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Jul 1, 2015HNW BloggersJuly 1-Celebrate!!1   
Jun 24, 2015HNW BloggersJune 24--Duct Tape1   
Jun 23, 2015HNW BloggersHNW...Shorts..!!1   
Jun 17, 2015HNW BloggersJune 17-Shorts1   
Jun 10, 2015HNW BloggersJune 10-Pitching a Tent1   
Jun 3, 2015HNW BloggersJune 3-Materials1   
May 27, 2015HNW BloggersMay 27-Gambling1   
May 25, 2015COUPLES UKa riddle2   
May 20, 2015HNW BloggersMay 20-Hockey1   
May 13, 2015HNW BloggersMay 13-Bling1   
May 11, 2015COUPLES UKTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (version 5)8437   
May 6, 2015HNW BloggersMay 6-Pink1   
Apr 29, 2015HNW BloggersApr 29-No Theme Week1   
Apr 25, 2015COUPLES UKtesting your intelligence2   
Apr 22, 2015HNW BloggersApr 22-Royal Blue1   
Apr 15, 2015HNW BloggersApr 15-Food1   
Apr 8, 2015HNW BloggersApr 8-Favorite Body part1   
Apr 1, 2015HNW BloggersApr 1-Hobbies1   
Mar 25, 2015HNW BloggersMar 25-Rite of Spring1   
Mar 18, 2015HNW BloggersMar 18-Before and After1   
Mar 11, 2015HNW BloggersMar 11-Fetish1   
Mar 4, 2015HNW BloggersMar 4-Outtakes1   
Feb 28, 2015COUPLES UKthat dress!4   
Feb 26, 2015COUPLES UKWhat is your cocktail?2   
Feb 25, 2015HNW BloggersFeb 25-Household chores1   
Feb 18, 2015HNW BloggersFeb 18-Sexy Techno week1   
Feb 11, 2015HNW BloggersFeb 11-Valentine's Day1   
Feb 4, 2015HNW BloggersFeb 4-Favorite Movie/TV Show/Theater Show1   
Jan 11, 2015COUPLES UKDid I hear that?1   
Jan 1, 2015COUPLES UKHappy New Year1   
Dec 28, 2014COUPLES UKCongratulations3   
Nov 27, 2014COUPLES UKXmas is coming!8   
Nov 19, 2014HNW BloggersIntro1   
Nov 13, 2014Bloggers United!Blog post of the bleak...........1   
Nov 3, 2014COUPLES UKvanishing threads1   
Nov 2, 2014COUPLES UKmemorable quotes44   
Nov 1, 2014COUPLES UKAuntie Mary's agony aunt column58   
Oct 31, 2014COUPLES UKA question of logic4   
Oct 30, 2014COUPLES UKBacon films26   
Oct 30, 2014COUPLES UKsongs in bed31   
Oct 4, 2014COUPLES UKQuite Interesting (again)79   
Sep 24, 2014COUPLES UKThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly (version 4)6349   
Sep 19, 2014COUPLES UKIf scotland votes yes3