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Best Forgotten. A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 53F  
4405 posts
9/2/2020 10:05 pm
Best Forgotten. A Poem

When we see each other again
And you ask me if I am
Seeing other men
What answer would
Make you happy?
None, one, two
Or half a dozen?
If I asked you
The same question
One would cause me pain.
You see she would be
Experiencing that TLC
That I wished
Had never ended.

I wish I was enough for you.
That I had something
You found unique
And you couldn't do without.
Instead I was like a passing fad
Good for a while
But the end was inevitable.

So telling you I was celibate
Or seeing<b> multiple </font></b>guys
Who had different skills
And equipment.
All as a fucking distraction
It probably would never happen
For we live far enough away
That seeing each other again
Would be one heck of a coincidence.

Moot points
That matter not
Some things are best forgotten
If they are lost.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

warriorholding 54M  
113 posts
9/5/2020 6:59 am

Sad I guess but very true and well written.

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