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Reach for me here
Posted:Aug 3, 2019 8:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2019 6:22 pm
This is where you can a message and it won't be seen by others. If you're looking for writing, check erotic stories by rm_wordswolf and those are mine. love hear from people, so comment away!

I'd appreciate it if comments were meaningful. Stop with the single words, though if you can imbue depth, meaning, and wit in a single word, have at it~!
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Informal pole - women experience ACTUAL earth-shattering orgasms
Posted:Jan 1, 2020 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2020 6:34 pm
The title is a lie - sure, I've had many girlfriends experience powerful orgasms, but from m' research on the topic, it turns o ut that at least 10% of those I thought orgasmed, did not.

OK - women orgasm when they are in control of their own orgasm. Women sometimes orgasm complements of the ministrations of men, often oral, digital, or toy inspired, (or a combination), but MANY women do not orgasm, even when they pretend to! In particular, vaginal intercourse is a difficult way for a woman to orgasm for many reasons that include all the nuances of the state of the cock doing the work. Light pressure building up t o harder and harder pressure works pretty well. But for men, they often start very hard, the soften during intercourse. Women therefore sometimes pretend, in honor of the dude's great effort, t o have orgasmed. In interviewing women, many have said they are not doing it o ut of spite and that they do enjoy the , even without the orgasm, but they do admit that had they orgasmed due t o their partner's efforts, that it would be worlds different, profound....
I'm fortunate t0 have experienced women's orgasms, head clamped, her voice changing tones I'd never heard since or before, her chest flushed rose, and m y tongue feeling the contractions in her cunt, finding the juice flowing, and knowing, just knowing that it has happened again. I'm proud of what I've experienced, because - honestly, sometimes it does take true work and dedication.


What's your experience?
HOT couple sex
Posted:Jan 1, 2020 2:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2020 7:52 pm
Turns out that more than half the time couple's profiles are occupied by the male half, often admitting in the first sentence that 'Just the male half playing now' - do you ever wonder why?

I don't even acknowledge couple's profiles now (except on rare occasions) and usually even when I do reach out to a couple, it's the man present, not the wife. In some cases the man says the woman will be on later in the day. I'm skeptical.

Any 'light' you can shed on this is welcome.

New year, new decade, and fucked if I thought of it too late
Posted:Jan 1, 2020 1:35 pm
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2020 2:21 pm
As I was debating my evening plans on NYE, I realized that what would have TRULY made the evening special is have found a partner in crime - agree meet and work each other into an orgasmic state to culminate precisely at midnight!!

DAMN DAMN DAMN - Missed opportunity!! I know that, like me, there are many VERY passionate people, not just sex-fiends, but truly passionate, romantic people who were looking for something last night. Hell, that's why so many single people are online today - because they were left empty, bored, bereft - on the turn of the new year and new decade.

I'm ready to engage my mojo, to please a woman, to help her arrive at a smile, to perhaps inspire a daydream while at work, of the time we spent together when I helped her to regain her belief that people really do exist who care, who are determined to give pleasure, to please.

Happy NEW year and NEW DECADE to you all. May we find both pleasure and some kind of love in this new year.

All of that said, If anyone would like to inaugurate the New Year with a much needed orgasm - with or without you, I will be doing so myself, but of course, all the better with inspiration from a spirited partner. Communication is key - if you don't , you can't win.

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This could be you...
Posted:Dec 29, 2019 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2019 2:35 pm
I love the taste of a woman. LOTS of women here say they LOVE to be tasted. We were made for each other.

This could be you!
Dude wants my cum
Posted:Dec 29, 2019 6:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2020 7:10 pm
I got a dude im's me every time I get online and tells me something about wanting to go down on me, or how it's a no strings thing, he just loves to suck straight cock... that's all, he assures me. He won't beat me up and take my wallet and phone, he assures me. He JUST LOVES TO SUCK STRAIGHT COCK, he assures me regularly. Today, he chimed in and offered to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. Jebus - I mean, do I give off some vibe that I enjoy being 'shallowed' at? I did with him for some time asking questions, trying to figure out how successful he is in his pursuit, etc. He bragged. I asked him if he deepthroats guys, and he of course said yes, so I sent him a picture of 'my cock' - a " monster I pinched from wherever, and he said 'no problem'.

