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Mar 24, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!Where I4   
Mar 24, 2013COUPLES UKfakery4   
Mar 24, 2013Inner Sanctumadvice please3   
Mar 23, 2013COUPLES UKnice, naughty or nasty1   
Mar 23, 2013COUPLES UKEurovision 20134   
Mar 23, 2013COUPLES UKDressing up games1   
Mar 19, 2013COUPLES UKHello again peeps!2   
Mar 12, 2013COUPLES UKfaking orgasm?1   
Mar 11, 2013COUPLES UKpunishment room164   
Mar 5, 2013Bloggers United!Ice members - UNITE!!!!1   
Mar 2, 2013COUPLES UKover or under?3   
Mar 2, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!How young is too young? How old is too old?2   
Mar 2, 2013COUPLES UKthe banning and unbanning of lo3ver5   
Feb 27, 2013COUPLES UKbreast is best1   
Feb 27, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!'Crude mail on AFF' has morphed into 'Annoying questions from the new girl' - please bear with me!!!2   
Feb 25, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!Reasons To Be Cheerful...3   
Feb 24, 2013COUPLES UKnaked and famous, but fake11   
Feb 24, 2013COUPLES UKnaked and famous, and real11   
Feb 22, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!ONE WORD RIDDLE10   
Feb 17, 2013COUPLES UKEuropean Union - hero or villain?4   
Feb 15, 2013COUPLES UKsloppy seconds?2   
Feb 15, 2013COUPLES UKThe English, how she is bespoke13   
Feb 11, 2013COUPLES UKsex tips25   
Feb 10, 2013COUPLES UKHow intelligent are you?4   
Feb 9, 2013COUPLES UKMature Couple2   
Feb 4, 2013COUPLES UKMargaret Thatcher - hero or villain?7   
Feb 4, 2013COUPLES UK500 Club4   
Feb 4, 2013COUPLES UKsex you most like?2   
Feb 4, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!The Royal hoax9   
Feb 2, 2013COUPLES UKbest album ever?3   
Feb 1, 2013COUPLES UKbicurious?2   
Jan 30, 2013COUPLES UKcelebrity sex party6   
Jan 29, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!Do you believe?4   
Jan 28, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!signatures5   
Jan 26, 2013COUPLES UKsex you least like?1   
Jan 25, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!'Regrets, I've had a few' or 'Je ne regrette rien'?4   
Jan 22, 2013COUPLES UKthongs1   
Jan 21, 2013COUPLES UKbeing naked1   
Jan 21, 2013No Plucked Chickens !!!eye check-up6   
Jan 20, 2013COUPLES UKgroup malfunction2