giving her pleasure, making her cum, going down on her." I said quickly, still blushing.

"And what did you do specifically" Gina asked, "Show me" she said. "Don't worry, I like this exercise, and I'm all in. I love you, and I trust you, and I think you can show me what a proper way to be treated is, and maybe I can show gratitude. I think this IS the solution I needed" she concluded being absolutely sincere.

"Are you sure?" I asked, wanting to be sure this big step didn't ruin our friendship.

"I'm sure" she said with finality.

"Well, here's what I might do." I turned to her, and kissed her, putting my hands in her kinky hair and pulling her mouth to mine. I kissed her gently at first, and feeling urges deep inside, kissed her harder, more ardently than I'd expected t.o feel. I wondered for a moment whether I'd fallen in love with her some time ago, and maybe this exercise was a way fo.r me t.o also find that magic through her.

"That is nice" she said when I strayed to her neck after our long kiss. I gently pushed her back on the warm rock, our feet still dangling in the water, and kissed her again, and again, my tongue finding her wonderful taste, our lips mashed, but matched well, and I felt her breath, taking from me, and going back into me. My hands were exploring, gripping her shoulders, squeezing as I kissed her more, careful not to push too hard into the rock. I lifted myself to look at her, and she looked at me, a serious, pensive look, but also longing and the beginning of tears. "I'm happy" she said, now bursting into tears and pulling me down in a wet hug.

"Me too" I said, surprised, also feeling emotional. She stopped crying and continued breathing into the crook of m.y neck, kissing me lightly, then kissing my mouth, before sitting up and pushing me up. She took m.y hand and led me to the blanket and lay down there. I resumed kissing her, kissing her tear-stained eyes, licking the salty tears, and kissing her mouth with them on m.y tongue. She grew more ardent, kissing me hard, and gripping m.y neck and pulling me t.o her. When we came up for air, she pushed my head to her chest.

"Hey" I said softly, "I'm supposed t.o be showing you what I'd do." I finished laughing lightly.

She laughed t.oo and said, "proceed, sir"

I lay over her on one elbow, kissed her right breast below where it met her stomach. My tongue traced the line there, around and up to where the line disappeared into her clavical. I repeated on her left breast, then once above, slid my lips down and found her nipple, my tongue circling lightly, then more insistently. She moaned and squirmed slightly, splaying her arms out completely relaxed.

I enjoyed her breasts, sucking her small, but protruding nipples, licking around them, which made her sigh. I continued, but not so much that she grew raw. My right hand found her right thigh and squeezed as I finished attending t.o her nipples f.or the moment. My fingers found her wet, hot, and engorged, and I was thirsty f.or her. I slid below her, and kissed her inner thighs, her crevasses to each side of her mound, the curly, fine, dark hair where I breathed hot breath over her cunt, and she moaned again. My tongue explored, finding each lip, each fold between each lip, exploring, then finally diving into her cunt for a dip in her nectar, a tap at her clit. Her cunt was small when I first saw her naked, lips little petals, but now her wet lips were larger, protruding, inviting petals open and ready. I sucked them, licked and explored more. Her cunt was open to me, a small hood and button barely available crowning her, and I explored that hood, and the pearl inside. She moaned and shuddered when I touched it at first, then as I pressed on, she twisted, her head rocking from side to side, and she held her hips intentionally still with obvious difficulty, so as not t.o lose m.y directed attention. I slipped a finger inside her, m.y other hand holding her ass, pulling her tighter t.o me, locking her in contact with my mouth. My finger curled up and pressed into her, my knuckle pressing at her ass as I pushed deep into her. She was streaming her slightly salty slick liquid now, and writhing, breathing so deep and hard, that I knew she would explode soon. I lightened the pressure, prolonging, before I increased again, lightened, teasing some, and increased again. Her arms flew down and shoved my lips tight t.o her cunt as her hips thrust into me, and she rolled over the edge letting out a wail, a cry of joy, tears in her eyes, and shaking like she was shivering. I held on, but let her move, following along with her, now letting up, kissing, encouraging as the tide subsided, then lay completely still with tears in her eyes looking at the sky. I covered her cunt with m.y hand, a warm gesture, a keepsake, and slid up t.o be next to her. She kissed me deeply, kissing away her own juices, licking my face, chin, and savoring herself, but I knew moreso, what I'd just done f.or her. "Thank you" she said, "Thank you, for showing me what you do, what to do" she mewed. "I love you, I just realized" she said.

"I love you t.oo" I said, and I meant it, the awakening just begun. Because I knew her, I knew that we'd both experience joys at each other's hands, and mouths, and cock and cunt, and was looking forward t.o this new experience.

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