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Dumped Again  

xdrearydancerx 33F
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9/17/2021 6:53 pm
Dumped Again

Well, that guy I have been seeing broke things off with through today. We had plans for my birthday, that he would take me out to dinner and I was gonna show him my favorite movie. I wanted this to be a special birthday. I've been single my whole life and I always wanted to spend my birthday with a guy I liked, but I see that's not happening. I wasn't that surprised. I sort of expected him to ruin my birthday, since all of my experiences with men have been negative. I would have been wildly impressed had he followed through with plans!! I still couldn't stop myself from crying. When I read his , he basically told me that we are not compatible and blah blah blah. I just responded him, that he was using for sex and I knew he didn't really like . Tall, handsome, blonde, and a jerk!! What a surprise!!

I have admit we started out the wrong anyway. SEX!! lol It was a very nice one night stand. He spent the night and I made him breakfast. But it should have stayed that way, as a true one night stand. We should have not seen each other after that. But I was couldn't help being infatuated with him. Over breakfast, he mentioned taking me on dates and this crap, that he actually wanted to see me again. Blah blah blah. Of course, I didn't take him seriously. In my mind, I rolled my eyes and thought, buddy, you want nothing to do with after this!! So a few days had past and I wasn't surprised that he didn't reach out to me or anything. I decided to him, and I don't normally guys first. He actually responded but his texts were slow and he didn't come across as very interested. I thought oh well, he's not into me . I tried and 's time to move on. But he did continue texting me more and more. Eventually he asked me to dinner. I thought was<b> weird </font></b>but of course, I gave him a chance. I started think he wants be friends with benefits. I didn't think he would want be my boyfriend. This was the real date we went on too. The other times we met, I went his place or he came to mine. But I felt close him and we talked on the phone a lot too. Just the way he looked at and kissed my forehead....I enjoyed . I'm not saying I trusted him, but made me feel good. When he fucked without a condom, it was the best. OMG It felt amazing!!! I am someone feels attached guys after sex. That's why I started feel infatuation with him.

It's o bad I enjoyed spending time with him, and the sex was great. He had a lot of nice qualities but early on, I could see he was a jerk. I should have just dropped him. Also, I felt like the whole experience with him felt like a roller coaster ride. I wanted him like me but I had serious doubts. I just felt nervous all the time, wondering if he liked me!! I do believe that if someone is giving you mixed signals, THEY ARE NOT IN YOU!! So I don't know why I gave him a chance. Anyway, he said a lot of things I didn't believe. Even if he wasn't being<b> weird </font></b>or a jerk, I couldn't trust him yet because we had known each other for less than two months. Also, 's impossible not forget all my bad experiences with men. So I felt this guy really had prove himself especially, since we had sex the first time we met. This guy would say things like he wants me meet his family, he wants go bowling with me, take me a shooting range, take me his best friend's wedding. "Oh we have a lot of plans," he said. Really? Is that why you canceled on my birthday and don't want see me anymore?!! LOL The weirdest thing was inviting me the wedding. After our second date, he texted me that he wants me come a wedding with him in November. It just made think, I guess he's asking in case he doesn't find anyone else better take with him. This guy really doesn't want be single in front of everyone. were other cute things he would tell me like "I'm glad you're in my life" and "I found the one I want be with." It was sweet hear but I didn't into . I think he was either just a plain liar or he was in a very fragile state in his life. he was lonely and the girls he really liked were ignoring him and he saw that I was a nice person and was paying attention him, even though I wasn't his type.

I could definitely tell I wasn't his type. We hooked up the first time we met, so he must have been really desperate have sex with anyone. He mentioned that he didn't have sex in a long time. I wonder how long. The first clue he gave was that he didn't like my style. "Oh you sure wear a lot of black," he said the first and second time we met. Yeah, I've been dressing like this for twenty years now. What's your point? Did you not see my pictures on that dating app where we met? That's what I really like!! lol Eventually, he told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend but that I should wear colors. He told me this on the phone. I should have just hung up on him. Then I thought I'll give a try if I see he proves himself. During our last conversation on the phone, I asked him what his exes were like. The first thing he said was, "They were skinny." Out of things, WHY did he say that first? Thanks for being another asshole pretends like me and then calls me fat. I STARVED myself lose forty pounds this year. This is genetic for me and 's very hard for me keep weight off!! But thanks, asshole!! He was also grossed out by my allergies and snoring. I guess he is Mr. Perfect. This is really the nail in the coffin for me. I am right never trust men show romantic interest in me or anything. They are liars and not really attracted me. No man will ever love me.

So people might wonder why this guy would even bother with me if I wasn't his type. I think it's because I'm the one reached out him after we met. A few days had passed and I decided him. I don't think he would have talked me again if I didn't talk him. He also saw I was a nice person and interested in him when other girls ignored him. So he wanted give the ugly a chance. ALSO SEX!! lol

I think I'm gonna take another break from dating and all that. When I think of those dating apps with unwanted attention, gross men, extremely rude and disrespectful men, dishonesty, those stuck up bastards, sexual predators, flaky behavior, being ignored, ghosting, bad and embarrassing dates, not feeling attractive.......the list goes on and on. My heart can't take it anymore!!!!

BigOlTeddyBear44 58M
354 posts
9/18/2021 12:11 pm

Hi why not email me on my yahoo account it is in my profile


powercaps716 65M
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9/20/2021 2:28 pm

i think it maybe time to deal with some one a little older more mature
someone that is more establish in life. who knows is may work out for you.

xdrearydancerx 33F
297 posts
9/20/2021 9:37 pm

    Quoting powercaps716:
    i think it maybe time to deal with some one a little older more mature
    someone that is more establish in life. who knows is may work out for you.
Probably. He's 30. I'm 33. Not a huge age difference but maybe you are right.

houstondude69 50M  
9 posts
9/22/2021 7:59 pm

When can you meet?

Johnnywadd257 29M  
4 posts
9/23/2021 12:38 pm

come get with a real man

blondie6997 64M  
44 posts
10/7/2021 4:02 pm

One thing is certain -- he was very fortunate to have any time -- the different kinds -- of time he ever had with you. Sounds like he was completely incapable of appreciating you -- on any level. And another thing is certain -- someone would be very very lucky to have any kind -- and all kinds -- of time with You.

The_Joker983 38M  
1 post
10/26/2021 5:48 pm

Sorry about that. It happens in life. It is what it is. Just keep building yourself up and move on. Good luck.

Cpl196969 52M
5 posts
11/9/2021 4:08 am

You should holla at me. You will be glad you did

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