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The Truth  

yourSurferFriend 40M
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11/13/2019 9:49 am
The Truth

The Profiles on are hilarious. I feel like I am the person reading profiles like CNN News Alerts! THIS JUST IN ... People have no common sense. I read and hear the BS over and over. It is becoming entertaining. I feel as if most women on do not understand Men. The funniest thing women say are that they are funny or hilarious. No you are not! Do not flatter yourself, please let me do that. Hahaha if you were funny you would write something clever. So Lame. But I want show LOVE all you women that wrote a description. MuchLuv.

Women say They like a dominate man. All men are Dominate and do the fuking. Period! Get it Straight. Unless the man is a homosexual and likes it up the butt and in this case, this type of Dude is not checking your body or trying you, most likely. Hahahaha Asking a Man be dominate is like asking a Man piss standing up. Hahahaha. I do not until stand sex where women are being strangled or slapped. I am looking for women that are smiling in my porn and look happy and enjoying it. I know Im weird

Another thing is all the women claiming be in an Open Relationship but yet need discretion. Why? If you are in an open relationship your Man knows about it. This is not facboo k Then why be discreet and sneak around? It makes no sense. Slut it Up! Have Fun! It is all good. People love be be loved and pretend they are important, Men and Women. Especially, the women that are not sharing a pic, are the very ones that demand a pic. Check yourself Chic Hahahaha

For All the women hiding their identity that are single. Why? This is a sex website. Own your shit. You come off insecure and very unattractive. Maybe because you are? I am married and should not be on AdultFriendFinder . I am Real. I am very discreet because I have be.

Women create a huge double standard. Over and over I read profiles where women state that they do not want a dick pic but they preach The bigger the better while they spread their pussy open so wide all I see is a birth canal.

I am not perfect nor am I pretending 2 be. I am very picky with standards. I am also a lil cocky and a bad motherfucker. I do not mix well with other males because I am a true Alpha. You will notice it the second you look into my eyes. I do not know how I can turn it off. Its sucks. I have been in jail too many times and it is nothing to brag about. We are all just looking for someone to accept us as we are. We are all scared one way or another.

I am married and I have sex more than 3 times a week with my wife. Yes I am still attracted tomy wife. She is very sexy and super smart. I am on AdultFriendFinder just because after years of marriage and the same person, I want to feel and taste something more. I am very picky with standards. Ladies, I am looking for someone as good as what I have. Straight Up. Good Luck .... It is probably why I have not met anyone that I find truly worthy of cheating on mywife with. It is all in FUN. I am having fun just chatting with people
Cheers🥂 Be Safe

yourSurferFriend 40M

1/9/2020 7:08 am

AdultFriendFinder keeps censoring my post deleting words from my blog. Like the words “to” and “here”. Are other users experiencing this same type of Censorship? Others will not know AdultFriendFinder edited and deleted words from my blogs so it just makes me look Stupid 😤

Sex3fun21 25M
18 posts
3/2/2020 10:14 pm

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