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Jan 7, 2014FrenzOUTING!2   
Oct 16, 2013Frenz~ A shout to all~ hi and hello7   
Sep 10, 2013FrenzNo more outings?2   
Sep 8, 2013FrenzDo we need a reason to drink?1   
Dec 16, 2012FrenzHappy Birthday December !1   
Aug 17, 2012FrenzXYKris, you are AM, Congratulations1   
Aug 15, 2012FrenzAugust Birthdays1   
Jul 19, 2012FrenzGreat Job Done 14july BBQ1   
Jun 6, 2012Frenz~ If you have a chance to Auction ~54   
May 28, 2012FrenzFunny terms2   
May 26, 2012FrenzWhack!!!!! Ver 7.0 is back...27   
May 18, 2012FrenzDid u hear that?1   
May 12, 2012FrenzTo May Born, Happy Birthday!!!1   
Apr 23, 2012FrenzKOK 21 APR12   
Apr 23, 2012FrenzWhat U Listening ?1   
Apr 6, 2012FrenzLast Words to a ........1   
Apr 6, 2012FrenzO G coming our way!!11   
Apr 4, 2012FrenzwHAT kinda of massage do u like....15   
Apr 4, 2012FrenzHappy Happy Birthday!3   
Mar 29, 2012FrenzYes, I'll meet you but....6   
Mar 27, 2012FrenzVices1   
Mar 22, 2012FrenzI'm going to give you a..........1   
Mar 8, 2012FrenzRoaches in your food...1   
Mar 8, 2012FrenzI'd just like to say...1   
Mar 6, 2012FrenzHappy Birthday MARCH Babies!!!1   
Feb 24, 2012FrenzKaraoke Day1   
Feb 21, 2012BigBoisFFA, say Hi2   
Feb 21, 2012BigBoisBig Bois, say Hi5   
Feb 19, 2012FrenzU do, I do, we do1   
Feb 8, 2012FrenzF is for14   
Jan 31, 2012FrenzBBQ Prawns anyone?1   
Jan 13, 2012FrenzWorst scenarios to be1   
Jan 13, 2012FrenzEuphemisms for sex2   
Jan 7, 2012FrenzWhat your fav colour or colour that you dislike most1   
Jan 7, 2012FrenzThings which irritates2