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69, Right On Time


It's not real late, but the sun is on its way down.
You call me to come over.
You need help with something.
I'm just out of the shower after work, but of course, I agree to help.
Any excuse to be near you is good enough for me.
Your smile, your scent, the way your fingers linger on my arm or shoulder, your husky voice on the phone.
All of it does it for me.
Not to mention the times I've been lucky enough to be naked with you and wake up with you in my arms.
I'm dressed in record time and pulling up in front of your house well before the sun's fully set.

I knock.
You greet me at the door with a smile.
Quite literally a smile, and nothing else.
You smile wider and say "That's it? Just 'Ummm.'?"
Wow. Definitely W O W.
You giggle. Not a little girl giggle, but a naughty lusty giggle.
You grab me by the arm and bring me inside before the neighbors can see.
You kick the door shut and pull me close.

You raise your face up to mine and plant a soft wet kiss on my lips.
"Are you going to stand there all night or what?"
"I guess it's 'stand there all night' then", you say with a semi-pouty face.
"Unless I can interest you in some of the 'or what'...?".
Pout turns to lusty grin, as you turn and bend over in front of me.
You're looking around your thighs and reaching up to spread your cheeks.

"Dontcha want me, baby?" you purr.
"Dontcha want to lick this tight wet pussy?"
"Or maybe you want to stick that hard cock in me instead?"
One hand reaches back and up to gently squeeze the growing bulge in my pants.
"mmmmmmmmmmmmm... maybe both?"

I finally snap out of it and reach forward to caress your creamy white ass cheeks.
Your fingers trace the outline of my hard shaft through my pants.
Your other hand slides up between your thighs.
As I massage your firm cheeks, I spread them apart.
I see one of your perfectly painted nails appear between your lips.
Starting from the bottom it slowly disappears from view as you trail it along your seam towards your clit.

You grin wickedly and open your mouth.
You lock eyes with me as you slide your finger in to the knuckle.
Your lips wrap around it in a little O.
Your eyes close as you slowly slide your finger out.
Your tongue darts out to swirl around your fingertip.
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that's tasty... you want to try some?"

You slowly stand and turn to face me again.
Your hand is still stroking me through my pants and you start to tug on my zipper.
Your other hand returns to that hot wet place between your thighs.
I can actually hear how wet you are as your finger moves inside you.
You bring it to my lips and I open my mouth as you trace them with your finger.
Your scent alone makes me hard.

You spread your sweet juices along my lips.
I move to catch your finger and you stick it inside.
You swirl it around inside my mouth so I can suck on it.
I lick it clean, tasting your sweet juices.
I want more.
But fresh from the well and not off your fingers.

I pull you tight to me, your breasts pressed hard against my chest.
Our mouths smash together, tongues dancing furiously in each other's mouth.
Your hands undoing my belt, my cock stiff and pressing hard to escape my pants.
I'm pulling my shirt off, and you're slowly moving backwards down the hall.
I break our kiss long enough to get my shirt over my head and drop it.
You pull my pants to my knees and your hand grasps my hard shaft.

Our lips are back together. Tongues tasting, teasing, probing.
Pants down to ankles, you're stroking me.
Shoes get kicked off as you guide me through the bedroom door by my cock.
You turn and let go of me.
God, I want you as I watch you walk away.
Your hips seduce my eyes as you slowly saunter towards your bed.
One knee, then the other up on the bed as I tug off my socks.
You stretch up and back, displaying everything as I move around the bed.

You clench your ass cheeks, flexing and releasing as I move to your side.
My fingers lightly following your thigh, across your ass, the curve of your lower back.
Your breasts, full and firm, raise up. Nipples perked up and taut.
My fingers continue to glide up along your ribcage, across the smooth curve of your breast.
Your belly smooths down to your clean and freshly shaven pubic mound.
My fingers slide across one tight nipple, between your breasts, and over your belly.
"You like?"- you whisper sexily. "It's all yours."
I like.

You slowly lean forward until you are on all fours on the bed.
I stand in front of you, also naked.
You look up with another big smile.
I run my fingers through your hair.
You lean forward parting your lips, taking me in your mouth.
I hold your head still so I can slowly slide my shaft in and out of your mouth.
Your tongue circles my shaft as I move.
If possible, I'm swollen even larger and harder now.
I pull it out slowly, and you make that pouty face again.

I move around behind you.
Swat your ass cheeks.
Spread them apart.
My thumbs tracing the sweet moist line of your lips.
Lightly parting them as I move closer.
My cock head is almost inside you and I can feel your warmth already.
Slowly I slide my cock inside.
Your lips part and greet me warmly.
Your hot pussy wraps tight around me.
Caressing me.
I stroke in and out of you a few times, coating my cock in your juices.

Again, I pull out slowly, then move back in front of you.
I slide my cock back into your open mouth.
You greedily suck it all in as I move in and out.
Your tongue swirls around my head before you push it back into your mouth again.
And again. And again. As you clean your juices off of me.
I pull out of your mouth with a little pop as my head passes your lips.

