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o i need a sweet sissy boy in panties to watch and love him  

wordygirl2 45F  
75 posts
3/11/2020 6:34 pm

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3/30/2020 3:13 pm

o i need a sweet sissy boy in panties to watch and love him

where are you my sweet boy, ive been looking for you for days now, please come to your mommy if you want me to punish you a little in your panties, I wiiiiilllllll.......

playingalone55 69M  
277 posts
12/10/2020 12:47 pm

Oh mommy, I was sooooo naughty

youngnhung901 31M
8 posts
9/18/2020 10:08 pm

Naughty son here, needs m/s dynamic.

straponsexneed79 41M
69 posts
4/6/2020 4:29 am

Heaven indeed!!!

horndogger1957 63M
84 posts
3/21/2020 6:05 am

Mmmm, you could trace the outline of my hard cock in those panties with your tongue!

jj12345616 47M
24 posts
3/15/2020 6:15 am

Now this is a reason to get caught in panties. I wonder what kind of situation I could find myself in

wordygirl2 45F  
20 posts
3/14/2020 11:08 am

Thank you all for participating in my awakening. THANK YOU!!!

wordygirl2 45F  
20 posts
3/14/2020 11:03 am

welcome to Heaven motherfuckers

lovescoresets 39T
2 posts
3/13/2020 7:53 am

I've been a naughty girl mommy wearing your panties without permission, I'll accept whatever punishment Mommy thinks is necessary.

wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 10:58 am:
oh, i've got my eye on you, you better believe it!

Allhard4u50 59M
1307 posts
3/12/2020 8:21 am

Can I cum on mommy's breasts ?

wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 11:05 am:
baby you wear those panties for me you can cum anywhere you like it

wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 11:06 am:
you wear those panties for mommy and you can cum however and wherever you like it

Rita_Travestie 65T
809 posts
3/11/2020 11:36 pm

i'm a sexy bitch

wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 11:04 am:
are you some kind of professional?

ChubCD1983 37T
1 post
3/11/2020 10:21 pm

I have a HUGE collection of panties, from thongs to bikinis. What do you prefer

wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 11:02 am:
oooooo it all depends on how you are held in, I LOVE to see the shape of a beautiful penis under panties, i go fucking crazy help meeeeeee i have to do this so badly....

14224 posts
3/11/2020 9:24 pm

Hey, wg2.

*Welcome To Blogtown*


wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 11:01 am:
hello, yourself! Sooooo excited, what's going to happen? I got nothing but time and love...wanna get high, lose my inhibitions with someone beautiful and sweet and naughty as FUCK! Like meeee.....

Paulxx001 63M
17886 posts
3/11/2020 9:20 pm

Interesting invitation.
Can I wear my boxers?
That's all I got... 💦🔥❗😎🍷🍷

wordygirl2 replies on 3/14/2020 10:59 am:
i can help you with that

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