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My First Older Woman  

youngndfun80123 34M  
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5/23/2020 12:01 pm
My First Older Woman

This happened 2 months after my 18th birthday. I worked at a golf course when I was younger in Denver. I parked golf carts and worked in the pro shop, but I also loved helping at the bar over in the restaurant. Especially when a bartender named Stephanie was working. We joked around and she was a lot of fun. She was also gorgeous! Blonde with an incredible body and she wasn't shy about showing it. She was also 43. One day she was cleaning out a cooler crouched down behind the bar and a regular asked if she could change a television for him. She asked if I could do it so she could finish her cleaning. I walked behind the bar and leaned back against the bar looking for the channel, but also looking down and seeing that she had on a G-string and it was coming out over her pants as she was crouched down. I was beyond turned on, but thankfully she was crouched down with her back and the bar was behind so no one noticed. Then suddenly she stood up and accidentally stepped on my shoe and fell back into . My hard cock pressed up against her she reached behind her back and said what's that the remote. My cock filling up her hand she turned around and looked down and I retreated back the cart garage embarrassed. I kind of avoided the bar the rest of the day, but still had close the place up. Later that night when everyone was gone Stephanie asked if I could go the walk in cooler downstairs and help her carry bottles of beer up stock the bar for the next day. We walked downstairs and just as we were walking up to the cooler she pushed up against the wall next it and said you know I've seen you watching and I know you're old enough now. I liked what I felt earlier when we were upstairs and as she said this she started feeling my cock through my pants, rubbing it up and down. She came in closer and kissed me and then started unzip my pants. She asked how long I've been waiting for this and I said forever. She crouched down in front of and pulled my pants down and felt my cock through my boxers smiling and licking her lips. Then she pulled down my boxers and in one fluid motion took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. It was the most incredible blowjob I'd ever had. Looking up at with her pretty blue eyes I could see them water as she would gag on my coc She took her shirt off and pulled her tits out of her bra. She wrapped her tits around my cock while she dirty talked. Saying she couldn't believe how big my throbbing young cock was and that there is so much she could teach . After about 15 minutes of that she said she couldn't believe I'd lasted that long. So she stood up and led by my cock over a golf cart. She slipped off her pants and told kiss her and suck on her<b> nipples </font></b>while I rubbed the top of her g string. I did it and then started to slowly slip the underwear down as she gasped and her eyes rolled into her head. She laid down on the seat and said put your tongue here softly pointing to her clit. She taught how exactly eat her pussy until she came in my mouth and then said I need that cock in me. Slide that hard cock into me slowly at first she said. I started to push into her hearing her gasp and tense up. Slowly at first and I could feel how her pussy would tighten around me when I did. Then she said harder and I started to thrust faster. I fucked her faster and faster until she was moaning and screaming. I could feel her cumming on my cock as I fucked her. Suddenly she sprang up and pushed me back and started riding me, grinding and rubbing her clit I could feel her cum again. After about an hour she said she asked if I was going to cum and I said in your mouth so she started to suck my cock again. She started to give me a really sloppy wet blowjob again tasting her cum off my coc Finally she pulled it out and said she could feel the cum pulsing, waiting shoot out. She sucked harder and harder and then took my cock out of her mouth just as I was about to cum and shot it all over her face. It was the most incredible sexual encounter I'd ever had and still one of the best. For about a year and a half after work Stephanie and I would either fuck at the golf course all night, some times having to sneak out while the morning crew came in, or just head back to her apartment and fuck all night. She's actually who showed me AdultFriendFinder.

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