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Updates on my older brother  

young_sub_2020 22F
27 posts
8/25/2020 2:55 pm
Updates on my older brother

I really appreciate everyone who read, commented, and even messaged me for updates regarding my living situation with my older brother. You all make me feel so loved. Thank you.

Now for the updates! The situation hasn't gotten any better; it's actually getting a bit worse. My brother constantly drinks coffee. He goes through a large tub of Folgers in a week or a little over. It's absolutely disgusting. Well, he ran out of coffee three days ago and threw a fit because no one bought more coffee when he's the only one who drinks it and would've known that he was running out of it. He yelled at my ma. When she told him that she would run to the store and get some right then and there he flipped script and said things like "no, you don't have to" or "I guess I'll go without coffee for today *sigh*." He complains that no one helps him but then when someone offers to do something for him, he acts like it was never a problem in the first place. It's so freaking annoying!

Today, I had an OBGYN appointment at 8am. I got up at 7 am to get ready- duh. While I was getting ready, he was screaming about something in his room. I didn't care so I didn't go and talk to him. Now, fast forward to around 1 pm when I wake up from passing out after my appointment. He's awake and complaining about everything. He's giving my ma shit for not taking the trash out after throwing some rotten food away the day prior. Someone commented on my last blog talking about how even though I'm a sub, I still need to assert my dominance and not let him bully me or push me around. Trust me, I do not let that happen. I fight- hard. I talk back to my dom sometimes, too. Anyways, I yelled back at him saying that he could've done it and asked him why he didn't. He blew back up at me and yelled "oh, I don't know!" back at me. He didn't even answer me or give a justification for why he chose not to throw it out. (For context, he plays videogames all night.. he keeps me up the nights I don't work with how loud he is.) Now, let's fast forward maybe 30 minutes later. He just got out of the shower. He's knocking things over and yelling. It honestly sounds like he fell. My ma goes and asks if he's alright and if he needs help. He yells at her (for no freaking reason), screaming that he's in so much pain. I yelled back at him saying "how were we supposed to know that you're in so much pain?" and he yelled at me saying that I should've been listening when he yelled at my ma earlier about his foot pain. (For context, I was passed out still.)

My brother has major anger issues. He believes that his anger is justified when he's in pain. He doesn't know how to calmly do about dealing with pain. I got an IUD today at my OBGYN appointment. It hurt so much because I've never experienced menstrual cramping before. How did I deal with the pain? I breathed, I cried out in pain when necessary. That's it. It's the same way I deal with any pain I encounter. I can't come to understand how he comes to believe that his way of showing emotion (let's be honest- anger is the only emotion he has) is through anger and lashing out at everyone.

I have more to talk about, but I'll leave it at this for now. Thank you to anyone who reads this and gives me advice. I do plan on moving out eventually, but that can only happen once I'm finished with college. Plus, there's more drama and complication to come along with that..

This post got denied and I don't know why.. apparently there are hate, , or weapons in this post.

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
1205 posts
8/25/2020 4:22 pm

So I have 2 older brothers (both are behemoths over 6'5" and 250 lbs) and you know how they say "Shit rolls down stream". Similar to your brother my oldest brother is a screamer who believes he is entitled to everything and that the rest of us are his personal servants. When we were teenagers we rotated who had to take out the trash. As older brothers do they always try and get the younger one to do it. This particular night I was an eager to do it for him (or so I let him think). After dinner we had gone to the basement to play video games and horse around as we always did. Finally Mom had yelled down that she was done cleaning up from dinner and that the trash was ready to go ok yet. He turns and ask me to do it for him since he is in the middle of a game.... and I agree. So instead of taking it to the street I just put it in the bin and left them at the door. One of my Fathers favorite sayings was "If you want something done right do it yourself. Next morning Mom wakes him up screaming I told you to take the trash out. She was steaming mad nonetheless and grounded him for the weekend. So he steamrolled me after school that day... but it was worth it. Since he never asked me to take the trash out for him again.

He has always been a screamer and usually no reason. So now everytime we have an argument I cover my ears and mouth " I can't hear you and turn my back on him. The classic part of this story his daughter my niece noticed me do it one night. And you guessed it..... Bow she does the same thing I did and it's so funny to witness.

young_sub_2020 replies on 8/25/2020 11:37 pm:
lmao I LOVE that! I've been doing something similar to what you do with your brother to mine. He believes that everyone wants to hear what he has to say (spoiler alert- we all hate it when he opens his mouth). I've been shaking his confidence a bit by ignoring him whenever he does this or actually telling him that I don't care. He HATES it! So far I've gotten him to stop interrupting me while I'm on video chat with a friend. It's a small victory

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