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Just one of my fantasies...  

zippy4815 50M
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3/7/2017 10:30 pm
Just one of my fantasies...

You get a text in the afternoon, it reads "Go to the Hyatt at 7:00 PM. Ask for room 212."

You are excited at the prospect of an extra special rendezvous. Thoughts race through your mind. What should you wear? What should you expect? You text back, but get no reply. You are slightly apprehensive, but something inside tells you it will be well worth it.

You show up at the hotel promptly at 7:00 and go inside the lobby. Will you see me there in the lobby? You quickly scan the room, but see no one waiting. Maybe I am already in the room you think. Should you just go knock on the door? You walk up to the front desk where a young lady greets you.

"Hi, I have a room, I think. Number 212," you say with some apprehension in your voice.

"Yes," the clerk responds. I have a key for you and a package." She walks away to get the package. What could it be, you wonder. The text said nothing about a package. It must be a surprise. Just when your curiosity is piqued she returns. "Here it is," she says with some surprise in her voice. "It looks like a special package to me," she gives you a little wink and hands it over. You are a little embarrassed by her wink. Does she know something you don't?

The clerk hands you a small light box, exquisitely wrapped in shiny black foil paper with a blood red bow around it. There is a small card on top. You are too embarrassed to open it in front of her so you take the key and head upstairs. In the stairway you open the card. It reads, "Go inside room 212 and put this on." Now you are really curious. What could be inside the box? You carefully unwrap the box and look around to make sure no one is looking. As you open it, you see a beautiful black satin blindfold. You inhale deeply as a shudder moves down your spine. You certainly weren't expecting that. You look around again to make sure no one is looking at you. You are excited, but a little shy with the idea of meeting a man for the first time under such circumstances.

You walk down the hall to find room 212. You knock at first, not really expecting a reply. There is no answer so you insert the key and walk inside. There is nothing visible in the room; no suitcase, no clothes, just an empty room. Something catches your eye. There is a single rose sitting on a table next to the only chair in the room. You take a deep breath and your excitement begins to grow. On the rose there is a note. It reads, "Don't be scared. All your dreams will come true tonight. I will take good care of you." The tension in your body starts to relax. You feel comforted now, safe and desired. You decide to put on the blindfold and wait in the chair.

The silk blindfold stretches around your face tautly, but still comfortable. The silk feels like feathers on your skin and the hairs on your body stand up as you slide it down over your eyes. You sit patiently wondering what you should do. Just as you think you should get up, you hear a noise outside the door. A key turns in the lock and the door opens. You instantly sit up at attention, all your senses are tightly focused. You begin to worry for a second. What if it is the maid? This would sure be awkward if the maid walked in with towels right now.

"Who's there," you ask coyly?

There is no response at first. You hear some rustling in the room but you stay seated. You cannot tell who is there or what is happening. Just then you feel warmth breath on your neck. I bend down in front of you and whisper in your ear, "It's me. I am here for you." You inhale deeply as your skin becomes flushed. The excitement in you grows and can feel your heart pounding wildly in your chest.

You hear me move away from you and take off my jacket. "Stand up, please." There is a slight directness in my voice, but the "please" reassures you that you are respected and cherished. As you start to stand up, I grab your hand. I gently guide you towards the middle of the room. You see nothing, but this only heightens your other senses. My hand is very warm as it curls around yours. You smell the scent of a man's cologne. "You look beautiful," I say, and this relaxes you.

I let go of your hand and you stand there for a second. You start to clear your throat as you feel my hands around your shoulders. They move slowly down your arms to your wrists. They lift your arms up, over your head where you keep them. Next you feel my hands wrap gently around your waist and move up your now quivering abs. "You've taken good care of yourself baby", I whisper in your ear. "You have a very nice figure." You start to reply when my hands move up your chest and cup your breasts. Any words you had are quickly forgotten. You feel the tug of your blouse as I untuck if from your pants. Now you can feel the warmth of my hands on your bare skin as they run over you, exploring every delicate curve. Chills are running up and down your body. Your nipples harden and poke through your bra.

"Someone is excited," I remark as I run my hands under your blouse and over your bra. You can feel my fingers slowly circling around your firm nipples as they gently tug and pull them. You let out a small moan when I stroke them. "You're not the only one who is excited." I take your hand and guide it down to my pants where you feel a large bulge protruding. You cup the bulge with your hand and trace the outline of my cock under my pants. You can feel the shaft straining against my underwear, begging to be set free. My cock throbs in time with my heartbeat. Just then you feel my hands start to unbutton your blouse. One by one, your buttons release as your blouse loosens. Just before the last button is undone, you feel my hot lips against you neck. Warm delicate kisses shower you from your shoulder to your neck. Finally my lips join yours as you part them for my warm tongue. Our tongues flicker back and forth in a passionate dance. You wish you could see into my eyes right now, but it's even more exciting with the blindfold heightening your senses.

