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Jan 20, 2013COUPLES UKTwister2   
Jan 19, 2013COUPLES UKgroup makeover8   
Jan 13, 2013COUPLES UKclit-rings2   
Jan 13, 2013COUPLES UKQuite Interesting!!356   
Jan 12, 2013COUPLES UKThe last post winner, 20137   
Jan 11, 2013COUPLES UKthe piledriver2   
Jan 10, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!CELEBRITY DINNER PARTY6   
Jan 8, 2013COUPLES UKeye test2   
Jan 8, 2013COUPLES UKdrag queen11   
Jan 8, 2013COUPLES UKgroup sex manual12   
Jan 8, 2013COUPLES UK500 Club (version 2)3   
Jan 7, 2013COUPLES UKthe last post winner6   
Jan 6, 2013COUPLES UKcelebrity chefs12   
Jan 5, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!Faithfulness3   
Jan 5, 2013COUPLES UK50 Club2   
Jan 3, 2013COUPLES UKHappy New Year3   
Jan 3, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!HAPPY NEW YEAR2   
Dec 30, 2012COUPLES UK50 Club (version 1)6   
Dec 28, 2012No Plucked Chickens !!!horses?5   
Dec 24, 2012COUPLES UKporn mags1   
Dec 24, 2012No Plucked Chickens !!!MERRY XMAS1   
Dec 24, 2012No Plucked Chickens !!!How exciting will your xmas be?1   
Dec 23, 2012No Plucked Chickens !!!Best wishes for the season1   
Dec 23, 2012COUPLES UKMerry Christmas2   
Dec 20, 2012COUPLES UKcricket10   
Dec 15, 2012COUPLES UKfirst car1   
Dec 14, 2012COUPLES UKstrap-on fun?2   
Dec 8, 2012COUPLES UKgrossest of gross?11   
Dec 5, 2012COUPLES UKhow many faces?3   
Dec 4, 2012COUPLES UKblogland11   
Dec 2, 2012No Plucked Chickens !!!faces?3   
Nov 29, 2012No Plucked Chickens !!!new sex toy ... for men!5   
Nov 27, 2012COUPLES UKthe torch!4   
Nov 27, 2012COUPLES UKBBC Sports Personality of the Year13   
Nov 26, 2012COUPLES UKspitroast?3   
Nov 26, 2012COUPLES UKhow many horses?5   
Nov 22, 2012COUPLES UKsnowballing?2   
Nov 12, 2012Bloggers United!Redux?1   
Nov 11, 2012COUPLES UKGeorge Best's best ex?11   
Nov 10, 2012~The Secret Garden~Ladies & Gentlemen : Sign in .... Please1   
Nov 9, 2012COUPLES UKto peg or not to peg?2   
Nov 8, 2012Bloggers United!Listing The Site Glitches and Bugs1   
Nov 8, 2012COUPLES UKEmbarassment! Any of you felt like me?2   
Nov 7, 2012COUPLES UKJames Bond.....Skyfall.3