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Feb 12, 2012FrenzBe my Valentine!1   
Feb 12, 2012FrenzTell me your Love Life1   
Feb 1, 2012FrenzGetting the last word in...1   
Jan 31, 2012FrenzA dream prize1   
Jan 29, 2012Frenz3rd one stays1   
Jan 29, 2012FrenzBloodsucker1   
Jan 29, 2012FrenzPoetry in motion1   
Jan 29, 2012FrenzWith all the inflation, $10 worth1   
Jul 27, 2011FrenzSome people never learn...1   
Apr 29, 2011FrenzHotel Etiquette1   
Mar 26, 2011FrenzMalacca comes a calling...1   
Nov 27, 2010FrenzIts Our Frenz 3rd Anniversary1   
Sep 21, 2010FrenzSex before marriage1   
Sep 21, 2010FrenzThe best feature1   
Sep 20, 2010FrenzBBQ 30 or 31st OCT1   
Sep 16, 2010Frenz25th Sept Sat Karaoke1   
Jul 29, 2010Frenz17th Jul Sat Karaoke Happy birthday Eeworks1   
Jul 11, 2010FrenzAdult riddles2   
Jul 3, 2010FrenzIf only I could turn back the clock5   
Jun 23, 2010FrenzPredict your World Cup champion3   
Jun 19, 2010FrenzAliens2   
Jun 13, 2010FrenzGay parents1   
Jun 1, 2010FrenzAnima Animus Anime4   
May 25, 2010FrenzWhat if one day...5   
May 13, 2010FrenzLocked up2   
May 8, 2010FrenzHow do u sleep?1   
May 5, 2010Frenzfreakin insomnia1   
May 1, 2010Frenzself-defense3   
Apr 30, 2010FrenzI-fone2   
Apr 21, 2010Frenz1st May Labour Day BBQ2   
Jun 22, 2009FrenzRejection Lines1   
Jun 22, 2009FrenzFinally!1   
Apr 29, 2009FrenzWEST SIDE PIG OUT!6   
Apr 29, 2009FrenzChalet, MJ, BBQ1   
Apr 29, 2009FrenzDetachable Penis1   
Apr 29, 2009FrenzPhoto perfect2   
Apr 17, 2009FrenzOLD BEFORE YOUR TIME!!2