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xteela_ 63F
23 posts
10/28/2007 6:32 pm

I have always found nails upon the skin to be extremely titilating, my own on myself for instance, raking across a nipple can be felt at the core of my sexual being and of course, used upon a willing participant, the intensity can be heard in the moans, quickening breath and viewed in the depths of the eyes.
But, I recently have experienced the feel of someone elses nail upon my flesh and even as I sit and try to describe it, I feel myself at a lack for words but I can almost feel the remembered warmth.
So, my pondering here is 'why do men keep their nails cut so short'. I assume it is for cleanliness but I assure you, the effort made to keep them clean with a little length will be well rewarded when you feel your woman gravitate her body closer to your touch and hear the uptake of breath as you slowly rake down her side and over her hips with your nails.

OttawaMan43sum 49M
2196 posts
1/4/2008 9:33 am

I agree about how good nails can feel (although not near my nips pls). Men are taught to keep their nails short as part of the male identity as women are the ones with long fingernails. I cut my nails but there are times when I wish I hadn't. If the nails aren't available, then I rely on my hands to provide a wonderfully sensual massage.

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