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DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Aug 15, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SEPTEMBER SUGGESTION BOX2   
Jul 26, 2017HNW BloggersJuly 26-Road Trip!1   
Jul 25, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 AUGUST TOPIC VOTE POLL1   
Jul 19, 2017HNW BloggersJuly 19-Fantasy1   
Jul 18, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 AUGUST SYMPOSIUM SUGGESTION BOX1   
Jul 12, 2017HNW BloggersJuly 12-Summer Fun1   
Jul 9, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#32 Symposium Link Topic July:Summer Vacations2   
Jul 5, 2017COUPLES UKThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly (version 7)30144   
Jun 27, 2017French Toast AficionadosWhere is everyone?1   
Jun 26, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#32 VOTE POLL for JULY TOPIC2   
Jun 26, 2017COUPLES UKcouples for parties175   
Jun 14, 2017HNW BloggersJune 14-Tools1   
Jun 14, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#32 SUGGESTION BOX for JULY 2017 TOPIC3   
Jun 8, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 Symposium JUNE TOPIC LINK for USER NAMES4   
May 31, 2017HNW BloggersMay 31-BDSM2   
May 29, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 VOTE POL FOR JUNE Topic2   
May 23, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 SUGGESTION BOX for June 2017 TOPIC2   
May 17, 2017HNW BloggersMay 17-Yellow1   
May 7, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#30 MAY TOPIC: DREAMS place to LINK is HERE on 5/13   
May 3, 2017HNW BloggersMay 3-Hockey!1   
Apr 26, 2017HNW BloggersApril 26-HNW1   
Apr 23, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#30 VOTE POLL FOR MAY Topic4   
Apr 13, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#30 SUGGESTION BOX for May 2017 Topic1   
Apr 13, 2017COUPLES UKHoneymoon Sex1   
Apr 10, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#29 Participant Link APRIL Hotels/Motels3   
Apr 5, 2017HNW BloggersApril 5-Go local1   
Mar 25, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#29 APRIL Voting Poll for April Topic2   
Mar 8, 2017HNW BloggersMarch 8-Masturbation1   
Mar 6, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#28 Participant List Link March Topic STRANGER in a Strange Land3   
Feb 26, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#28 SYMPOSIUM March Topic VOTING2   
Feb 22, 2017Virtual Symposium GroupSuggestion Thread5   
Feb 5, 2017French Toast AficionadosI Be An Aficionado........1   
Feb 2, 2017Virtual Symposium GroupParticipant List for #27Virtual Symposium Topic CATS4   
Feb 1, 2017HNW BloggersFebruary 1-Black and White1   
Jan 23, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#27 SYMPOSIUM POLL for FEBRUARY TOPIC1   
Jan 18, 2017HNW BloggersJanuary 18-Snowflakes1   
Jan 14, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#27 Virtual Symposium Suggestion Box1   
Jan 4, 2017Virtual Symposium GroupParticipant List #26 Virtual Symposium Topic: Naughty 2016 Nice 20173   
Dec 21, 2016HNW BloggersDecember 21-Happy Holidays!1   
Dec 21, 2016HNW Bloggers2017 Themes1   
Dec 20, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupSymposium Poll for January Topic2   
Dec 18, 2016French Toast Aficionadosstorytime25   
Dec 17, 2016Virtual Symposium Group26th Symposium SUGGESTION BOX3   
Dec 14, 2016HNW BloggersHNW Calendar1   
Dec 4, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupTaking the virtual symposia forward5   
Nov 19, 2016Virtual Symposium Groupfree spunkycumfun1   
Nov 19, 2016French Toast Aficionadosspunkycumfun is alive and well1