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im imagining this as i write, im in a dressing room...  

wordygirl2 45F  
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3/26/2020 1:58 pm

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3/26/2020 2:20 pm

im imagining this as i write, im in a dressing room...

...and im lovingly feeling the silky panties in my hand...ive chosen several for my love, pink of course, though im finding a dark purple makes the most luscious wet spots as well...oooooh my favorite...i like so, so softly brush my lips against the stain...oooooohhhhh im turning my phone right now, leaning back, see my beautiful sissy following the instructions i gave him days ago, like a good little panty slut... i love him so...dripping for like that...im rubbing these panties between my legs now, anticipate the feel of the fabric him as i trace that sexy outline that makes gasp when i touch it, im trying to be quiet...to feel the slight jerking of him as I caress with just my lips...im still in the dressing room in my mind, taking my camera out, so i can show my little sissy boy how much he turns me ...i want him know , ooooohhhh my god....oh thats so good dont stop dont stop...right there... riiiiigh theeerrrreeeee.....fuck oh my god, yes here it comes, riiiiiight now are you with me? be with me right now right now right now...oooooooohhhhh im shuddering over my hand, didn't need much help for that today because i woke up to my sweet ones words...and those images we are creating together, yet apart... the ache i feel...so deep inside of...my deepest darkest areas of my body...oooohhh....

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