I go back behind you and spread your cheeks again.
Massage them.
A light playful slap on one. Then the other.
I press my head against your nearly dripping wet pussy lips.
My thumb makes circles around your anus.
You push back as I press forward.
I pull away a little.
My hands are holding your ass from moving back.
I drive forward, not fast but firm, until you can feel my sac slap your clit.
Once. Twice.
Over and over again.

My hands move up over your ass.
Up your spine.
Down across your ribs.
You slam your hips back against mine.
My cock buried deep inside.
As we push our hips against each other, you feel my hands grasping at your swaying breasts.
Finding them so full, so ripe.
Definitely flushed with arousal as my fingers brush your hardened nipples.

Fingers pinch nipples.
Pussy massages cock.
Mouths gasping.
Thrust meets thrust.
Speeding up.
I try to pull out while you try to keep me inside.

I pull out, gasping.
Move back.
Flip you over.
Move back to stand in front of you again.
You hang your head over the edge of the bed.
Lick your lips in anticipation.
I hang my balls over your mouth.
Lower my hips toward you.
Your tongue flicks out.

You taste your juices on one and raise up to suck it into your mouth.
I have one hand on each breast again.
Massaging, squeezing.
Pressing them together.
Thumbs moving over hard nipples.
You let my testicle pop free and quickly shift to suck on the other.
You release it and your tongue trails along the underside of my shaft, caressing me as I slide back and forth across your lips.
You suck along the length of my shaft back down to my balls and run your tongue around my whole sac again.
I feel my pressure building.

I back away from you, pull my cock out of your mouth again.
I squeeze your breasts together.
Lean in towards them.
Squeeze them together.
Nibbling the sides, the tops, the underside of each breast.
Rolling your nipples between thumb and finger.
Sucking each one into my mouth in turn.
Pinching them.
Licking them.
Pushing your tits together so that I can suck both nipples at the same time.

Your hands grab my ass cheeks.
Pull me back to you.
Your mouth engulfs my cock.
Your nails dig into my skin as you pull me forward into your mouth.
I try to pull back, but you pull me back harder.
Sucking furiously.
Soon, I am fucking your mouth.
Thrusting fast.

I lean forward more.
Hands still kneading each breast.
Fondling nipples.
Pulling, pinching, rolling them.
Lean forward just a bit more.
Now my mouth can reach your pussy.
My tongue flicks out.
Hits your swollen clit.

I let go of your breasts.
One of your hands drops off my ass.
I wrap my arms around your thighs.
Holding them spread apart.
Your free hand is now stroking my shaft and caressing my balls as I thrust between your lips.
My lips are now on your clit, sucking it into my mouth.
My tongue swirls around it.
Moves between your swollen lips.
Laps at your juices.

I bury my face between your thighs and eat your pussy greedily.
I suck each of your lips into my mouth.
Then suck on your clit.
Drive my tongue inside you.
Trail my tongue from your clit to your anus, not missing a drop of your juices.
Move a hand between my face and your thighs.

I can barely hear your cry of pleasure as I drive two fingers deep in your pussy.
Your hips are rocking back and forth.
Harder. Faster.
My mouth is latched onto your clit.
My fingers pumping in and out of you.
Curling up to rub THAT spot.
Your juices are running over my fingers.
Over my face.

You're fucking my face!
Rubbing your pussy up and over my chin, my lips, my nose.
Rubbing against the hand that is buried deep inside you.
Grinding your clit on my mouth.
Sucking my cock.
Harder, faster.
Fingers stroking my balls, my shaft.

Each of us gives one series of wildfastcrazy thrusts ending with us both arching against each other.
My lips latch down on your clit.
My teeth lightly catching your clit between them.
Sucking harder.
Fingers circling The Spot.
A cry escapes your lips.
Your back arches.
Mashing your pussy against my face.
Your juices running like a river as I feel your muscles twitching, thighs shaking.
Your orgasm arcing through your body.

My cock is pulsing, throbbing, swelling.
Your fingers are pumping it faster.
Your lips wrapped tight around it as you orgasm.
Tongue massaging the head.
I push my hips forward hard.
The base of my cock against your lips.

I'm swollen, filling your mouth.
Then I explode.
Streams of hot cum shooting into your mouth.
You drink it greedily.
Sucking hard at my cock head.
Stroking it to get more.

I continue sucking and licking your clit.
But lighter. Slower.
My fingers are still moving, but slower and deeper.
My cock pops free of your mouth.
Your lips coax a last drop of cum from my shaft.
You catch it on your fingers and put them in your mouth.
Suck them clean.
You put my shaft back in your mouth and slowly suck it clean too.

I collapse on top of you.
Roll off.
Move behind you and put an arm over you.
Nuzzle your neck.
Kiss your hair.
You smile and kind of purr.
We curl up together. Content. Satisfied.
For now.

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