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Risky Business  

zmetro222 55M  
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9/30/2021 6:56 pm
Risky Business

It was years ago, back in the bar days. I remember the cool fall evening very distinctly. I had a happy hour with a few friends and the evening progressed we headed over another bar with live music. The band had not started and people were not obnoxiously<b> drunk </font></b>yet. I stood at the end of the bar, I looked down the bar and spotted an old girlfriend Renee. She sat next to a man who I assumed was her current boyfriend or date for the night. We had dated for over a year, but had gone are separate ways 6 months prior due to work schedules. She was a lot of fun, always horny and for just about anything. Renee had an awesome shaved pussy that could never be licked, fingered or fucked enough. I imagine i provided with a 1000 or so orgasms in the year we were seeing each other. There was nobody that could cum like her. As I was finishing my first drink she stopped by her way the restroom say hi my friends and I. It was cordial and we still got along fine. On her way back she stopped again and told she wanted talk outside. I said sure and we walked out back. Now right you walk out the back door there is a smoking patio where there was 20 people smoking and drinking. Her SUV was parked alongside the patio a mere 5 feet from the crowd. We walked around the passenger side and she asked the we get in the back seat. I was feeling pretty good, liked where this was going so I hopped right in with her. You never had make the first move with Renee. When she was horny her hand went right in her pants and she would start fingering herself. Things moved quickly as we were short time. She was instantly playing with herself as we kissed and ravished each other. Within minutes she moved my pants and quickly had them unzipped with my now fully hard cock in her mouth. In no time at her pants were off she climbed my cock. Sliding and down while she fingered her clit. The large Sequoia SUV had the tinted windows and held stable she rode my cock while cumming several times. I could hear the voices and laughter just a few feet from me. After she came, Renee rode my cock hard and fast until I shot a load deep inside of her. We quickly put ourselves together and she went around the front of the SUV and I the back has we headed inside. Nobody seemed to notice any of our activities. We never talked again that night and I was moving on to other opportunities. I did look over at one point in the evening and saw her making out at the bar with the guy she was with. I always wondered if she told him about the load of cum that was in her as they sat at the bar. Amazingly, that was not my last wild encounter with Renee.....

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