He doesn't take no for an answer, is persistent despite some intellectual abuse (I fucked with him quite a bit). I did learn a few things about him that may or may not be true. I said I might consider dropping by on my way through, and he got all nervous and said, 'when' - I told him 'when' and he said, 'can you make it a bit later?' I asked why, and he said it was because his BF was leaving and he'd be free after 10. So I learned that he has a BF, or - perhaps he had another appointment. No matter - I was never planning to stop.

'Meat market' comes to mind and I sigh, worried about our society, our country, and that the political scene is making things even worse, bad examples at the top and all that, lies and more lies, and that bad, shitty really - behavior is OK because it's OK at the top.

I can't blame the self proclaimed leader of the free world for gay men trolling straight dick, but damn they feel like part of one whole. Or... hole?

Onto a better new year and decade... maybe, just maybe we'll see some turnover, and I'm not talking about bakery fare!

Secrets, trust...
Posted:Dec 29, 2019 6:15 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2019 6:16 pm
Remember that post-secrets phenom? A guy invited people to send him postcards anonymously and he eventually published a book with them. Then another... I don't recall how it started, but the outcome was that people have secrets, personal secrets - that they felt better about sharing with no chance of being discovered. For some, it might be being here... looking for love or intimacy, or just good sex because they're not getting it 'at home', sometimes it's just not enough sex... because some people have very powerful needs.

The tops of many of our blogs have private areas where we require review of comments so that people can send comments that others never see. I invite you to take advantage of that. I'll not only not make them public, but will delete them if you like. If it makes you feel better to get something off your chest.

The new year is coming soon, and maybe we want to get something off our chests to start a clean slate?

Happy, merry, joyeux, gelukkig, szczęśliwego, craciun, καλά...
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Who doesn't like short shorts?
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 6:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2019 8:30 pm
So is a short short post... just a few words see if anyone else is finding IM buggeredly annoying tonight. People come online for a minute, then disappear, then online again, then disappear... over and over again, some are often present...

Short in the dark!

Question for couples -
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 12:08 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2019 1:44 am
I've been contacted a of 'couples' - in all cases though, it's been the half, and so far in all cases, the female half has not been present for the chat. In one case, a guy tried to talk me into interest in BDSM and sent a SLEW of pictures of his wife including a recording of her screaming in orgasm (he said)... kind of creepy, as he was so determined I should try it.

AND - I've noticed more and more 'couple's' profiles with 'just the male playing at this time'... thoughts on that are welcome too. I think they should get their own and let the couple lie dormant.

Couples - do you both participate in the search?

Any theories on why these six times the woman was not present for any of the chats? (I do see that some profiles say the husband will vet candidates... )

Food, sweet, sexual food
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 9:48 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2019 9:49 am
**from a previous blog rm_wordswolf
Food - sexual food

I'm not talking about bananas here - done that.Banana time?

I'm talking about food that is sexual - a fact of life, pollination, brings about some other facts of life - sexy foods. Whether slippery and wet, formed drive our minds wild, the perfect substitute, or just plain sexy eat together, food has always been one of my favorite foreplays. I'm a vegetarian and a vagitarian - I just don't like meat or the problems it causes. But I've been turned on high by sharing sexy foods. I admit, it's not entirely the food - while feeding each other strawberries or juicy peaches is a definite juice inducer, there's no getting away from the fact of being with the right person who understands and relishes such activity.

I could go into all the wonderful foods and their qualities, most notably the ripe mango, but I'll let your imagination go where it will, hopefully to a place where some food has turned you on.

