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GreenEyedGuy1968 51 M
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Midnight Swim


The indoor pool of a Holiday Inn.
A younger me in blue swim trunks.
A hot, tan body in an orange bikini.
We're both doing slow, lazy laps across the empty pool.
Paddling around turns to playing around.
Playing around turns into kissing.
Softly at first, then with hot fiery passion.
Nibbling on each other's lips.
Tongues darting into each other's mouths.
Softly kissing along her jawline to nip lightly on her earlobe.
Her tongue is tracing the lines of my ear.
Our breathing getting hotter and heavier.
I pull her closer and she straddles me in the water, her breasts pressed hard against my chest.
My hands cup her firm ass cheeks, and I pull her tight to me.
Her arms wrap around my neck and her legs around my waist, as I wade into slightly deeper water.
We're moving in hot, slow circles on each other and I can feel the heat between her legs rubbing my hard shaft even through the bathing suits and the water.
Her hand sneaks between our slowly grinding bodies, reaches down my trunks, and begins stroking my already hard shaft.
The orange bikini gets pushed aside, and she raises herself up a bit until I can feel her pussy lips pressed against the head of my penis.
I work my fingers down around her thighs, trying to help part them, but her hand is between us again, parting her lips for my cock.
As she presses herself down slowly and firmly, she gives out a small gasp. Her heat surrounds me and I groan deeply as I feel her pulling me deeper inside.
Slowly she starts moving up and down on my shaft. It is so hot inside her.
Her legs and arms wrap tighter around me, as she thrusts herself on me while I'm standing in the chest deep water.
We are so turned on, fucking each other in a public place.
I'm getting tunnel vision.
I can only see her face, her head back, eyes shut, her tongue on her slightly parted lips.
She tells me she's SO close and wants me to come inside her, but wants me to hold off just a minute more. We have to come together.
She's going to come so hard, she says. Oh my God, I'm going to come.
She's so close. She's moving on my shaft faster. I'm holding back, but it is so hard.
My eyes close, my face is buried in the curve of her breasts. I feel her fingers in my hair.
Her pussy is working my cock good. Stroking me in and out of her.
We are so into what we're doing we barely notice it.

A Noise.

The outer pool door squeaking open.
We stop, gasping, and try to act like everything is A-OK and that we weren't just fucking each other's brains out two seconds ago.
A middle-aged couple enters the foyer to the pool area.
Then a younger couple a moment behind them.
I back up slowly to the pool edge while I'm still inside her.

The two other couples are now coming into the pool area, through the inner door.
Immediately the younger couple toss their towels on chairs and jump in the water, swimming laps. Racing. Are you fucking kidding me?
She giggles and twitches her pussy muscles to get my attention. Remember where you are, she says with a wicked grin. And then she starts milking me slowly with her muscles.
Keeping me focused. Keeping me hard. I'm praying that these people will vanish in a puff of smoke.
The older couple apparently had the same idea as us. A little midnight swim and nookie.
She's very pretty. Blonde. Hair up in a ponytail. Slender, with nice firm breasts high and proud in a pattern bikini. Nice ass. GREAT legs.
He's a working guy. Dark hair, graying on the sides. Farmer tan, not ripped, but everything's firm. Fuzzy chest like me.
They're wading into the water from the shallow end, holding hands.
They're smiling and watching us while they move deeper.
The young racers speed by between us.
Her hips are slowly rocking back and forth on me now, but her upper body is barely moving.
Her chin is on my shoulder, lips by my ear. I am going to come so hard, she whispers.

It feels so good. Too good.
I'm not sure when I stopped paying attention. I'm just focused on not popping off too soon.
It seems quiet. I open my eyes. The young racers have left. I feel her nails on my shoulders.
The other couple laughs together. They're looking at us again.
It appears that the woman is stroking her husband under the water. He's whispering in her ear.
Being watched and watching. We're both turned on immensely.
Her pussy quivers. My cock twitches.
Oh. My. God. She says.
Her hips are thrusting on me slow and deep beneath the water. Massaging my cock. Bringing me even closer.
Her orgasm comes fast and hard. She gives a little cry.
She bites down on my shoulder. Oh shit, I'm gonna come.
Her calves clamp tight around my ass. Her pussy clenches my cock. I can't hold on any more.
Her muscles squeeze me over and over as she goes over the edge.
Uh Huh. Uh Huh. Uh Huh. I'm coming baby, shoot it inside me, come in me, come now.
That's it. The words throw me over the edge, making me shoot deep inside her.
I'm coming hard. I groan as I pull her closer to me and bury my shaft all the way to the base.
Her cries of pleasure are muffled by the mouthful of my shoulder.
Stream after stream of hot come fires off inside her.
Each spurt makes her pussy twitch again.
Each twitch milks a little more come out of me.
I open my eyes and tell her to look. We turn a little as her spasms slow.
She raises her head. Opens her eyes. Lays her cheek along mine.
Our gasping for breath slows as we come off our high. I kiss her cheek.

The other couple is smiling at us. The blonde woman gives a little wave.
Her man slides up out of the water to sit on the lip of the pool. Gives us a thumbs up.
His trunks are off of one leg and his pretty impressive cock is swollen and pointing at the ceiling.
She takes him hard and fast. Head moving up and down. I'm amazed she fits it all in her mouth.
She pulls off it and starts running her mouth up one side, swirls her tongue around the head, then runs her mouth down the other side. Repeat. Again. Again. She's got talent.
She pops it back in her mouth and starts sucking on the head as she strokes the shaft with one hand.
The man's hand moves to the top of her head. Grabs her ponytail. Wraps it around his fist.
Holding her ponytail, he slowly guides her to take all of him in her mouth again.
Her little cries of pleasure can barely be heard around the mouthful of her man's cock.
All the way to the base. Up. Down. Up. Down.
Up down up down updown updown updownupdownupdownupdownupdownupdownupdown
until he grips her head with both hands and holds it still
His hips thrust up and he grunts as obviously starts coming in her mouth.
He drops his hands to grip the pool edge and her head slows until she lets his cock loose from her lips.
She licks the length of it again, then sucks the tip back into her mouth.
She sucks hard and pulls it out with a pop.
She smiles over at us. Licks her lips... mmmmmmm... and pulls his trunks on and tucks it back in.
He helps her out of the pool, and they hug each other tight, then turn and tell us thanks and goodnight, then run laughing out of the pool area.
We fix our suits and leave the pool, but don't see them again until breakfast the next morning... when they asked us to join them!

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very hot story love to go for a swim with both of these couples, sounds like they love to have fun.

NJGUY08090 53 M
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Great Story sounds like everyone had a good time.

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Hot. Would have been stimulating to watch.

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Thanks for the votes and the attaboys, folks.
Now... if someone could help me fix the formatting issue... AdultFriendFinder seems to just do whatever it wants sometimes.
I have no idea why the text is not one uniform size/font.

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590 views and 27 Votes? Jeez, I thought it was better than that.