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Aug 12, 2020COUPLES UKLAST POST ... AGAIN!1508   
Jul 2, 2020COUPLES UKhello everyone1   
May 3, 2020COUPLES UKfunny and not-so-funny quotations18   
Apr 30, 2020COUPLES UKLinks to Missing Polls and Posts67   
Apr 27, 2020COUPLES UKMore Jokes717   
Apr 22, 2020COUPLES UKmemorable quotes ... yet again!115   
Apr 21, 2020COUPLES UKLooking to chat with another couple tonight from approx 7pm.1   
Mar 15, 2020COUPLES UKPoets' Corner9   
Mar 11, 2020COUPLES UKQuite Interesting17   
Jan 12, 2020COUPLES UKTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (version 10)24998   
Nov 3, 2019COUPLES UKChoose love Manchester!3   
Jun 29, 2019COUPLES UKGroup BDSM strangers gangbang bukka1   
May 8, 2019COUPLES UKquite interesting ... again!56   
May 6, 2019COUPLES UKHello Everyone1   
Apr 11, 2019COUPLES UKLooking for a secret relationship partner here1   
Apr 5, 2019COUPLES UKHeading to England for a Visit April 28 to May 61   
Feb 17, 2019COUPLES UKcouples for meets13   
Feb 11, 2019COUPLES UKcouples for clubs15   
Dec 28, 2018COUPLES UKTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (version 9)24998   
Dec 17, 2018COUPLES UKCOUPLES UK group guidelines8   
Oct 31, 2018COUPLES UKcan't get past page 20!2   
Oct 17, 2018COUPLES UKFirst contest,we've only gone and made the 32 finalists1   
Aug 22, 2018COUPLES UKcan't get past the first page3   
Jun 16, 2018COUPLES UKWorld Cup predictions2   
May 16, 2018COUPLES UKTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (version 8 )28055   
Mar 1, 2018COUPLES UKPoets Corner24   
Feb 5, 2018COUPLES UKYoung hot wife1   
Jan 1, 2018Virtual Symposium GroupI know this early !1   
Dec 31, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#37 December Topic:" Santa's List: Naught or Nice " LINK Here1   
Nov 21, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#37 DECEMBER SYMPOSIUM VOTE POLL1   
Nov 14, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#36 November Topic Link1   
Nov 14, 2017Virtual Symposium GroupJINGLE BELLS#37 Virtual Symposium DECEMBER SUGGESTION BOX1   
Oct 23, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#36 NOVEMBER SYMPOSIUM VOTE POLL XXXVI1   
Oct 19, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#36 SUGGESTION BOX for November Topic4   
Oct 13, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#35 TOPIC LINK For OCTOBER 20174   
Sep 22, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#35 SYMPOSIUM VOTE POLL for OCTOBER TOPIC1   
Sep 19, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#35 SYMPOSIUM SUGGESTION BOX for OCTOBER2   
Sep 10, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SYMPOSIUM TOPIC "PAIN" Link4   
Sep 6, 2017HNW BloggersSeptember 6-Something starting with the letter T!1   
Aug 23, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SEPTEMBER VOTE POLL1   
Aug 16, 2017HNW BloggersAugust 16-White1   
Aug 15, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 Symposium Link for August "What Is Normal?"5