I tried the whipped cream date - a picnic with a girlfriend where I brought ripe cantaloupe, and whipped cream, and while we had fun throwing it around like , it had an ill conceived after-bite. It soured rather quickly... and we couldn't get washed up soon enough. This was young and early love, and we were still shy about even being naked with each other. Today we'd likely have cleaned it off of each other, but then, it was a relatively good idea gone bad.

Since then though, I've enjoyed mangoes with lovers, honey, honey dust, honey liquor - all excellent sexual foods in moderation. I've also enjoyed wonderfully simple, home-made meals, fresh and luscious ingredients, pizza comes to mind, but truly, achingly and lovingly made pizza. Pizza and a red wine... stellar.

One of the past loves of my life also used to make tomato sauces with dried cherries. Mmmmm...

One of my personal, sexy, but very simple pleasures is a salad with dark greens, lots of colorful vegetables, and some nice accouterments or non-standard salad fare. Capers or good black olives come to mind, but I've also enjoyed potatoes, hot and cold, avocados of course, strawberries and grapes, pears, and many other ingredients on my salads. These are not sexual in the same way a mango is, but their bareness, plain and simple freshness make them akin to nudism. I've never slathered them in creamy dressings either.. just oil, pepper and rice vinegar.

I've had some deserts that were orgasmic - pears in liquor or braised pears, for example, honey roasted grapefruit, juicy, just-so peaches and mangos... I can't help but think of sex when eating these.

What foods pique your libido?
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Prairie nights of love and lust.
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 9:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2019 9:42 am
** from a previous blog at rm_wordswolf
Night fell hard, a curtain trailing it's soft summer purple and orange edge and pulling a sheet of sharp stars glittering across the sky. We'd been working dusty hard in the gardens, giving the chickens a better home, and keeping up our symbiosis with mother Nature. In the mid-western heat and dry wind, the fine dust cakes like damp flour in our creases, and we had cakes and parched throats and sun-bleached hair despite drinking gallons of water each day, a mid-day hose down, and our light summer farm clothes.
Working for love is different than working for , and we found ourselves working harder, living harder, and loving hard. When days end, we're spent, but thirsty, eager for the rewards of honest living, savoring the freedom, and steeping ourselves in this shared, blissful solitude. Days spent working together, we watched and hungered for each other. I watched and admired Ren for her talents, her ability to organize a space, to plan a garden, to nurture. She appreciated my manual skills, tools and mechanical knowledge.
We filled the tub, carried a jug of chilled honey wine and a pizza I had prepared to the back yard. The pizza went into the oven, the jug of wine into the terra cotta chiller, and we stripped and with our sea sponges cleaned the dust and grime off each other in the outdoor shower before dinner. most nights it cooled off quickly, but everything stayed warm from the days blazing sun. Tonight was no exception, topping out above 98 degrees, the earth beneath our feet was still above 80 half an hour after the sun had set.
We fired up the pizza oven many nights and created new variations using the gifts of our gardens and goats. Some nights just tomato, basil and cheese, some half the variety the garden produced that wee Some nights we put the pizza in and washed up, but unable keep our hands off each other, we'd end up making love, meandering here and there, fucking against a split rail fence, the barn wall, in the grass, before we'd have hose down again, rescuing a nearly burned pizza at an interstices.
Five ago we'd dug a dry well covered by a brick patio with no mortar. Water soaks in and dries out in the next day's sun. Our tub, a full 6 foot early 20th century porcelain relic from a former asylum, would be there in thousands of , soothing our ancestors. We'd plugged the overflow to fill it full up from our solar heated storage tanks. We captured water each spring in 500 gallon tanks and filtered through sand and heated with the sun during those long hot summer days, always anticipating our evening baths. We had enough rain during the summer replenish our cisterns and had been able bathe into the fall most . We collected water from several barn roofs through a series of time delayed gate-valves that would give the rain eight minutes wash the roof clean, then open start filling the cistern. We found the water cleaner from the start that way. We had a third tank that supplied the house in addition a wind-driven Artesian well pump, all the comforts, no costs.
Tonight we hopped in the tub after our wash-down, after touching each other everywhere, the desire building. The pizza and wine were on the deck abutting the tub's edge, and I fed Ren, and she fed , and the day's aches soaked away. We relaxed, taking a short nap after the pizza was gone. The fruit trees were producing, plums and peaches now. I'd grabbed a few for a terrestrial desert, and fed them Ren, who shared with , enjoying the juices dripping down our chins, requiring each clean the other before the next bite. We spent an hour in the tub, then toweled each other off, and the nature of being so close to nature, of feeling so good about the fruit of our labors, inspired us to hold each other, wrap one large towel around us both, and I slipped into her, and just stood there connected beneath the stars, awed by our fortune, grateful for each other. Soon, I withdrew and lay her down on the deck cushions. We heard the barn cats exploring, and I delved into my desert, she awaiting her own reward. Like percussion therapy, her orgasm released the days tensions, and she became jelly for some time, gasping at first, then breathing deeply, her face to the stars. This life refilled our passions constantly, and we were bubbling brews of love potions for each other, reviving over and over during each day. We lay there side by side while she recovered, then I felt her hand on my cock, covering it as it grew in her hand, cupped reverentially like a protectress of a ceremonial object. She turned quickly and took me in her mouth, hungrily siphoning off my stress. When I came, she drank smiling and laughing, letting me buck til spent, then came and kissed me with a sly smile on her lips.
We had no routines - each night some difference, a sweet and savory pizza, cold beers, deep red wine. We felt a rhythm with the land and sky, adjusted to whatever came our way, the torrential downpours would drive us inside to the bed beneath the skylights where we watched the storm together. Winter found us reading, writing, talking in the heart of the house by the stove, often at opposite ends of the couch each with our own lamp and side table littered with tea and papers, books, and dreams.