After what feels like an eternity of kissing, your last button lets go and the blouse falls from your body. My hands run up from your lower back and slowly unlatch your bra. You exhale deeply when the bra finally falls down to your feet. "I love your firm breasts." Suddenly you feel a warmth on your breast as my lips surround your nipple. You run my hands over my head and hold me to your chest as I gently suck. Waves of energy shoot through your body as my tongue swirls around. You are enjoying the sensation when something else catches your attention.

My hand now runs under the waist of your pants. I grab your ass under and pull you to me. You feel my hands cupping your ass. "Mmmm, very firm." I withdraw my hands and start to unbutton your pants. You shift your hips and they slide off around your ankles. "Let me get those off you." You lift your legs one by one as I remove your pants. "Now bend over the bed, baby." You place your hands down on the bed. You feel my fingers slowly work under the elastic in your panties. They gently slide off, leaving you completely exposed.

"I've been dreaming about this for a long time" I whisper in your ear. You stand there, bent over the bed patiently. You hear the rustling of clothes and then a warmth against your thighs. I press up to you from behind. You can feel my cock between your legs and you squeeze them around it. My hands slowly spread your legs apart. "Let's see how wet you are, my dear." You feel my hand work down your buttocks and slowly between your legs. You let out a gasp as my finger parts your lips and slips inside you. "Mmmmm, yes, you are nice and wet." I start with just the tip of my finger, but then you feel more slide into you. Soon I am all the way inside you. "Oh yes, you are definitely ready, I think." I withdraw them and you soon feel my wet fingers pressing gently against your lips. I don’t need to tell you what to you. You part your lips and take my sopping fingers into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around my fingers as the sweet, salty taste hits your tongue. “Clean them off for me,” I instruct you as I gently press you down on the bed.

"Oh God," you gasp when you feel the head of my cock enter you from behind. "Relax, this is what you have been waiting for," I reassure you. I stand there for a moment while you get used to the head of my cock inside you. You slowly push your hips back, sliding down further on my cock. "Oh yeah, come back to me," I say as you push all the way back against me. Our thighs are now touching as I am buried all the way inside you. We move back and forth in rhythm as my hands fondle your breasts. I hold you against me, lifting you off the bed. My hands run up and down your chest while my cock slides in and out. You wiggle your hips around trying to get every inch inside you. I work one hand down to your pussy and begin to play with your clit. I can feel the shaft of my cock sliding in and out of you. The wetness just gushes out. You reach for my hand and pull my finger to your mouth. You taste your wetness on my finger, "Mmmm, I taste good."

"Let's try a bigger taste, shall we?" You feel the pressure release from your belly as I pull my cock out of you. I sit you down on the bed facing me. "Open your mouth for me." You open your mouth as I lay the head of my cock down on your tongue. You feel the ridge of my head as you swirl your tongue around it. "Oh yeah, that's it," I moan. You close your lips around my cock and slowly pull me inside your mouth. The taste is sweet and my cock smells like hot sex. "Hey now, don't take it all," I say as I stand you up and bend you back over the bed.

"Let me try some of that!" My hands spread your ass as my tongue laps at your pussy from behind. "Mmmm, you're right. You do taste good." My tongue slowly moves up and down your lips before dipping inside you. "Mmmmmmm!!" My tongue flicks back and forth over your clit, sending pulses of ecstasy through you. Just when you think you are about to cum, I stand back up. You feel the pressure again as my cock sinks all the way into you. You cannot take any more and begin to spasm wildly when my balls rub against your throbbing clit. You scream out as a massive orgasm shakes your whole body. I cannot hold out any longer. You feel my cock swell inside you as the pulses begin. You feel pulse after pulse shooting inside you, filling you up. Our warm sex juices run down your leg as we both scream in passion.

We lay down on the bed together, our bodies relaxed and exhausted. You feel my hands on your face as I slowly remove the blindfold. The room is dimly lit, but it still take your eyes a few seconds to adjust. When your eyes finally focus, you realize that you are staring deeply into my eyes. It's like a lifetime of passion hitting you all at once. We kiss like desperate lovers before falling asleep in a passionate embrace.

author51 57F  
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1/21/2018 4:33 am

You had me at blindfold.Once I read that I was hooked and inside the fantasy, which is what good writers and story tellers can do.. You are a wonderful writer. I am one who has a blindfold specifically to use on a lover or him me to heighten all of the other senses..It is most erotic and takes trust in your lover. The excitement of not knowing heightens the arousal and desire....Loved where your mind took me...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

zippy4815 replies on 1/21/2018 9:25 am:
Thank you. I appreciate the feedback and support. Nearly 1400 views and you are the first to comment.

Looking back, I'm not sure from which perspective I was fantasizing. There was probably an equal element of both. The blindfold was always going to be the central theme of the story, but this goes even further with total anonymity. I'm equally excited by the idea of the complete stranger. Keep your blindfold at the ready. You never know when it might come in handy.

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5/13/2018 12:52 am

This fantasy immediately pulled me in and hasn't let me go...

Ladyvivamus 65F
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8/25/2019 1:58 pm

Very good erotica. 💋

Clairew1959 61F  
12 posts
12/8/2019 4:03 pm

Very good writing and story. You do capture the reader's attention quickly and holds them captive to your tale as it goes on.

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