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Jul 31, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateJust curious1   
Jul 9, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateWhere is everybody??4   
Jul 3, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateHAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!1   
May 11, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy Mother's Day!1   
May 5, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateTo be, or not to be.... Horny!!!1   
Apr 11, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateRoll Call2   
Mar 23, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateQuaraintine : What are you all doing?1   
Feb 28, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat a view ......1   
Jan 29, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateTired of being lonely and single1   
Jan 28, 2020Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat was great about 2019 for you?1   
Dec 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateMerry Christmas 20191   
Nov 26, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy & Healthy Thanksgiving!!!!!1   
Nov 13, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateThe quintessential "fuck face"1   
Nov 13, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateAre you finding that.....1   
Nov 13, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateA question regarding...1   
Nov 13, 2019Married, Wanting More-Tristateanyone willing ...?1   
Oct 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHow important is eye contact during sex?1   
Oct 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateI LOVE ______ On MY _______ !!!!!!!1   
Oct 13, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateRandom Acts of Fucking1   
Oct 13, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateTRUE or FALSE!!!!!!1   
Oct 2, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateRisky Business1   
Oct 2, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateFruit and nuts1   
Sep 11, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!1   
Aug 20, 2019Married, Wanting More-Tristate"I would do anything for............1   
Jul 6, 2019Married, Wanting More-Tristatelooking for a little help from my MWM family1   
May 29, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateIt's all about Me.2   
May 21, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateIn search of perfect?1   
Apr 4, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHmmmm SEX in a Public Place!!!!!!!2   
Mar 22, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateSring has Sprung1   
Mar 22, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat do you prefer?1   
Mar 22, 2019Married, Wanting More-Tristateits all about perspective1   
Mar 11, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateThere's nothing worse than...2   
Feb 27, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateA whole new world1   
Feb 4, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateFirst meet1   
Feb 4, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat's your favorite toy?2   
Dec 27, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateMERRY CHRISTMAS1   
Dec 27, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat is your sexiest moment of 2018?1   
Oct 18, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateAsking For Your Prayers1   
Sep 30, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateTwo Sexual Titans Cumming together1   
Sep 11, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateSO VERY HAPPY TO BE BACK.... FINALLY1   
Aug 3, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateWildest Sexual Experience1   
Jul 30, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateRIMMING!!!!!1   
Jul 2, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy 4th of July!!!!!!!1   
Jun 28, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateSomething we have heard before.1   
Jun 4, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateShaved Trimmed Or Natural???1   
Jun 1, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateNaughty ABC's.....Again!!!!!!!!!!5   
May 27, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateMemorial Day2