Summers were our favorite - we worked hard, less time for reading and writing, but we were executing our plans from the winter before, growing more food, building better systems of sustenance, and of course, spending the warm nights in love. We loved each other beyond what most films could portray, but
our reality included arguments, arguments that always settled, that always garnered respect for one another, and consideration. In most cases we both recognized our own errors, misunderstandings or misinterpretations, or other issues dragged into our paradise from previous trainings. We always ended up mouths to cunt and cock though, sometimes with her riding me, sometimes with me massaging her, making love from behind, on the kitchen floor, the porch swing...
Some nights she'd climb on top of me, her mouth to my cock, her cunt hovering over my face awaiting another desert. Ren's juice is clear, slick and sticky, a slight salt flavor, and a tonic for me. I can taste our work, the earth and rain and distant ocean in her. many times each day, I wonder at our fortune, and love and lust for her more.
We sound isolated, but we are not. We arranged ten prior buy a series of farms with a large group of friends. Some likened it a commune, a tight community like the Amish live, but we're all independent, and while also mostly of similar political and social persuasions, our friends in the surrounding thousands of acres include gay couples, a trans friend we both knew as a man in college, and a minister and her wife. They're the people we know, not a designed community, but we all wanted live freely and from the land. We have groups of friends who live in the nearest town, a town with 2 hotels, bars, one independent grocer, a small community college, and five thousand residents. We're god-parents four , adopted, and we're aunt or uncle half a dozen others. We're intimate with several of our friends, sometimes spending nights under the stars together - yes - naked, and yes, we've had group sex with some. All our friends are OK with each of our decisions, whether their own beliefs or comforts. It's how we all get along so well, our model society of love.
By :15, Ren and I have climbed the stairs, now tired from a day of work and making love, but eager be together in bed beneath the stars. The house had cooled some, our heat pump working overtime to bring the bedroom temperature to a comfortable level. We slept under a single cotton sheet in summer, and lying down, I turned to spoon Ren and we were asleep before saying good night.
WW - join this group Words, brains, & other hot sex!
Simple Umber Beauty
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 9:28 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2019 9:31 am
*** From a previous blog I ran under rm_wordwolf

"You are sooooooo beautiful" I said hovering over Embuka, my cock just dividing her slick, pink lips. I knew her lips well, having just studied them so closely. I had tasted, touched, and explored with my finger tips, my thumbs slipping into her, then into my mouth. Her rich, dark umber skin glistened beneath , and deep brown eyes pierced mine.

