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1/19/2020 8:45 am
Passion and desire

I train and teach women about the BDSM lifestyle, specifically, the submission role. But that is not all, I also teach women about themselves.
I have found, in all age groups, that a super majority of women, especially married/attached ones, are lacking passion and desire in their life. Often sex is there, but it's rudimentary and unfulfilling.
Some of their partners are cruel and not only put them down, but crush them. Ass hats. The women know they're lacking and needing but often are conflicted with the societal (and religious) expectations that are placed on them. They're on this and sites like it tip their toes in the waters - to see if anyone finds them attractive and desirable. Nearly all are very much so.
So, Sisters, if you're married or attached, is this the reason you're on this site? To find a man or woman that has genuine passion and desire for you. If not, why are you?
If you're not attached, i can see the same needs and conflicts.
At what point do you or have you crossed that line? And, if you're not going to cross it, why?
Hmmm...sounds like a good poll to take?

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