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Love Me Over And Over Again. A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 53F  
4363 posts
2/12/2020 12:10 am
Love Me Over And Over Again. A Poem

Love me
Then leave me.
Those are not
The directions I would give.
In fact were if anyone to ask
I would give the exact opposite.

Love me
Then stay
Love me over
And over again.
I promise
To give as good as I get
Because I am ever
Mindful of reciprocation.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

yesmamallthetime 53F  
11232 posts
2/12/2020 12:11 am

Is this a little more upbeat for you? 😊

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

dcimal22 45M
39 posts
2/12/2020 12:50 am

deep for sure

LennyG1973 46M
179 posts
2/12/2020 3:04 am

Short and sweet. Lovely, thank you.

devilinhereyes33 48F

2/12/2020 4:57 am

I thought both pieces that you wrote were really nice.

author51 57F  
94588 posts
2/12/2020 5:01 am

Very nice my friend....xx

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Paulxx001 63M
17082 posts
2/12/2020 5:43 am

sounds like you have the beginnings for a great song. 👍😊

... is there another way to look at it.
We Have Lost Forty Million Good Men WTF

rick315875 62M
10136 posts
2/12/2020 6:23 am

She came over
she stayed for dinner
stayed through the night
she didn't leave
the next morning
we had breakfast
we spent
the day together
we did it
over and over again

Indiglo546 49M
11 posts
2/12/2020 6:47 am

Passionate. Nice

citizen4722 62M  
67137 posts
2/13/2020 3:08 pm

You seem to have your mojo back.
Even though you you still feel sad.
your skill of writing will never lack.
It's very unfair to be hurt this bad.

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