"Mmmmmmmm, that feels sooo goood" she purred, her French accent lending her words a touch of velvet complimenting her skin.

My limbic system was in overdrive, my eagerness, love, and adoration overflowing, my five senses fully engaged, pulse beating away. I was a single nudge of one emotion from exploding, and my balls eager, pressurized. Hovering there, I slowly lowered myself into her, feeling every new sensation along the journey, a journey I now knew so well, but felt entirely fresh every time. "Oooommmmmmmhhh," she moaned raising her hips to me, and I exhaled as I came into full contact with her, buried deep. I pressed hard, upward, tensing my cock as it strained to it's goal. The hard stop there was my desired goal, the strong bend of my cock reaching her spot perfectly. She shuddered on contact, tilting her cunt back to feel a stronger pressure there, when we began to move in unison. No boring pumping would happen here, that was reserved for the inexperienced. We rotated, gyrated, squirmed, came apart and together with intense motions, with emotions, and I concentrated on her pleasure, on that spot, reading her moans, feeling her motions, watching her eyes as they squinted at times, fell heavy at others, and when right on, rolled back into her head as her chin rose and she groaned from deep inside such that I could feel it in my coc

My cock was no hero, barely above the much disputed average, from what I could tell, but I'd grown so accustomed to reading Embuka, that we worked like a trapese act, each holding the other fast, then releasing, catching, and coming back together safely, with a strong grip. She was beautiful, long and slender, hips strong, thighs muscular, her breasts single mouthfulls, chocolate drops, only that wonderful umber. Her passion showed in the sweat over her lip, the glisten in her eyes, and the juice that just slicked her cunt when her desire rose. Her breasts glistened, both hot and cool to the touch, her eager nipples reached for my mouth, called to my fingers. She didn't gush or dribble, just glistened around my cock, and a sweet glisten it was. Her ass was strong, perfect round globes I pulled without getting lost in flesh, firm and smooth and cool to the touch. The scars she bore, on her brow, her left cheek, her shoulder, reminders of the complex lives we live, touchstones that keep us moving forward, and away from those hard, too simple times.

"Reste" she purred, asking me to stay deep inside. I complied, supporting myself on my elbows, watching her, feeling her slow, careful motion. Her hips pushed onto me, her thighs rising slightly as she tilted her pelvis in small increments. She gasped, groaned, took in a sharp breath, exhaled long and slow before she yelped, moving rapidly me, and I pushed into her, slid out slightly before pushing in again, and pressing hard, my muscles tightened, her cunt tightened around me then fluttered, squeezing and releasing my cock rapidly as I spasmed into her. I caught her eyes now rolled back into her head, her chin up , her breasts shooting into the air as our orgasms rolled, butt against each other, and rolled off again. Every slight movement shot a wave through one or the other or both of us. An hour later - minutes really - we collapsed, my softening cock now gripped tenderly in her cunt, our juices slick between us, and rolling on our sides facing each other, we embraced, holding tight to each other.

The sun had risen a moment before, our ritual love-making at sunrise starting yet another day. We kissed, we breathed each other, warmed our cooling bodies, and took one last cat-nap before rising for the day. "Je t'aime" she said sleepily. "Je t'aime" I said in response.

Respectfully submitted by WordsWolf, (C) 2019, WordWordWords (C) 2019

View my blog rm_WordsWolfand wordwordwords where you can leave a message in private. I love feedback!
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juice /jo͞os/ verb 1. extract the juice from (fruit or vegetables).
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 8:43 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2019 9:19 am
As as I am for the opportunity juice a woman, I am also for her want juice , creatively.


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